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Frosty Treats to Beat the Summer Heat at Walt Disney World Resort #CoolestSummerEver

<b>Magic Kingdom</b><br>While strolling down Main Street U.S.A., the smell of freshly baked waffle cones wafts through the air. Follow the delicious scent and …

Walt Disney Company

Cape Town Street Food Festival

The Cape Town Street Food Festival is back, with Side Street Studios once again playing host to this ever-popular market. The entrance fee (R50 on …

Cape Town

Our 7 Fave Eats at Family Mart

Thinking of what to have for merienda? Stop stressing yourself and just head to the nearest convenience store. Our current go-to is the newly-opened …


10 Photos Of Whistler Before And During The Wildfire Smoke

We’ve had a very hot start to the summer here in B.C and it’s given us early access to the endless outdoor pursuits here in Whistler. Mother nature …

Mountain Biking

Why transporting vegetables is not so different from delivering vaccines

Every day in low-income countries throughout the world, tons of fresh fruit and vegetables fail to reach their destinations or become damaged and inedible along the way. By contrast, highly processed foods – likely to include large amounts of fat, sugar or preservatives – reach these same …


Americans’ Shifting Tastes are Rattling the Food Industry

A growing number of Americans are shifting their food dollars to purchase organic products.<p>And it’s driving a seismic shift in the food industry, …

A 3 Day Canoe Trip on the Milk River in Alberta

The Milk River, named for its milky colour by Lewis and Clark back in 1805, flows north out of Montana into southern Alberta and then back into …

Best online grocery stores in Abu Dhabi - What's On

<i>What’s On has details of the best online food stores in the Abu Dhabi area including Yas Farm, Down to Earth Organic and Secrets Fine Food.</i><p><b>Yas …

Abu Dhabi

Breathtaking Images That Prove You've Got to Visit Patagonia

Photo Credit: Paul O Gabriel<p>These breathtaking images are sure to prove you’ve got to visit Patagonia. This sparsely populated region located at the …

Are We Happiest When We Are with Our Friends?

In an article in the prestigious journal <i>Science</i>, Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and his colleagues reported the results of a study in which 909 …

Food: Mumbai

<b>Best for street food</b> <br>Try Bade Miyan — a hole in the wall in Colaba. This place is known for non-vegetarian Muslim food, so be brave and try <i>bheja</i> …

Deep Frying

Just Go Skiing

In my experience, it takes one week of skiing, camping, and bike touring in the rain to lose enthusiasm. Tents are pitched wet and put away wetter. …

17 Phenomenal Pictures Of Space That Will Fill You With Awe

The shortlist for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2015 competition will give you the feels.


Day 4 C-C ride 507 miles 13 hours. Nothing but bloody rain today. The road ahead. The Rockies. #BMW #Valentine1 #ramxgrip #iphone6

Jökulsárlón, Iceland | July 8, 2015 The iceberg graveyard. Breathtaking. Few things Ive witnessed - both good and bad - have had a profound spiritual effect on me: The birth of my children, sleeping next to wild pumas, the mass graves in Iraq. Iceland joins the list. Epic epic land. And the mind boggling Jökulsárlón iceberg lagoon takes the cake. #iceland #onassignment #photojournalism #documentary #reportage #landscape #nature #iceberg

Here is another view of the #CerroKuyurga mummy that I had the fortune of photographing yesterday. These mummies were gathered in a looter's search for gold, were sold and then reclaimed and are now on display at the Huamachuco museum, in the Topic excavation display room. @NatGeo @thephotosociety @instituteartist

8 Foods Rich In Healthy Fats That We Should Add To Our Meals

Do you want to suffer a heart attack in the near future? Add these 8 food sources so you won't have to.


Sunrise over Lake Michigan another of Wisconsin's Great Places. #wisconsin #sunrise #lakemichigan #greatlakes #sunrise #landscape

Down the Line . #InstameetItalia5 #igersexpo2015

Look at me! 25 selfies of the week

Take a look at 25 selfies of the week from July 1 through July 7.

Rafael Nadal

It Looks Like a Regular Van, but Extend the Cabin, and This DoubleBack Becomes a Home

Cleaners spray clean the 37-meter tall tourism icon of the Merlion on the resort island of Sentosa ahead of the city-state's 50th anniversary celebrations in Singapore July 8, 2015. The five day long cleaning is the mythical creature's first "bath" since its last cleaning in 2012. REUTERS/Edgar Su #Singapore #sentosa #resort #island #cleaning #Merlion #tourism #anniversary #mythical #bath #picoftheday #photooftheday #سنغاغورة #جزيرة #تنظيف #ميرليون #سياحة #اسطوري #ذكرى_سنوية #صورة_اليوم

Now Boarding: Condé Nast Traveler Joins Flipboard

Blending literary journalism with luxury travel, Condé Nast Traveler trademarked the term “truth in travel.” Repudiating freebies and fluff, founding editor Sir Harold Jones wanted the magazine’s writers to “experience travel the way you do—with no special recognition, treatment or obligations.”<p>No …


13 Ways We're All Driving Waiters Crazy

You, responsible human, know the general drill: Walk into a restaurant, wait patiently to be seated, tip 18 to 20 percent. But did you realize that leaving your phone on the table stresses waiters out to no end? (News flash: They actually do care about spills.)<p>We chatted with longtime servers to …

Lower Manhattan rises like a concrete mushroom to greet a Nikkor 8mm fisheye bolted to bottom of chopper. @nikonusa #nyc #thephotosociety

9 tourist attractions that are dying

<b>(CNN) —</b> The dilemma is sometimes likened to a double-edged sword.<p>Historical and natural sites of extraordinary beauty often draw large numbers of visitors to the countries that host them, providing a healthy tourism revenue.<p>However, those same crowds often have a detrimental effect on the places …

Taj Mahal

Scientists say these 25 habits can help you feel happier and healthier

Each of the little things we do to boost our mood — from reading an adventure story to keeping a gratitude journal or even gazing up at the stars on a clear night — can add up to greater overall satisfaction.<p>But happiness doesn't come easy. We have to work at it.<p>Here are some of the things that …

5 Topics For…Comic-Con

Comic-Con, the biggest comics and fantasy event of the year, officially kicks off Thursday. Thousands of comics creators, science fiction authors, film and television directors, producers, writers and more are expected in San Diego for the 46th anniversary of the four-day long event. Batman v. …


Judge Drops Apple's $533M Fine in iTunes-Related Lawsuit, Sets New Damages Trial

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on Tuesday voided $532.9 million in damages awarded to patent licensing firm Smartflash LLC in February in an iTunes-related patent lawsuit, per <i>Reuters</i>.<p>The report claims federal judge Rodney Gilstrap has set a new damages trial on September …