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Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut

Fry all those alien eggs or you will be their dinner in Final Directive


A tribute to 1995 Ghost in the shell

How to make an isometric building| Game UI/Art for Game Designers [Tutorial]


The Game of Shifting Blame…

This game development malarkey… is it for me? Then Crashy Bash Boom!

Game Development

Hellmut: Badass from Hell review!

31 books highly recommended by game industry professionals


Is it just me or Prey (2017) is pretty much Bioshock 3?


Pitch your Indie Game to Influencers without PISSING them Off!

Beefcakes and Bimbos Save the Universe

Attention Economy

Ephemeral Soundscapes - The Adaptive Indie Score for Verdant Skies

Tutorial: How to make a magic potion


The Easiest Way to Market Your Indie Game – A Tale of Devs and Dogs

Don’t get me wrong, marketing is hard work. And the harder you work at it, the more successful you will be. But if you pace yourself and start early, …

The Post

Mobile Game Development & Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

I believe 2018 will be a turning point for both mobile and video game markets. Major publishers have abused the MTXs model for too long; as they bear …


Interview with Patrick Hickey Jr, the Voice Behind The Padre

I recently published a review on the game The Padre and commented on the voice acting of the Father that I found amazing. To my surprise, I was …

The Voice

Building a hit reaction system in unreal engine

So Unreal Engine is your first choice for making games? Learn how to set up a hit reaction system in it now.

Jobless and alone but with a great imagination: fighting my way to publishing Bike Dash

<b>I took a shower before writing this, and at the end, you will find out why this is an important information 🙂</b><p>This is my first blog post ever, so I …

Massive Galaxy - An Old School Sci-fi Game Promise for 2018

I am a big fan of science fiction, especially when it mixes old school cyberpunk and other interesting things. Imagine putting together some of these …

The Padre: A Voxel Tribute to the Old Horror Adventure Games

When I played Resident Evil 1, back in 1998 I was introduced to a style of gameplay that easily grabbed my interest. The adventures of Chris Redfield …

More obscure video game mascot shenanigans -- Retro gaming guest post by Jesse Moak

A second look at video game mascot characters that didn't quite stand the test of time.<p>Last year, I decided to give my gift to the world, in the form …

Where have all the good names gone?

Things to check when choosing a game name<p>So you've been working on this great game idea. You've got the mechanics down, maybe even some concept art …

6 Tips for new musician entering the gaming industry by Joaquin Hernandez

Game music a.k.a compose<p>Video game music it's not the first option that you think when you take your musical instrument for the first time. At least …

How to Animate a Running Dinosaur from a 2D Image with Skeletal Animation for Game Engines

Learn how to animate a 2D dinosaur from an image with skeletal mesh animation for use in Unity and UE4 Game Engines. For gamedevs, indies and …


How to make a scroll | UI/Game Art for Beginners [Tutorial]

Welcome to the third tutorial of the UI/Game Art for Beginners series. In this tutorial we will be learning how to make a scroll in Adobe …

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12 gift ideas for you and your geeky/gamer friends


Different genres for different mood variations in music composition

Testing different mood variations in music composition for games.The post Different genres for different mood variations in music composition …

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Tutorial: How to make a Flat 2D Background | UI/Game Art for Beginners

Welcome to the second tutorial of the UI/Game Art for Beginners series. In this tutorial, we will be learning how to make a flat 2D background in …


Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag will be available for free

The move comes in celebration for both Assassin's Creed franchise and World in Conflict 10-year-old anniversaries.The post Assassin’s Creed 4: Black …

Assassin's Creed

Great Deals for Gamers for the Cyber Monday Week

If you, like me, also missed the Black Friday deals, check out what's going to be shiny and, new and waiting for you with a price cut on eBay, Dell, …

Cyber Monday