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5 States Angling to Put Recreational Marijuana on the Ballot in 2018

Two of these states haven't even legalized medical cannabis.<p>Sure, it's the pun of all puns, but the marijuana industry really is growing like a weed. …


How Will Businesses Handle Legalized Marijuana in the Workplace?

Employers have bright lines on pot use for decades. This all gets more complicated when marijuana is legal.<p>Human Resources is really up against an ill-defined wall. For decades, they have been able to test job applicants and employees for the presence of marijuana in their systems. With a firm drug …


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No, a Map NASA Sent to Space Is Not Dangerous to Earth

Claims about the pulsar maps carried by the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft are dangerously distorting the facts.<p>Let’s be clear: The map to Earth that NASA sent into space aboard the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft is not dangerous. It certainly hasn’t “made it a lot easier for aliens to attack …


These Adaptations Give Insects a Survival Advantage

From ants that are living storage jars to moths that look like bird poop, these insects have amazing adaptations.<p>Gone is the eight-hour workday. Everyone is stretching to do all they need to do, but however resourceful we are, some insects’ adaptations make humans look like slackers.<p>Here are five …


How medical marijuana can help those with ADD and ADHD focus

The chronic condition is treatable, though not curable<p>Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) is a chronic condition that affects over three million people per year.<p>From hyperactivity to impulses and inattentiveness, ADD and ADHD are most common in …

The Marijuana Industry Is Getting Supersized

GFarmaLab can produce 8,000 pre-rolled G Stiks a day.[/caption]<p>Retail sales for legal marijuana are growing so big and so fast that the industry has to supersize their operations. Growing and producing marijuana products is now happening on an industrial scale.<p>Retail sales in the U.S. from 20 …


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Pot-legalization movement seeks first foothold in Northeast

BOSTON (AP) — Having proven they can win in the West, advocates for recreational marijuana hope the Nov. 8 election brings their first significant electoral victories in the densely populated Northeast, where voters in Massachusetts and Maine will consider making pot legal for all adults.<p>Supporters …


If you think legalizing marijuana is no big deal, think again

If California approves Proposition 64 next week, it is likely to create significant momentum toward legalizing<p>marijuana throughout the U.S. and beyond. The results of the election may signal the birth of a massive new “vice” industry along the lines of the tobacco and alcohol behemoths.<p>Marijuana …


Report: Google's VR headset won't need a phone, PC or game console

The current state of virtual reality isn't elegant. There are headsets like Samsung's Gear VR and Google Cardboard that require a smartphone. Then …

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