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Survival Tents and Shelters - Perfect For Families?

You don’t have to be a prepper or survivalist to be interested in survival tents and shelters.<p>You could use these for camping as well and call them a …

The Surprising Secret to Successful Backpacking: Weight Training - REI Co-op Journal

When guiding trips in the mountains, I get clients of all shapes and sizes. One day I’ll be working with a professional snowboarder, the next with a …


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Best Heritage Hotels in India

Reverse your time machines and walk on the paths that showcase the astounding heritage of India. Experience a feeling of Déjà vu as you step into the …

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Beautiful Lakes of India

India-A country of variety is blessed with some of the most stunning lakes. Take a boat ride with Holidaymine to some of the most awesome lakes of …


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The Bizarre Side of India

We're at it again! To introduce you Holidayminers to a totally different India. Discover India's most bizarre side which will astonish and leave you …


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Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

All you love struck couples! Get ready to experience a magical honeymoon, steal some special moments with your beloved and cherish these moments for …