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Surreal Shadow Portraits by Alexey Bednij

Alexey Bednij is a 28-year-old photographer who manipulates photos of people and animals in oder to make these unique shadow portraits that he refers …

Powerful Portraits of Vietnamese Veterans by Ruben Hamelink

“When the war started we were sixteen boys defending the village, but after four years only four of us were left alive,” remembers Ho Cu Chanh, a …

ya but I'm YOUR pensive lil boy

whale, whale, whale, what do we have here 🐋

🐒💥 Little dinosaur

crystalzelda:my 20s aren’t my selfish years

my 20s aren’t my selfish years. my 20s are my hustle decade. Finish school get money pay back my loans establish myself work hard to create the foundation of a good life so that I can enjoy what’s coming next. Like yes I’d love to backpack across India or something but I’m broke! I have bills! I could quit my job take my meager savings and go on a 2 month trip and then what??? no job no home cause I got kicked out for not paying rent lmao<p>Enough. Maybe your 20s were the funtime years decades ago …