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Bibi-Chanum-Moschee und Siyob Basar

This post in: English<p>Timur Lenk prägte das Stadtbild von Samarkand wie kein zweiter, also ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass er die Bibi-Chanum-Moschee …


Bibi Khanym Mosque and Siyob Bazaar in Samarkand - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel


Inside the world's first 'underground' hotel built in an abandoned quarry

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland (also known as the Deep Pit Hotel), will finally open its doors in October. The eye-popping, luxury hotel is standing out as a must-see destination in itself. Built mostly below ground in a deep pit of an abandoned quarry in southwestern Shanghai, it’s being …


13 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the World

1 of 14<p>Egremnoi, Greece<p>Advertisement<p>2 of 14<p>Crater Lake, Oregon<p>3 of 14<p>Con Son, Vietnam<p>Advertisement<p>4 of 14<p>Devil’s Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin …

National Parks

Einst das beste Papier der Welt - Usbekistan

This post in: English<p>Nicht nur wissenschaftliche Pionierleistungen, wie im Bereich der Astronomie, wurden in Samarkand vollbracht. Weltweit bekannt …

Once the best paper in the world in Samarkand - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel


Ulugh Beg Observatory, Samarkand - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel

Ulugh Beg Observatorium in Samarkand - Usbekistan

This post in: English<p>Das Ulugh Beg Observatorium in Samarkand ist der sichtbare Beweis, wie weit Zentralasien der westlichen Welt wissenschaftlich …


From Shahrisabz to Samarkand - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel


Shahrisabz - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel


Französische Wissenschaftler rufen SOS

Extreme Hitze in Europa, Japan, Nordafrika und den USA, Waldbrände, Eisschmelze in der Antarktis: Zeugnisse der Klimakrise allein in diesem Jahr. 700 …


From Samarkand to Shahrisabz - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel


Wedding Couples and Restaurant Samarkand

Dieser Beitrag in: Deutsch<p>On this day we want to eat in the restaurant Samarkand. Right next to it there is a small park with a Madonna monument. The …

Dining Rooms

Weddings and Restaurant Samarkand - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel

Samarkand Travel Hotel

Samarkand Travel Hotel is a simple hotel that meets all our needs. The room is clean has its own bathroom with shower. Please watch the 4K UHD video …


Samarkand Travel Hotel - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel


A Bath in the Desert

The next morning in the Safari Yurt Camp, one makes the preparation of the camels and dromedaries to take a ride with the German Austrian group of …


Gur-e-Amir and Registan in Samarkand

Historical facts about Samarkand The precursor of Samarkand was Afrasiyab. Today there is only a sandhill north-east of today’s center of Samarkand …

Ancient History

Samarkand, Gur-e-Amir and Registan - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel

Von Navoiy nach Samarkand -Usbekistan

This post in: English<p>Die Weiterreise vom Safari Jurtencamp nach Samarkand führt zuerst über die gleiche Straße über die wir gekommen sind. Zunächst …


From Navoiy to Samarkand - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel

The World's Oldest Piece of Architecture Tells a New Story About How Civilization Developed

Located in south-east Turkey, the 11,000-year-old Göbekli Tepe is considered to be the world’s oldest temple, greatly surpassing England’s …


Ein Bad in der Wüste - Usbekistan - Reise Video Blog

This post in: English<p>Am nächsten Morgen können wir im Safari Jurtencamp beobachten, wie die Kamele und Dromedare für die deutsch-österreichische …


The Best Things To Do In Vietnam! How Many Have You Done?

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In Vietnam: From North To South<p>Vietnam is a country full of adventure, nature and plenty of activities to keep you …


Safari Yurt Camp - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel

From Bukhara to Safari Yurt Camp - Uzbekistan 4K Travel Channel

Kok-Boru – Horse Games at Summer J-Fest

The highlight of the summer festival in Jyrgalan is the horse and rider competition, Kok-Boru. Kok-Boru is the Kyrgyz national sport. The riders and …


Pferde-Wettkämpfe beim Sommer Fest in Jyrgalan

This post in: English<p>Der Höhepunkt des Sommer Festivals in Jyrgalan sind die Reiter- und Pferde- Wettkämpfe, Kok-Boru.<p>Kok-Boru ist der kirgisische …


Birds Eye View of Kok-Boru, Jyrgalan - Kyrgyzstan 4K Travel Channel

Ancient Riches Discovered at Mysterious Burial Monument

Science & Innovation<p>From gerbil-tooth headdresses to ivory rings, a site in Kenya offers an unprecedented look into a 5,000-year-old herding community.<p>In the undulating landscape of vivid red sandstones in northwest Kenya, near the shores of Lake Turkana, lies a mysterious mound nestled between two …