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Silicon fingerprint on chips could make any gadget unhackable

HAS your bank recently sent you a credit or debit card with a chip in it? If so, you may now be in possession of a little piece of tech that is …


Tomorrow's Buildings: Construction industry goes robotic

http://vod-pro-ww-live.akamaized.net/mps_h264_hi/public/news/business/1241000/1241095_h264_1500k.mp4?__gda__=1522207065_56332436b480bee3f2f2b0c9d66eec8f<p><b>The building site of the future is going to look very different to the one we are all used to today.</b><p>Instead of men in high-visibility jackets and …

3D Printing

Robot learns dexterity by spinning a jar and other news

BBC Click's Stephen Beckett looks at some of the best of the week's technology news, including Google engineers designing a set of emojis that they say better represent women in the world of work.<p>An early test of a proposed high-speed transport system Hyperloop One is successful and a robotic arm …


China: The bus that will drive over cars


How a smartphone could help spot disease

Many diseases leave biomarkers in the blood, but detecting them can be an involved and slow process.<p>The markers may be present in small quantities and blood has to be collected and then delivered to a laboratory for analysis - a process which can take hours or days.<p>But now a technique which makes …


Replace Your Eyeballs With Synthetic Ones

Vision would no longer have to be #nofilter<p>Our eyes are such elegant, complex, specialized organs that their existence seems almost hard to believe--Darwin himself called their evolution “absurd.” But that doesn’t mean they’re perfect; eyes sometimes don’t focus correctly, they break down over …

Researchers teach robots to 'feel pain'

<b>Researchers from Germany are developing an artificial nervous system aimed at teaching robots how to feel pain.</b><p>As well as allowing robots to quickly respond to potential damage to their systems, it could also protect humans who are increasingly working alongside them.<p>The scientists plan to base the …


New Energy-Friendly Chip Can Perform Powerful AI Tasks

Engineers from MIT have designed a new chip to implement neural networks. It is 10 times as efficient as a mobile GPU, so it could enable mobile …

Artificial Intelligence
Web Applications

Elon Musk’s supersonic Hyperloop could be built "within the decade"

<b>News:</b> a company has been set up to work on and deliver Elon Musk's high-speed Hyperloop transport system, which uses magnets and fans to propel …

Hyperloop in development to connect Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest

The Hyperloop high-speed transportation network has taken a step towards construction in central Europe, with a proposal that would allow passengers …

Luxury driverless cars could offer faster routes through cities says Bentley's design chief

The luxury autonomous vehicles of the future might offer customers a privileged "fast lane" through crowded city streets, according to Bentley's head …

Driverless Cars

Remote-controlled flying cyborg beetles could replace drones

A group of engineers and scientists has come up with a way to remotely control insects, which they believe could provide an "improved alternative to …


Kram/Weisshaar's SmartSlab dining table has hidden tech to cook food and chill drinks

<b>Milan 2016:</b> designers Kram/Weisshaar have created a razor-thin table embedded with hidden circuitry so you can cook dinner and keep plates warm and …


Building with nature: cities that steal smart ideas from plants and animals

With soaring glass skyscrapers and swaths of concrete,modern cities often seem actively to work against nature, pushing it down and suppressing it rather than working alongside it.<p>Yet a growing number of progressive architects, designers, engineers, scientists and urban planners are looking to the …

City Politics

The Right Sound Can Levitate Small Objects

Researchers at the University of Sussex discovered a method that uses sound waves to make objects hover in mid-air.


Watch Carbon Nanotubes Assemble Themselves Using Force Fields

Rice University researchers have made an enormous breakthrough using carbon nanotubes: they've built tiny, microscopic structures that can …


So, It's Totally Possible To Trap A Laser In Water

And guess what, this cool experiment is simple enough to try at home. Just keep your lasers away from your eyes.

Japan’s Newest Train Design Will Be Practically Invisible

Architect Kazuyo Sejima wants Tokyo’s next local express trains to be as hard to see as Wonder Woman’s jet plane.<p>Japan’s speedy bullet trains already move so fast that you almost can’t see them coming. The new train being designed for the Seibu Railway Co. by Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima of …


This Swedish Scientist’s Transparent Wood Could Transform Architecture

A new material design innovation has made wood practically invisible. Just watch for splinters.<p>You don’t have to shop at Ikea to see that Sweden is obsessed with wood. Over 57% of the country is covered in upwards of 51 billion trees, and lumber and paper products are one of the country’s biggest …


Artificial Intelligence’s Ultimate Challenge? Cyber Attacks

At MIT, machine learning specialists are training deep learning algorithms to spot cyber attacks. It may be AI’s ultimate test.<p>Have you heard the one about how our jobs are about to be snatched away by machines? Or how artificial intelligence will ultimately rise up against us?<p>AI is a field full of …

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