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[MV] Manatsu no Sounds Good (Musim Panas Sounds Good) - JKT48

[MV] Yuuhi wo Miteiruka (Apakah Kau Melihat Mentari Senja) - JKT48


Indonesia 360° Experience<p>Catch a glimpse of Indonesia's bewitcheries without having to put a shoe on, and discover the ultimate destination that …

Apple Watch 'teardown' suggests processor is not upgradeable

iFixit's traditional teardown of Apple's latest product reveal that the Watch's S1 chip cannot be swapped out<p>A 'teardown' of the Apple Watch by electronics repair firm iFixit has revealed that the the S1 processor that powers the device is extremely difficult to remove, throwing cold water on …

How to turn great iOS app ideas into something real

My friends, family and even complete strangers are constantly asking me how to get their million-dollar app idea in the App Store.<p>This is always a shocker for me because, after countless hours of hard work over the past two years, my app is barely breaking even.<p>But I can offer one solid piece of …