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NRA Blames Doors and Ritalin, Royal Wedding Beer Pong 5.21.18

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Royal Weddings

Donald Glover Loves the Social Message in 'Solo'

Donald Glover is having a moment. His music video, "This is America," released under his musical stage name Childish Gambino, has caused all kinds of …


Why Is Popping Zits So Satisfying?

Humans love popping zits so much precisely because it's gross. Learn about all the fascinating reasons why we find pimples so fascinating in this …

Skin Care

Why Aren’t There More Patterns in Male Pattern Baldness?

You've seen the commercials or spotted it on your nearest and dearest — the loss of hair on the front or top of a head while a fringe remains around …


The Defenestrations of Prague

“Defenestrate” just means “to throw out of a window.” And apart from sounding like the punch line to a joke about Daleks … there has been a …


Mini Crush #16

Crush out this week with Chuck and Noel - Mini Crush #15 has been brought back from the dead to haunt you.


Drop the Razors, Guys! Chest Hair Is Back

If you've seen the first full trailer for the upcoming Queen film "Bohemian Rhapsody," you've seen the future of fashion. No, we don't mean full-body …

Men's Fashion

Deadly Chlamydia Threatens Koalas Down Under

Kookaburras in the gum trees do it. Kangaroos in the outback do it. Koalas in the eucalyptus leaves do it. But when koalas do it, they fall ill with …

Public Health

We Are The Unibrower

We Are The Unibrower Ethnically Ambiguous<p>In episode 43, the girls discuss Gaza a little, then get in to the Middle East fatigue they have been …

Middle East

How LORAN Worked

Alfred Loomis created the long range navigation system called LORAN. How did it work?

Weekly Zeitgeist 24 (Best of 5/14/18-5/18/18)

<b>TOPICS IN THIS PODCAST</b><p>weekly<p>zeitgeist<p>best moments<p><b>RECENT PODCASTS</b><p>Droidsexual, You Thought Laurel Vs. Yanni Was Weird … 5.18.18<p>LeBron Sees The Matrix, …

Avengers: Infinity War

From the Vault: Techno-Religion, Part 2

We often think of technology and religion as distinct and separate worlds, but what happens when they converge? Join Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick in …

Church of Scientology

SMNTY Classics: The Magnificent History of Women & Whiskey

Despite its uber-masculine connotation, it's women who are behind the renaissance of this delightful drink, and women who were instrumental to its …


SYMHC Classics: From Brontë to Bell and Back Again

We're revisiting another episode from Sarah and Deblina., in which they talk about how the Brontë sisters quickly rose from obscurity to notoriety …

Brontë Family

SYSK Selects: Is brain size related to intelligence?

The idea that the larger the brain, the higher the intelligence is an old one, but it's pretty much utterly false. Modern investigation into how the …

The Brain

Can't Hardly Wait to Talk About Stalking

Stalking is not romantic.


Pomegranate: The Seediest Fruit

The pomegranate has been associated with fertility in everything from ancient myth to modern marketing campaigns. So how did it get this reputation? …


Droidsexual, You Thought Laurel Vs. Yanni Was Weird … 5.18.18


When Was The Last Time You Felt Different? Pt. 1

When Was The Last Time You Felt Different? Andrea_Hill/FotografiaBasica/Getty Images<p>We had so many great interviews from the booth about feeling …


Albert Hammond Jr. on Arrival

Albert Hammond Jr. on Arrival<p>This week Chuck sat down with musician Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes. Chuck's a big fan of his solo records, and it …


How Monster Jam Works

The evolution of Monster Jam could be the envy of any motorsports athlete, race team or event producer. Nowhere is that more evident than the Monster …


Who's Going to Put a Colony on Mars First?

VICTOR HABBICK VISIONS / GETTY IMAGES<p>The Space Race is on! With Elon Musk, NASA and plenty of other countries all hustling to get to Mars, just how …

Reality TV

Why Doesn't the First Lady Get Paid?

When "Money" magazine asked executive salary experts to come up with a fair compensation for the first lady of the United States, one firm thought …

Donald Trump

The Man Whose Blood Saved More Than 2 Million Babies

When 81-year-old John Harrison was just 14 years old, he received a blood transfusion following a major chest surgery. He had a lung removed, and 13 …


Imperialism and Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran, located in western Asia, has historically been the seat of several massively influential empires. Today, it's home to …


You Can't Name Your Baby That!

Choosing a name for a tiny human you've never met is a big decision. There's evidence that your baby's name can influence her future. Or, it can set …

Family Business

Techstuff Classic: TechStuff Gets Flushed

How do toilets work? What's the secret behind using a Japanese toilet? And can you enter a toilet race? Josh Clark joins the show.


'Find Us On Venmo'

Prince Harry & Ms. Meghan Markle Getty Images<p>The Culture Kings: Edgar and Jacquis discuss The Royal Wedding, Celebrity Crushes, Queen of the Week, …

Royal Weddings

Can We Save the Moai?

The beautiful moai statues of Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island) are in danger from rising sea levels and erosion -- but what can be done to save them? …

Sea Level

The Collar Bomb Heist

The collar bomb heist is the crime caper that keeps on giving. Every time the story seemed like it was figured out, another layer appeared. Tune in …