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22 Power Snacks Every Student Should Know About

Some food for thought.<p><b>We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for their go-to snacks to help them power through a study session. Here are some of their picks, along with several of our favorites! 🍫</b><p><i>Want to be featured in similar BuzzFeed posts? Follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter.</i>

Healthy Eating

13 Creative Ways to Use a Rotisserie Chicken for Dinner

If you're looking for an inexpensive shortcut to dinner, then pick up a rotisserie chicken from your supermarket. At usually less than 10 dollars a pop, rotisserie chicken can be shredded up and used seamlessly in almost any recipe that calls for chicken. Plus, you get to skip the steps of waiting …


25 Romantic Recipes to Make for Someone You Love (Including Yourself) — Recipes from The Kitchn

Skip the fuss of making a fancy dinner reservation this weekend and spend the night in making a delicious meal for the ones you love.Whether it's …


Wylie Dufresne’s Scrambled Egg Sandwich

Makes 2<p>Soft scrambled eggs in about a minute? We didn’t believe it either until we tried this recipe from Wylie Dufresne, who created this sandwich hybrid at Du's Donuts in NYC. Mixing in cream cheese adds back the richness lost by cooking the eggs quickly.<p>March 2018Print<p>Ingredients<p>Scrambled Eggs<p>4 …


These Sheet Pan Garlic Mushrooms Are Side Dish Goals

We often see mushrooms as a welcome addition to an already tasty side dish or protein on a menu, but we forget they are delicious all on their own. …


19 Recipes Every Pasta Lover Needs To Try

You can't go wrong with pasta.

Best Ever Cinnamon Cream Cheese Cookies

In a large bowl, cream together the butter and cream cheese with a hand mixer until smooth. Slowly add the powdered sugar until combined. Add egg, …

The World's 10 Most-Googled Recipes of 2017

People are cooking everywhere in the world, and the things we eat say a lot about us. And for much of the world, making food involves looking up …


Taste Beyond The Tongue

100 Lunch Ideas on What the Heck to Pack for Work

Are you in a lunch rut? We can help you out.<p>The familiar grumble of your stomach hits every day at 11:30 a.m. as you sink further down into your desk chair. You need some fresh lunch ideas. And oh, we've got 'em—a whopping <b>100 ideas on what to pack for office lunches</b>, to be exact. Some are recipes, …

The Chicken Katsu Recipe Every Kid (and Adult) Will Love

Chicken katsu is the cutlet for everyone, at any time.<p>Every Sunday night, my wife and I take our son, Marlon, to the sushi spot down the block from our apartment. But he never gets sushi. Instead, he always asks the waitress for his usual: “Cranberry juice on the rocks and chicken katsu, please.”<p>I …


Japanese Mentaiko Spaghetti: Drunk Food So Good, You Can Eat It Sober

Can drunk food be a thing of beauty? Not to your hungry, blotto eyes, no, that's not what I mean—everything edible looks beautiful to them. I mean, something that's truly a sight to behold. I believe the answer is yes, and I submit to you Exhibit A, Japanese Mentaiko Spaghetti. Just look at that …

This Is The Easiest Way To Make Crepes At Home

The hack for flipping is 🙌.<p>GET THE RECIPE HERE.<p>Not too long ago, crepes scared me. They seemed tres fussy and terribly delicate. Flipping a …

Be Mine: 12 Homemade Sweets For Your Valentine

Nothing says “Be Mine” like a decadent homemade dessert. From Warm Lemon Pudding Cakes to Chocolate Fondue, these yummy desserts are sure to win hearts. (And if you don’t have a special someone at the moment, treat yourself!)<p>1. Warm Lemon Pudding Cakes<p>Spoon into these lemon cakes and discover a …


7 One-Pot Meals That Are Ridiculously Easy And Good

Because who likes doing the dishes?


22 Recipes to Make with Your New Instant Pot

Congratulations! Santa was good to you and now you've got a brand-new Instant Pot to fool around with in the new year. So now you're probably …


21 Incredible Dishes You Can Make in One Skillet

Because doing dishes is a huge buzzkill

Daniel's Favorite Recipes of 2016

When I look through my recipes from this past year, along with the ones created by my colleagues, what I see above all else is a focus on simplicity. At its heart, the food we've shared with you speaks to fundamentally good cooking that isn't overwrought or needlessly complicated. Sure, we shared …


Kenji's Favorite Recipes of 2016

It's been another great year of recipes at Serious Eats, both at my home kitchen here in San Mateo, and back at Serious Eats World Headquarters in New York, where Daniel and Stella have been cooking and baking up a storm. Can I just stop for a second and mention how awesome it is that we now have a …

These Are All the Ways Alton Brown Makes (Perfect) Eggs

It's no secret that Alton Brown has amazing recipes. And when it comes to cooking eggs, he's your go-to source for mastering the perfect techniques for scrambled, poached, over easy — you name it. If you've long been searching for a comprehensive guide to all things eggs, consider this breakdown of …

Here Are The 10 Best Mobile Games You Should Be Playing This Holiday Season

The Christmas period is upon us! For a lot of us, that means time spent with friends and families, eating and drinking far more than we should as we soak in the holiday atmosphere. But for those of us who can easily tire of all that festive cheer and revelry, a quick gaming break in-between …

Mobile Gaming

The Most Addicting Fall Cookie Recipe Ever

Connect with Us<p>On Pinterest<p>Pumpkin Snickerdoodles<p>Save<p>It’s officially autumn here, and cooler weather brings boots, scarves, and a plethora of pumpkin …

17 Genius Cooking Tricks That Professional Chefs Want You To Know

Steal their secrets and everything you make will get a little bit more delicious.


‘Ok Google’ has about 150 commands and over a thousand variations, and you can find most of them here

Google Search is, undoubtedly, the single most important thing within Google, be it popularity-wise or financially speaking. And Search got smarter and smarter throughout the years, with the introduction of things like the Knowledge Graph — which, as of this week, incorporates songs’ lyrics, too — …

Chocolate Shortage: 10 Recipes to Help You Eat Your Feelings - Great Ideas : People.com

Hold on to your belts! A chocolate shortage might be coming our way.<p>A new study, which was ironically released the day before Valentine’s Day — a …

44 Simple, Healthy Fish Recipes for Crazy-Busy Weeknights

Nothing fancy, showy, or meaty here. Just our best simple fish recipes—perfect for weeknights.<p>Nothing fancy, showy, or meaty here. Just our best simple fish recipes—perfect for weeknights.

21 Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Aren’t Eggs

Eggs taste delicious, look delicious and are super high in protein, so they keep a ravenous appetite at bay on any given morning (or evening, if you like breakfast for dinner.) But if you want to tone it down on the cholesterol, it’s probably not wise to eat an egg or two <i>every</i> single day. If you …


The Easy Potato Side Dish That Will Become the Star of Your Meal

Some people like to start with the meat, the bird, the main event, whatever it is, but I like to plan around potatoes. Maybe a giant pot of mash …


Master D.I.Y. Stir-Fry by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Achieve takeout-level stir-fry at home by avoiding these common mistakes.<p>Just what <i>is</i> it about take-out stir-fries? They're somehow always perfectly cooked—no raw veggies, but no mushy or soggy ones, either. They're satisfying without being heavy. They're big on flavor, combining salty, spicy, sour, …


9 Chicken Breast Recipes that Are Stuffed with Deliciousness - Chowhound

Watching any of the Real Housewives of Wherever, a favorite franchise of someone I live with, makes me angry. Like ragey, irritable, and disgusted. …