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Mechanical Witch - Dawn Of Silence (Jan 2018)

Harry Blotter & Mechanical Witch - Mood To Groove (SC PREVIEW) by Mechanical Witch - Listen to music

Mechanical Witch - Shadow Days (Nov 2017)

Rust - Melbourne West #urbandecay #refinery

'Tarantism' Recently I had the chance to make a logo for Melbourne techno producer Tarantism which is currently sitting pretty on his Soundcloud page My instructions were make it real, make it Melbourne, make it music.... so basically I did what ever i wanted because I still cant figure out what that means?! But luckily everyone is happy :) Check out Tarantism on Soundcloud, because you deserve it :)

Here Are The Best Selling Synthesisers And Drum Machines Of 2017

What was the best selling synthesiser or drum machine of 2017? If you’re interested in what the rest of the world are buying, this one’s for you.<p>The …

The FB-3200 Emulates a Rare Korg Polysynth, Download It For Free!

The PS-3200 was a rare, semi-modular beast that was made by Korg in 1978. Full Bucket Music has paid tribute to the original in the form of the …

Mechanical Witch - Target (October 2017)

More Alien

Dark Steps of the Mind


Timeless #1

That Girl (Dream Livin')

To Hurt

Hidden Messages

Orb Sparkle Banner

Mechanical Witch - In Memory (September 2017)

Mechanical Witch - Needs More Porn (June 2017)

Mechanical Witch - Sophisticated Triangles (The Last)

Pan - Pot - Solace (Mechanical Meltdown Remix)

Mechanical Witch - Almost Pretty Enough (still workin' it)

Mechanical Witch - The Myth of the Mechanical Universe

Mechanical Witch - Pretending to Be Human

Mechanical Witch - Hunted (Ambiente Ostile)

Mechanical Witch - Syncopated

Mechanical Witch (August 2017) - Haematic (Repsycled blood)


This is the area that u write and tell the world how good u r and all the great shit u have done............ Well this music is me hope u like it and …