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My Christina 2010 - Make Me Feel 18

A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME ~ Evelyn Knight & The Stardusters (1948)

Mars Curiosity Rover Finds Clues to Genesis of Ancient Lake and Peak

Geological observations from NASA's Curiosity rover have helped scientists come up with a scenario for the creation of a lake that's bigger than Salt Lake and a mountain that's higher than Mount Rainier on ancient Mars.<p>The scenario suggests that water could have filled much of 96-mile-wide …

Rare Anglerfish Caught On Video

An underwater drone recorded the nightmare swimmer.<p>Earlier this month, scientists observed the black seadevil species of anglerfish alive in its natural habitat for the first time.<p>You might recognize this sort of bony monster from <i>Finding Nemo</i>. One of them nearly swallows Marlin and Dory after …



Back up photos & videos - Computer

There are 2 ways to back up your phone, camera, or storage card from your computer:<p>Install Backup and sync.<br>• Upload photos from your browser.<p>Set up the …

My Christina 2010 - Make Me Feel 18