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HITMAN - World Premiere 'Showstopper' Playthrough

47’s weapon of choice. #Agent47 http://t.co/HvHOEgeYAx

Another case of #FIND47, this time in a Walmart store in the US. Thanks to Brandon G. for sharing this one with us! http://t.co/CtahHun0Yk

'Dislike' button coming to Facebook

http://vod-pro-ww-live.akamaized.net/mps_h264_hi/public/news/world/1193000/1193857_h264_1500k.mp4?__gda__=1532760652_174568645e3540857b0e35c20ae7251d<p><b>Facebook is to add a "dislike" button to its social network, founder Mark Zuckerberg has said.</b><p>In a Q+A session held at Facebook's headquarters in …