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A Tractor on Steroids

Red is a semi-autonomous machine with a nearly unlimited number of heavy duty applications from forestry to construction thanks to its shape-shifting …

Industrial Design

Sheep-Human Hybrids Made in Lab—Get the Facts

The breakthrough moves researchers a small step closer to growing human organs for medical transplant.<p>Building on a controversial breakthrough made in 2017, scientists announced on Saturday that they have created the second successful human-animal hybrids: sheep embryos that are are 0.01-percent …


Today's haul. The broken adena would have a been thiller....such a shame

Second find for the day

That's another one not as good as the other set I found but still not bad

First find for the day for me

Here Is The List Of Attackers The FBI Was Warned About But Still Failed To Stop

"They took a copy of the screenshot and that was the last I heard from them."

Boston Marathon Bombing

Yellow Jacket Sting Treatment

Yellow jackets are related to bees, but they are not the same by any means. They are both part of the family of species known as hymenoptera. …


America’s Corn Belt is making its own weather

The Great Plains of the central United States—America’s Corn Belt—is one of the most fertile regions on Earth, producing more than 10 billion bushels …

Climate Change

Florida massacre: No, there have not been 18 school shootings in 2018. Here's why that's all wrong

In the immediate aftermath of Wednesday’s school shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school, the liberal media sprinted to push gun control while vigorously waving a ridiculous school shooting statistic put out by the anti-gun lobbyist group, Everytown for Gun Safety. According to their numbers, …


Found this also thought it was just a piece of pottery, but it's a bone so I'm not sure what it is

Finally made it back down to the creek

The Weird True Story of the Rise and Fall of the Waterbed

If you've ever slept on a waterbed, you know that it is a singular experience. My cousins had one growing up, and I thought it was the most …

Hugh Hefner

Where Do You Go When You Die? The Increasing Signs That Human Consciousness Remains After Death

Philosophically, though, our definition of death hinges on something else: the point past which we’re no longer able to return. Those two were more …


Couple sells all possessions for sailboat, sinks 2 days into trip

A couple’s plan for a better life has been sunk.<p>Nikki Walsh, 24, and boyfriend Tanner Broadwell, 26, decided nearly a year ago that they were tired of working.<p>“How can we live our lives when we’re working most of the day and you have to pay so much just to live?” Walsh, who booked time-share tours …


SpaceX Hid a Second, Secret Payload Aboard Falcon Heavy, And It Sounds Amazing

Designed to last for millions of years.<p>Elon Musk's personal Tesla might have gotten all the headlines during SpaceX's historic rocket launch last …

Space Exploration

Chart of the Day: Does Your State Allow Police to Have Sex With People They Arrest?

In 35 states, it’s legal for cops to detain and have sex with someone in their custody. Is your state one of them?Yesterday, <i>Buzzfeed News</i> published …


'Suddenly it was total mayhem': Australian inventors celebrate success of revolutionary bee hive

Three years ago, a father and son in Australia finally unveiled a device they had spent a decade inventing: a beehive that releases honey via a tap, without needing to handle the bees.<p>The pair, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, who live in the hinterland near Byron Bay in eastern Australia, an area …


Scientists Rank 9 Recreational Drugs From Safest to Most Dangerous

The results are in.<p>A 2017 Global Drug Survey (GDS) covering hundreds of thousands of people around the world has ranked recreational drugs from the …


Everyone is taking way too much ibuprofen

Many adults who use ibuprofen and other so-called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs take too much, increasing their risk of serious side …


From the ‘Pocahontas Exception’ to a ‘Historical Wrong’: The Hidden Cost of Formal Recognition for American Indian Tribes

For a Native American tribe, federal recognition comes with a host of benefits, including housing, health and education funding. But the process of …

Black History

Scientists studying psychoactive drugs accidentally proved the self is an illusion

Philosophers and mystics have long contemplated the disconcerting notion that the fixed self is an illusion.Neuroscientists now think they can prove it or, at least, help us glimpse this truth with some help from psilocybin, the psychoactive property in magic mushrooms.<p>Researchers around the world …


Five major psychiatric diseases have overlapping patterns of genetic activity, new study shows

<i>This post has been updated.</i><p>Certain patterns of genetic activity appear to be common among five distinct psychiatric disorders — autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and alcoholism — according to a new study. The paper, appearing in the journal Science, was released …

The Brain

Six eerie stories of what happens when you die - from people who've been 'brought back to life'

You might actually KNOW that you are dead for quite a long time after you die, according to a chilling new study.<p>Researchers have discovered you may …

Birmingham, UK

Map of US Shows Which States Have The Highest Number of People Who Still Believe In God

"This visualization allows you to better understand the processes taking place in the country."

South Dakota