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2017 BMW 5 Series Sedan First Look Review

Taking inspiration from the 7 Series<p>BMW‘s tweener sedan is growing up quickly. Now in its seventh generation, the BMW 5 Series gains a set of more powerful engines, a lighter body, and a brand-new exterior design for the 2017 model year. Equally important, new gesture control technology and …

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Great Horned Owl

The week in pictures: 4 December 2015 - Telegraph

Africa's Multi-Level Floating Hotel with an Underwater Room

The Manta Resort is a beautiful, multi-room hotel that sits on the Indian Ocean island of Pemba. The spectacular getaway offers not only a place to rest your head for the night, but also some truly breathtaking views from its unique, underwater room. The floating structure, made of local hardwood, …

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Smart Apps For Kids

05/04/2018<p>Star Wars Day is officially here! Friday, May 4 and many are already celebrating around the globe. Get ready to grab your lightsabers and …

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Les dessous de Lilou Libertine

Lilou blogueuse sensuelle. Soyez ici un peu comme dans les coulisses de mon intimité. <h3><a …

據說獅子座是最熱衷性事的星座之一?各位覺得呢?送上女神壽星莎莉賽隆(Charlize Theron)! 「莎莉賽隆性感低胸登紅毯」 >>http://goo.gl/qju3b6 「莎莉賽隆嬌羞朗讀18禁小說《格雷的五十道陰影》」 >>http://goo.gl/v625iB 「誰最有機會脫光演出《格雷的五十道陰影》?」 >>http://goo.gl/pRhIoq 「潘妮洛普克魯茲超火辣L'Agent內衣系列」 >>http://goo.gl/Hd9XRm

珍惜 BootCamp 上的磁碟空間

不少朋友最近都買了 MacBook Air,享受著 Flash 快閃儲存帶來快人一等的執行速度。<p>因為價格昂貴,MacBook Air 都只能配備很少容量的 Flash 快閃儲存,早前的入門級 MacBook Air 更只有 64GB。如果因工作關係,需要在 64GB 之下再安裝 BootCamp 的 …


Dancing Animals With Some Serious Moves

<b>So, you think you can dance?</b><p>Animals dance, too. They don’t all do it quite the same way we do, but they often shake their stuff for the same reasons (showing off for the opposite sex) and sometimes for vastly more complex ones. See our list of animals with smooth moves.<p><b>Red-Capped Manakin Bird</b><p>The …


Jobs 說:要有iPhone,於是世界變了!--寫在賈伯斯逝世兩周年 | T客邦

昨天是他離開的兩周年。他帶領之下的Apple公司,有過非常輝煌的時刻——每一次Apple產品的發表會都讓公司股票漲勢衝天,最高峰時Apple股價能到每股 702 美元,一甩追趕者成為全球最有價值的公司。他所創造的 iPhone 和 iPad,不僅改變了人們消費的浪潮,甚至重塑了人機互動背後的文化圖景 …

An Instagram Tribute to Irina Shayk

It's been nearly six months since our last Instagram Tribute to <b>Irina Shayk</b> and in that time, the Russian model landed her first movie role in …