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One million square meters of malls in four years

Upcoming projects worth over $1 billion

One-stop-shops to sell various telecom services

Centers are expected to make these services more accessible to customers


Industrialists: Give us the trash!

Sector to lose millions of dollars in case of trash export, incineration


Insurance premiums will grow by 25 percent till 2017 #Lebanon #Business #AssociationofInsuranceCompanies #CapitalInsuranceandReinsurance

Regional stability would find new growth opportunities for insurance companies

Health Care

Moody’s praises banks for their high liquidity #Lebanon #Business #Moody’sInvestorsService #Blominvest

Deposits are growth driver, but pressure on profitability, p credits, and asset quality lead to negative outlook /p

LBCI wins lawsuit against Al Waleed

Five channels to go back on air

North Africa

Koura Mall redesigned to expand retail space

Restaurants and a cineplex added to the project

Real Estate

Ice-cream factory opened in Zahle

Production capacity reaches 225 tons per season

Ice Cream

Lebanon Medical City to open in Akkar

Investment of up to $50 million to build hospital br / and nursing institution

Public debt to reach $75 billion in 2016 #Lebanon #Business #MinistryofFinance #JihadAzour|

Accelerated by a global recovery in interest rates


Three companies accepted for the Beirut waste tender

Contracts will be awarded in the next few days

$1 billion in stimulus By Central Bank in 2016

To boost credit and channel excess liquidity into the economy


LAU expands Jbeil campus

More than $25 million for engineering building and land expansion