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The Adventure Time Timeline

<b>so i made a list of adventure time episodes that you should watch in case you haven’t seen the whole show/ones that are relevant to the storyline with the help of this post</b><p><i>BEGINNINGS</i><br>S01 EP05 | “The Enchiridion” {finn and jake find the enchiridion)<br>S01 EP25 | “His Hero” {finn meets billy)<br>S02 EP18 | “Susan Strong ” (finn and jake meets susan and the humans)<p><i>THE LICH SAGA PART ONE</i><br>S02 EP25 | “Mortal Folly” (the lich escapes)<br>S02 EP26 | “Mortal Recoil” (bubblegum is possessed by the lich)<br>S03 EP05 | …


Does this mean WE ARE GOING TO MEET THE LICH VERSION OF FIONNA AND CAKE UNIVERSE? Or that was a cool tribute to Mumm-Ra The Immortal


This gave me goosebumps holy shit<p>i reblogged this as soon as i pressed play now i am gonna finish it<p>(Source: nahktt, via thoroughlymodernjamillie)


<b>WE’RE BACK</b><br>It’s been five whole months, but we’re finally back on the air every day this week. Starting it all off is “Bonnie & Neddy”, written & storyboarded by Steve & me. Lots of cool stuff on the way, especially the “Stakes” miniseries that starts airing on the 16th, which came out really great, I gotta say. So yeah, you can skip summer school this year, cuz Adventure Time is back. Adventure Time is all you need.<p>promo by writer/storyboard artist <b>Tom Herpich</b><p><i>Bonnie and Neddy</i> premieres Monday, …

Mama Said concept drawings by writer/storyboard artist Kris Mukai

<b>Mama Said</b> concept drawings by writer/storyboard artist <b>Kris Mukai</b>


Part 4 of the AT miniseries, STAKES, comes out tonight!<p>promo by writer/storyboard artist <b>Seo Kim</b><p>premieres <b>Tuesday, November 17th</b> at <b>8:15/7:15c</b> on Cartoon Network


Stakes!<p>promo by writer/storyboard artist <b>Steve Wolfhard</b><p>premieres <b>Tuesday, November 17th</b> at <b>8/7c</b> on Cartoon Network

design for Adventure Time design approval stamp by Over the Garden Wall creator Patrick McHaleHappy birthday, Pat

design for Adventure Time design approval stamp by <i>Over the Garden Wall</i> creator <b>Patrick McHale</b><p>Happy birthday, Pat.

promo by writer/storyboard artist Luke PearsonMay I Come In premieres Wednesday, November 18th at 8/7c on Cartoon Network

promo by writer/storyboard artist <b>Luke Pearson</b><p><i>May I Come In</i> premieres <b>Wednesday, November 18th</b> at <b>8/7c</b> on Cartoon Network

Everything Stays (Instrumental)

The More You Moe, the Moe You Know (a half-hour special) premieres Wednesday, December 2nd at 6:30/5:30c on Cartoon Networkedit:premieres…

<b>The More You Moe, the Moe You Know</b> (a half-hour special) <b></b>premieres <b>Wednesday, December 2nd</b> at <b>6:30/5:30c</b> on Cartoon Network<p>edit:<p>premieres <b>Thursday, December 3rd</b> at <b>7/6c</b> on Cartoon Network


*Early concept sketches for the Vampire King and the Dark Cloud.<p>by writer/storyboard artist <b>Tom Herpich</b>

concept drawing of Marceline’s mom from Everything Stays by writer/storyboard artist Hanna K Nyström

concept drawing of Marceline’s mom from <b>Everything Stays</b> by writer/storyboard artist <b>Hanna K Nyström</b>

charlesoberonn:charlesoberonn:Each of the vampires in Stakes is based on (and mostly named after) a Tarot Card

Each of the vampires in Stakes is based on (and mostly named after) a Tarot Card<p><b>The Fool</b> - Beginnings, Innocence. The Fool is Marceline’s first major vampire kill and her first vampire soul sucked.<p><b>The Empress</b> - Fertility, Nature. The Empress seduces Simon and craves blood and sating her natural urges.<p><b>The Hierophant</b> - Tradition, Religion. The Hierophant wants to go back to the old ways of vampires.<p><b>The Moon</b> - Fear, Mystery. The Moon intentionally terrifies her prey. She messes with them, and her …

Wait I don't get it

Marceline aged before turning into a vampire–vampires are immortal.<p>Her dad, Hunson Abadeer, is deathless (see: “It Came from the Nightosphere”). We don’t know if he ages but he probably doesn’t. The way he talks about himself in the enchiridion makes it seem like he was spawned looking the way he does now…or possibly he can take any form he wants. Who knows? We just know that he can’t die and he’s older than anything.<p>This means that Marceline’s human half let her age slowly (and survive war …

do you guys have any theories or ideas on how the vampires know ice king?

The Empress was probably drawn to him because of his magical ability. Although he was still transitioning between human Simon and the Ice King, he likely had the capability to create the Ice Kingdom–whether or not he had by the time he met the Empress hasn’t been confirmed.<p>And so the Empress, who wanted to conquer and build a kingdom, would obviously be drawn to a powerful, dangerous, lonely, impressionable wizard.(who may or may not have had his own kingdom). He would be a valuable person to …

I don't think VK was evil

I don't think VK was evil. As he and Marceline both know, life is a constantly repeating cycle, and he knew that if he bit Marcy, she'd stake him and then the whole process would just repeat again. By agreeing to remove VK's vampire essence from him, they tried to remove themselves from the cycle. They chose to face the unknown, but unfortunately, it only worked out for VK, Everything Stays the same for poor Marceline.


*Jasper voice* don’t fuse, cause you <i>will</i> get stuck that way <i>and die</i>



If you haven’t seen Pendleton Ward’s <i>Barista</i> you absolutely need to because it’s amazing. You might know Pendleton from the show he created, ADVENTURE TIME? Watch Barista on Episode 1 of Channel Frederator!<p>Most of you are already the biggest Pen Ward fans in the world, but for latecomers, check out one of Pen’s amazing student films. One of things that convinced me we were in league with a special guy. –Fred

When Bonnie started crying

When Bonnie started crying </3 the feeeeeels

when did the marcalene get weird shape shifting powers? I though she could only turn into a giant bat thing?

Marceline has turned into a variety of different monsters before, including a wolf all the way back in season 1<p>The thing that really threw us for a loop in Varmints was this:<p>The implication that she can shapeshift her hand, if not her entire person, into ANY form at will.<p>This was my major takeaway from the episode as a whole. This was a power that I’d personally attributed to Jake and his shapeshifter relation, but not to Marceline. We’ve never seen anything like this from Marceline before.<p>It’s …


this week!<p>promo by writer/storyboard artist <b>Sam Alden</b><p>ADVENTURE TIME: STAKES premieres <b>November 16th</b>. Four nights in a row at <b>8/7c</b> on Cartoon Network<p>Encore showing of all 8 parts on Friday at <b>7/6c</b>


should have done this earlier. My first episode airs tomorrow!<p>promo by writer/storyboard artist <b>Hanna K Nyström</b><p>premieres <b>Monday, November 16th</b> at <b>8:15/7:15c</b> on Cartoon Network

Threats against Humans in Ooo in Part 2 of “Stakes”

One of our earliest theories here was about why humans (and hyoomans) wear animal hats. Back then we theorized that humans were now lower on the food chain and surrounded by intelligent animals and monsters, therefore they wore animal hats to protect themselves and blend in with their new neighbors.<p>It’s nice to see that we weren’t so far off. Now we know that humans are wearing animal hats to protect themselves from a very specific threat–vampires. The hats protect their necks from being bit<p>But …


stakes, the adventure time miniseries, starts airing monday. prepare yourselves for some truly great episodes.<p>promo by writer/storyboard artist <b>Emily Partridge</b><p>ADVENTURE TIME: STAKES premieres <b>November 16th</b>. Four nights in a row at <b>8/7c</b> on Cartoon Network<p>Encore showing of all 8 parts on <b>November 20th</b> at <b>7/6c</b>