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The Top 5 Skills Every College Student Needs To Acquire Before Graduation | Inc.com

A college education is expensive, a huge investment of time and effort, and sometimes, not the right path. In fact, one Harvard expert has reported that for every 100 young people who start college, only 25 get degrees and good jobs. About 45 drop out, and 30 graduate but end up under- or …

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How Cyclists Can Stay Safe on the Road

Some of the best ways to make cyclists more visible to drivers are also the simplest, new research says.<p>Highlighting the motion of pedaling can make cyclists more conspicuous, according to two recent experiments. Rick Tyrrell, a psychology professor at Clemson University, plans to submit his …


'Dumb as a rock Mika': Donald Trump back on attack against Morning Joe hosts

Donald Trump aimed a series of tweets at familiar targets on Saturday, complaining about the media and so-called voter fraud but saving his most direct fire for MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, the subjects of a fierce controversy over online bullying, sexism and accusations of …

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Is it inequality of income we care about — or inequality of opportunity?

Inequality may well be the issue of our time. But is it inequality of income we care about, or inequality of opportunity? And what is opportunity — the opportunity to do better than our parents, or better than ourselves at an earlier age, or does it mean doing better relative to everyone else? Can …


A new frontier for diamond mining: The ocean

OFF THE COAST OF NAMIBIA — Deep beneath this frigid stretch of the Atlantic Ocean, some of the world’s most valuable diamonds are scattered like lost change.<p>The discovery of such gems has sparked a revolution in one of the world’s most storied industries, sending mining companies on a race for …


How to prepare for your first bikepacking expedition

Among the many emerging trends in the outdoor and adventure sports world, one of the more interesting to witness is the growth in the number of …