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The great garbage fire debate: Should we be burning our trash into energy?

Other countries convert incinerated waste into electricity and heat. Could this help our trash crisis?<p>Earlier this year, a video explaining Sweden’s efficient trash burning system made the Facebook rounds, touting a shocking statistic: less than one percent of this country’s household waste ends up …


Indian firm makes carbon capture breakthrough

Carbonclean is turning planet-heating emissions into profit by converting CO2 into baking soda – and could lock up 60,000 tonnes of CO2 a year<p>A breakthrough in the race to make useful products out of planet-heating CO2 emissions has been made in southern India.<p>A plant at the industrial port of …


30 Winter Wonderlands Around the World

The Solar Industry Has Paid Off Its Carbon Debts

Probably.<p>Think of all the energy that goes into making a single solar panel. Quartz and copper must be mined. The raw materials must be converted into wafers, then encased in protective material. And after panels leave the factory, they must be shipped all over the world.<p>Now imagine these …

Fossil Fuels

5 Tips To Enhance Your Landscape Photography Skills

What makes the difference between a snapper and a landscape photographer? Here are some tips to bring out the best of your landscape photos.<p>#1 Get up …

Donald Trump

Trump's Election Is No Death Knell For Climate Progress

This week, the mayors of 37 cities across the United States of America penned an open letter to President-elect Trump urging him to join them in …


Mayors WorldWide Will Act on Climate, Whatever Trump Does

Leaders from 90 world “megacities” meeting in Mexico City this week are sending a message that they plan to act on climate change—whatever national …


Swans Migrate to Swan Lake in China: Pictures

The Arts

Woman Captures Rare Sight of a Perfectly Spherical Cloud Floating in the Sky

We’ve all seen clouds that seemingly resemble real things, but what about a fluffy orb that just hangs in the sky? <i>That</i> is truly unusual. Twitter user @pmxpvrtmx (aka Poppy) recently witnessed this incredible sight and captured the spherical cloud as it hovered above houses in Fujisawa, a city in …


How the retail industry can save energy and reduce its large carbon footprint

The retail industry can lower energy bills and reduce its carbon footprint by following these five simple tips.<p>Retailing uses enormous amounts of energy, much of it incurred by keeping products fresh in warehouses and employing fleets of vehicles to fill retail premises.<p>For online businesses such …

The ethical guide to the Anthropocene

We humans have polluted our world into a new geological epoch<p>If you’re feeling unsettled by the Brexit/Trump future, consider this: since the 1950s humans have ramped up the pressure on the planet to such an extent that we have very likely propelled ourselves into a new geological epoch – the …


The Surprisingly Humanlike Ways Animals Feel Pain

A hurt rabbit pins back its ears and narrows its eyes—part of a "grimace scale" that tells us how animals feel discomfort.<p>Don't tell someone who just stapled a string of Christmas lights to their hand, but pain can be a good thing.<p>Pain is a messenger: It tells us that there's a problem and that we …

Big Air, Deep Powder

It could be argued that Grant Gunderson’s photographic philosophy boils down quite simply: His goal is to have fun while making never-before-seen …

21 Undeniable Signs That You're An Introvert

Have you always felt different? Were you the quiet one in school? Did people ask you, “Why don’t you talk more?” Do they still ask you that today? If so, you might be an introvert like me. Here are 21 signs that you are:<p><b>1. You enjoy spending time alone.</b> You have no problem staying home on a …


Men And Women Literally See Things Differently

Left-eye preference also occurs in men, but to a lesser degree. This is because the right hemisphere of the brain (which corresponds to the left side …


Fidel Castro, Nico Rosberg the and the Standing Rock protest – the 20 photographs of the week

The mourning for Fidel Castro, Nico Rosberg’s triumph and retirement, the protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline, the Colombia plane crash – the news of the week captured by the world’s best photojournalists

Fidel Castro

Britain Wakes Up Shivering in Sub Zero Temperatures: Pictures


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris: Pictures

Lady Gaga

Mayors could override Trump on the Paris climate accord — here's how

President-elect Donald Trump can try to slow down environmental progress in the US, but he can't reverse it altogether.<p>In a recent op-ed, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested that Donald Trump won't succeed in keeping the US from acting on climate change.<p>That's because city …


Geo-boffins say 'quake lifted bits of New Zealand by 8 metres, moved at 3km/second

<b>VIDEOS</b> Reefs lift from sea and drain, roads cut, house torn off foundationsNew Zealand's geoscience agency GNS Science has released videos showing …

New Zealand

Nepal finally starts tapping into its rich renewable energy resources

Trapped in the hope of harnessing its abundant hydropower potential with no investment, Nepal is now branching out into solar and alternative …

Renewable Energy

South Pacific island ditches fossil fuels to run entirely on solar power

Ta’u island in American Samoa will rely on solar panels and Tesla batteries as it does away with diesel generators<p>A remote tropical island has catapulted itself headlong into the future by ditching diesel and powering all homes and businesses with the scorching South Pacific sun.<p>Using more than …

Clean Energy

Amateur Photography Is Becoming One Of India's Most Lucrative Professions

With the onset of e-commerce platforms, new avenues have opened up for the average Indian consumer to simplify buying photography equipment – something that wasn’t possible for many ten years ago. As demand spikes, does this make now the time for entrepreneurs to cash in on the new phenomenon of …

Renewable Energy

Unbelievable photographs of snowflakes from Tokyo's recent snowstorm taken with iPhones 【Pics】

Japanese Twitter users capture incredibly <b>beautiful snowflake shapes</b>.<p>Tokyo experienced snow in November for the first time in 54 years on Thursday and …