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Apparently This Is The Reason You Need To Massage Your Feet Before You Go To Sleep

The most ideal path for relaxation is massage. It`s demonstrated that is useful for legitimate working of organs and general wellbeing. The best …

Orion Spacecraft

France Just Banned a Hoverboard Inventor From Taking Flight

Franky Zapata can no longer fly his jet-powered hoverboard in France.<p>Zapata, a hoverboard inventor who created Flyboard Air, was told by officials …


Dealing with (and Preventing) Knee Pain

How to safeguard your knees for those 10 to 20 million pedal strokes down the road<p>Ugly medical terms are associated with knees and bikes—words that sound like trouble when you say them. Chondromalacia, patellar tendinitis, medial synovial plica syndrome, iliotibial band syndrome: a medical rogues' …


8 surprising health benefits of kissing you never knew existed

The prospect of cooties didn’t bother me in Kindergarten when I pinned down my crush at recess and laid one on him (though I was a little disappointed when he cried and stormed off toward the water fountain). Fortunately, my kissing abilities and understanding of consent have both improved since …


Chile’s ‘Uber of Recycling’ Is Sparking a Recycling Revolution

ReciclApp is filling a void in places where door-to-door recycling simply doesn’t exist.<p>In 2015, after finishing a soccer game in Chile's capital, Santiago, engineering student Cristián Lara and his friends noticed an older man picking through a dumpster nearby. He was searching for anything that …

South America

Period skin 101: How (and why) your skin freaks out

Period problems are one of those inevitables that often comes along with being a woman: Our boobs hurt. Our tummies bloat. Our brains trick us into thinking that cupcakes are a cure-all. (They aren't?) But have you ever noticed what happens to your skin on your period? Sometimes, our skin throws a …

Here is how the Lancer stops Russia in the Baltics

Is Sugar the New Smoking?

Thirty years ago, we were blind to the dangers of secondhand smoke. Now it’s our addiction to sugar and processed food that will shock future …

Processed Food

Luxury Dreamliner makes other private jets look like garbage

Gilded airways<p>Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is a massive jetliner, designed to comfortably carry 280 people across oceans and between continents. Or, for one special customer with millions to spare, it can carry 40 passengers for 17 hours non-stop in what can only be fairly described as grotesque …

Luxury Travel

Carmakers Plot A Future Without Google And Apple

A three-day conference ended today in Tokyo, where automakers, IT companies and government representatives from around the world deliberated the future of the connected and autonomous car. Notably absent were Google and Apple, and I left the conference with the distinct impression that Google and …

Car Tech

Domino's begins delivering pizza by drone in New Zealand

Back in August, Domino’s announced that it had begun trials for a program to deliver pizzas using drones. Today, that dream of couch potatoes everywhere has become a reality.<p>In partnership with delivery startup Flirtey, the company has begun handling orders by drone for select customers in New …


British Airways First Class Passenger Takes Photo Up Flight Attendant's Skirt: Invokes the Shaggy Defense, Gets Off With $16 Fine

A British businessman was reportedly flying to South Africa in BA first class on October 14, when “after a few drinks” he placed his phone under a …

Cape Town

Allegiant Air's Planes Break Down Four Times More Often Mid-Flight


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5 Things That Prevent Cancer

Oftentimes, cancer seems like an elusive disease that can sneak up on someone without warning. But there’s good news: certain lifestyle choices can …


Get Sculpted Shoulders with These 5 Moves

Try these moves to build upper body strength.<p><i>Photo: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn 365</i><p>When you hit the weight room in pursuit of strong, toned arms, bicep …

Alternative Fuel
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Alternative Fuel

9 Ways You Unwittingly Make Your Relationships Stronger (According to Science)

When it comes to trust, it's human nature to point to all the ways it gets broken. But what about the things you're already doing right to build trust in your relationships?<p>Your trustworthiness is the most worthwhile skill you can develop. According to Harvard Business Review's 10-year leadership …


Meet Todd Rider, the Man Who Maybe, Probably Cured Most of the Viruses on Earth

"I believe that DRACO has the potential to completely revolutionize the treatment and prevention of viral infections in the 21st century."<p>Todd Rider, …


Japanese Scientists Coin the Term 'Nihonium' for Atomic Element 113

The Japanese scientists who discovered atomic element 113 dubbed it “nihonium” — “nihon” meaning Japan in Japanese — on Wednesday evening, the <i>Japan</i> …