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10 reasons why you should visit Myanmar in 2016

Until fairly recently, Myanmar was off limits to wanderlust Westerners. But after five decades of military rule and consequent democratic reform, …

The Men Deserted by Their Vietnamese Mail-Order Brides

This is part of our "Lonely Hearts Club: Tales of 21st Century Love in China" series. Read more about a selection of China's young singles with

A Photo Journey Through Halong Bay

The dramatic karst scenery of Vietnam’s Halong Bay is no stranger to the ‘Top Places…’, ‘Must See…’ and ‘Top 10…in Asia’ lists that dominate much of …

Asia Travel

China's young reporters give up on journalism: 'You can't write what you want'

When a 7.9-magnitude earthquake ripped through Sichuan province in May 2008, Lin Tianhong, a 29-year-old reporter at China Youth Daily, was one of the first to volunteer to head into the disaster zone.

“Everyone wanted to go,” he recalled. “Otherwise, why be a journalist?”

Hours later the …


Artists in Dhaka Feel the Cold Embrace of Chinese Censorship

Threats by the Chinese ambassador is all it took for the organisers of the Dhaka Art Summit to cover up an exhibition critical of China’s record in …


Portrait of a purge

Who is being investigated for corruption and why?

BEIJING in the winter of 2016 is a bit like Moscow in the winter of 1936: every day brings news of …

UK News

Chinese demand wiping out forests of neighboring Burma

February 11, 2016 | 7:43 PM

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The streets of Pianma are lined with sawmills. They’re also lined with logs as big …


Invisible Bridges: Life Along the Chinese-Russian Border

In the summer of 2014, Davide Monteleone, an Italian photographer who had lived in Moscow for more than a decade, began to travel to the Russian-Chinese border in search of something that felt real and reliable. “I had been covering the uprising in Ukraine, and then the civil war and the occupation …


China’s coming crash could dwarf the great recession—says an investor who called 2008

China is heading for further financial chaos. In the near future the yuan could lose a third of its value against the dollar, the government would need to print more than $10 trillion to keep banks liquid, and financial institutions are set lose trillions of dollars in equity value.

That’s according …


Beijing tightens control on religious beliefs

Religious groups must promote Chinese culture and become more compatible with socialism, top Politburo official Yu Zhengsheng has told faith leaders, …

Phobjikha, Valley of the Cranes

By Jessica VernonIt is said that when the Black Necked cranes arrive to Bhutan from Tibet, they circle above the Gangtey monastery three times as if …


China's curious cult of the mango

Fifty years ago, China was plunged into the most chaotic and traumatic decade of its recent history - the Cultural Revolution. During this period, the nation was gripped by a peculiar hysteria… a mania for mangoes. Benjamin Ramm discovers how the fruit became an object of deep veneration, and a


Government cyber-surveillance is the norm in China — and it’s popular

Peter Fuhrman is chairman and chief executive of China First Capital.


When they met most recently, President Obama extracted from his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, a solemn pledge to rein in Chinese surveillance and hacking of U.S. government agencies, companies and individuals. …


No relief for embattled steel industry on trade tariffs

Trade tariffs on Chinese steel are unlikely to be raised says business secretary as Britain's industry battles a flood of subsidised imports

Trade duties on Chinese steel flooding into the UK are unlikely to be raised to a level where they stem the flood of imports that has brought Britain’s steel …


Chinese Ambassador in Dhaka Orders Tibet Exhibit Covered

An exhibit at the Dhaka Art Summit which featured the writings of five Tibetans who self-immolated has been covered at the request of the Chinese


Burma's Mergui Archipelago: Is tourism a force for good?

In Biggles Delivers the Goods our eponymous goggled hero flies north over the Andaman Sea on a mission to thwart the Japanese: “To the right, the horizon was defined by a long dark stain that was the forest-clad hinterland of Lower Burma. Below the aircraft, like a string of green beads dropped …


Vietnam's islands: an escape route to peace

Away from the bustle of the mainland, on islands that were once hell on earth for thousands of prisoners, tranquillity now reigns

Vietnam is very densely populated. With most of its 90 million people living along a narrow coastal strip, it's all too easy to experience the country through a blur of …


23 reasons to visit Sri Lanka

1. To get wild

Dive with blue whales in season or watch spinner dolphins leap about in Kalpitiya. Sri Lanka also has 5,800 wild elephants ambling about and the biggest concentration of leopards in the world. See them in Yala national park.

2. For cricket in Galle

The "six and out" rule applies at …

Asia Travel

Indonesia's islands: travel guide

Among Indonesia’s islands, Bali is the doe-eyed beauty. The child star who rose to a life of stardom; the name, for decades, on the lips of every traveller dreaming of a tropical getaway.

But Indonesia is an incredibly diverse archipelago, with no less than 17,000-odd islands, each with an …

UK News

Beyond Angkor: Inside the lost world of Phnom Kulen

When I got to Phnom Kulen with my guide, Chanthorn Kong (“Chan”), and he had shown me the sacred river (with the serene faces of Hindu deities gazing up through water turned golden by sunlight) and the Reclining Buddha (“Please don’t write on the Buddha”, said a polite sign that had been …

Asia Travel

China Says Its Students, Even Those Abroad, Need More ‘Patriotic Education’

BEIJING — Chinese students, already immersed in classes and textbooks that promote nationalist loyalty to the Communist Party as a bedrock value, must be made even more patriotic and devoted to the party, even when they are studying in universities abroad, according to a new directive sent to …


The Best Street Food in Shanghai

Tanggao (sugar cake)

Tanggao is the Shanghai version of American doughnuts. Originally from Hebei, tanggao has a crispy skin and is fluffy in the …


Man who recently traveled to Venezuela is China’s first Zika virus case

BEIJING — China's first case of the Zika virus has been found in a 34-year-old man who recently traveled to Venezuela and is now making a speedy recovery, the government said Wednesday.

The man from the southern city of Ganzhou had been treated in Venezuela on Jan. 28 before returning home on Feb. 5 …


Bohol – Philippines’ prime eco-tourism spot


BOHOL province in the Philippines encompasses the main island of Bohol plus 75 surrounding islands. These many islands with their white

Hong Kong's business community is 'freaked out' over China's crackdown

The words were unusual coming from the mouth of a seasoned business figure in the hyper-competitive world of Hong Kong finance.

“The middle-class, the professionals, even the accountants: people are just freaked out about what is going on.”

But the man, who runs one of Hong Kong’s business …

Hong Kong

The Chinese ESL-Industrial Complex: How English Teachers in China Are Lied to and Exploited

Then the uniformed men began to seize all foreigners, and Chris realized he might be in serious trouble.

Chris was herded into a classroom with his coworkers. The officers in blue, who turned out to be officials from Chengdu's Public Security Bureau, pulled the foreigners out for questioning one by …


Inside the Ultimate Mongolian Adventure Camp

Mongolia’s Mongke Tengri, an unlikely adventure camp set among the country's seemingly limitless expanses, sits 200 miles west of Ulaanbaatar. …


China’s renminbi bears should beware

Where once China could do no wrong in the eyes of investors, many are now too negative about the country.

This applies to its economy, which is …


Fast wifi Hanoi - where to work online in Hanoi?

We spent more than 2 weeks in the capital city of Vietnam. Fast wifi Hanoi was quite easy to find. There are a lot of places where they have free …

China’s booming ocean parks mean misery for bears, belugas and more

ZHUHAI, China — The polar bears pace back and forth in their enclosure, heads lolling as they turn, their distress apparent. Chinese tourists crowd around display windows to snap quick close-ups on their phones.

Beluga whales nod in time to loud music, “kiss” children or spit plumes of water toward …