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How to Make Rice Pilaf Fluffy, Fragrant, and Perfect Every Time

By Claire Saffitz<p>The ingredients might change, but the fundamentals of how to make rice pilaf stay the same. Here's how to nail one of our favorite sides every single time.<p>Rice pilaf can seem sad. Plain. Boring. But if you know how to make rice pilaf, yours will be quite the opposite. You just need …


Spicy Chicken Soup

4 Servings<p>Active Time: 15 min<p>Total Time: 40 min<p>Store-bought rotisserie chicken makes it easy to create a meal without having to cook a whole bird.<p>Print<p>Ingredients<p>1 prepared rotisserie chicken<p>1 tablespoon olive oil<p>1 medium onion, thinly sliced<p>1/2 cup sliced shiitake mushrooms<p>2 garlic cloves, finely …

Chicken Soup

9 Ways to Top a Baked Sweet Potato, from Marshmallows to Cashews and Lime

Your baked sweet potato deserves so much more than mini marshmallows (although we love those too).<p><b>Despite their most frequent appearance under toasted marshmallows</b>, baked sweet potatoes are endlessly versatile. Roast them whole, then let your imagination run wild with toppings. <b>Jessie Damuck</b>, <i>Bon</i> …

Sweet Potatoes

43 Cauliflower Recipes We Want to Eat All the Time

You know what's actually pretty frickin' awesome? Cauliflower.<p><b>You know what's actually pretty frickin' awesome? Cauliflower.</b> It can take on so many flavors, and goes especially great with bright, vibrant ingredients like lemon and capers. Here are over 43 recipes we wholeheartedly endorse.


Your Mashed Potatoes Are Good. These Are Better.

Every taste of these smooth and buttery spuds aims straight for the brain’s pleasure center.<p>Every taste of these smooth and buttery spuds aims straight for the brain’s pleasure center. Follow these <i>BA</i>-approved tips and we guarantee your potatoes will be a Thanksgiving table hit.<p>Pick Your Spud<p>We use …

mashed potatoes

How to Cook Chicken Even Quicker

Quick chicken recipes, from spatchcocking to stir-frying to grilling.<p><b>Chicken, by nature, is quick</b>. Even when it comes to slow-cooking methods like braising, chicken is much faster to cook relative to a meat cut like, say, brisket. But we want to help you cook your chicken <i>even quicker</i>. We chatted …


How to Create a Menu Perfect for Busting Out Beyoncé Songs

Beyoncé is an inspiration in our kitchen. Really. We put together this 12-course menu inspired by her songs, right this way<p><b>Beyoncé inspires people in a lot of ways.</b> She tells girls that they can run the world. She channels TED talks in her songs. And she inspires us to be better cooks. That's …


Crispy Thai Pork with Cucumber Salad

4 Servings<p>The crispy bits are the key to this pork’s deliciousness. Use a wide, flat spatula for the best effect.<p>Print<p>Ingredients<p>1/2 English hothouse cucumber, halved lengthwise, thinly sliced crosswise<p>1 shallot, thinly sliced<p>2 red or green Thai chiles, with seeds, thinly sliced, divided<p>1/2 cup …


Why You Should Get Creative with Your Thanksgiving Vegetables

Mess with the mashed potatoes and your family might revolt. But Thanksgiving vegetable sides are fair game for surprising—and seriously good—preparations.<p>Some things about Thanksgiving should never change: gravy, mashed potatoes, Aunt Jane making an untoward comment to a new significant other. But …


Pumpkin Scones with Cinnamon Butter

8 Servings<p>Everyone needs a solid pumpkin scone recipe in the fall. This one is yours.<p>November 2014Print<p>Ingredients<p>Cinnamon Butter<p>¼ cup (½ stick) unsalted butter, room temperature<p>1 teaspoon pure maple syrup<p>¾ teaspoon ground cinnamon<p>¼ teaspoon kosher salt<p>Scones<p>½ cup granulated sugar<p>2 teaspoons baking …


Chocolate-Cinnamon Coffee Cake

12 Servings<p>If you like, serve this chocolate-cinnamon recipe with whipped cream or an extra dollop of yogurt—or, of course, a cup of coffee.<p>October 2013Print<p>Ingredients<p>½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature, plus more for pan<p>½ cup blanched hazelnuts, chopped<p>2 ounces bittersweet …