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14 states that still haven't fully recovered from the housing crash

American households lost $16 trillion in net worth because of the housing and credit crisis of the late 2000s, according to CoreLogic.<p>Since then, there's been a long and slow slog to recovery. Compared to the peak of the national housing market in 2006, US home prices are about 1% higher, on …

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Renewable Energy

Royalty battle royale

<i>With help from Anthony Adragna and Alex Guillén</i><p><b>ROYALTY</b> <b>BATTLE ROYALE:</b> Energy producers should keep an eye on Interior’s Royalty Policy Committee, which is meeting in Houston today to consider recommendations for lower royalties and streamlined regulations. The goal is to spur additional fossil fuel …

Tom Steyer

Q&A: Reflections and Projections From the CEO of Choozle

A year of growth gives the Denver-based digital advertising firm lots to look forward to<p>By Gigi Sukin<p>Published: 2018.02.21 03:00 PM<p>Reviewing 2017 and …

Los Angeles

The global cyber war is heating up: Why businesses should be worried

Last Friday, the Department of Justice indicted 13 Russians and three Russian companies for interfering with the 2016 elections. Also last week, …


Taking steps to thwart the 5 top data security threats

Organizations can better mitigate risks and combat future attacks by applying lessons learned from last year, and gaining a greater understanding of …

What Should Businesses Expect in 2018? Five Data Breach Predictions for the New Year


Did this company just create a cure for motion sickness in VR?

MonkeyMedia believes it's solved one of the biggest plague to VR adoption: the nausea many people experience when in a virtual space. Like flying on …

Virtual Reality

New FPV Technology Tackles the Motion Sickness Challenge

Abu Dhabi arguably has a lot to offer entrepreneurs, and the state of the art facilities at Krypto …<p>A French drone company has roped a segment of the …

Abu Dhabi

MonkeyMedia’s BodyNav lets you navigate VR without getting sick

Motion sickness is one of the challenges holding back virtual reality from reaching larger audiences. And MonkeyMedia, a small tech firm in Austin, Texas, believes it has solved the problem with BodyNav, a way to navigate VR in a natural way.<p>BodyNav doesn’t rely on using a handheld game controller …

Virtual Reality

A Possible Cure for Virtual Reality Motion Sickness

A retching fact that consumers keep bringing up about virtual reality is that it makes them nauseous. The out-of-body experience of moving in a …

Virtual Reality
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Retail review - employees are the missing link, and conversational commerce is the wild card at NRF 2018

In NRF 2018 live – retail apocalypse? No. Data problems and store/online convergence? Yes. I shared some of the crucial themes from NRF 2018, aka …

EU Puts Data on Notice

Here’s a rhetorical question: What comes to mind when you think of the word data? Chances are for your business, data means opportunity. As a …


Revolucíon is a beer designed to bring taco lovers together

Mando Rayo grew up in El Paso enjoying carnitas his uncle prepared in the Michoacan style, slow-cooked in a spicy and citrusy marinade. It was always …


Finally, Texas Has Its Own Taco Beer

The saison, however, is a beer so refreshing it's often associated with summertime and easy drinking, but not really with tacos. But that might be …


Beloved Austin brewery taps new beer made to drink with tacos

There's nothing Austin likes more than tacos and beer. Now, two local heavyweights have teamed up to create the perfect beer to pair with Austin's …


Official Taco Beer Day, and More A.M. Intel

— July 1 is now known as Taco Revolucion Day, in honor of the new taco-friendly beer brewed Independence Brewing Co. and <i>Tacos of Texas</i> authors Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece. It was declared by city council member Delia Garza. The proclamation read, "One thing Texans agree is that tacos go great with …

Independence Brewing Co. Releases Saison to Pair with Tacos

<b>AUSTIN, Texas –</b> Independence Brewing Co., one of Texas’ original craft breweries, today celebrates its release of Revolución Saison Ale, a limited …


5 Sustainable Texas Breweries You Can Feel Good Drinking

In a growing effort to be more environmentally conscious, a slew of Texas breweries have taken the plunge into sustainability. For these breweries, …


How To Tell If You’re Actually Drinking A Craft Beer

There has been a lot of movement in the beer industry lately. Smaller breweries are getting bought up by the big international conglomerates. What …

July 1 declared ‘Taco Revolución Day’ in Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin loves tacos so much that City Councilmember Delia Garza is declaring July 1 as “Taco Revolución Day” in Austin at a book …