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(For Filipino/AP) The video presentation for Marista Patrol can now be found at:

(For Physical Education) (By: Manuel Rendon)

(For Religion) The Rizalista, a well-known religious movement in Banahaw, can be found during our outbound trip. One thing that was really interesting for us was that they worship Jose Rizal (the national hero) as the Messiah. The Rizalistas believe that Jose Rizal, like Jesus, was a descendant from heaven that was sent down to save us from our troubles. They are a quiet group of people and can be usually found praying on Mt. Banahaw. (By: Manuel Rendon)

(For Trigonometry) (By: Adrian Florin/Manuel Rendon)

(For Science) The Maneki-Neko Cat is a battery powered oscillating pendulum. It utilizes an oscillator which generates electric current that keeps the 'Beckoning arm' moving by having the current move in a circular relay as the 'Beckoning arm' has a central structure that covers the diameter of the oscillator and is activated when the arm is swung back and forth. The Oscillator generates an oscillating current which is a current alternating in direction. (By: Diego De Jesus)

(For Science) The cross is standing at the top of the mountain which the part of the cross is buried deep into the ground, deep enough to balance the cross. The physics principle that could be involved on this situation is gravity whereas the equal widths and lengths of the sides of the cross helps the cross to balance the whole thing other than the part of the cross buried under the ground to support the weight of the cross. (By: Adriel Basa)

(For Science) In this situation, the student named Adrian is climbing up a steepy mountain in the place of Mt.Banahaw. Adrian needs momentum to speed up the pace and reach the top faster. So the physics principle here is momentum whereas momentum acts inversely with the force exerted by the student. So the more force he uses, the greater momentum he gains and the faster he reaches to his destination. (By: Adriel Basa)

(For Science) A physics principle that could be seen in this scenario would be free fall. A free falling object in this case would be the student, as he drops into a lower level of the cave. An object that is falling is only influenced by gravity, which rate would be 9.8m/s. Any object that is being acted upon only by the force of gravity is said to be in a state of free fall. (By: Andrei Medua)

(For Science) A lit candle is a prime example of combustion. Which described as a high-temperature chemical reaction between a fuel and an oxidant, which is primarily oxygen, that produces oxidized, often gaseous in a mixture termed as smoke. The heat found in the flame is what causes it to be self-sustained. Combustion is often a complicated sequence of elementary radical reactions. (By: Andrei Medua)

(For English) "Facilitators Orient Students At the Foot of Mount Banahaw" Students coming from sections 10-BBR, SMC and SPC along with their teachers, were briefed by their respective Outboud facilitators at the foot of Mount Banahaw before they began trekking towards the Kalbaryo. The activity took place on the 23rd of September, 2016. (Written by: Andre Medua)

(For English) "Stop for Rest" Two exhausted students of Marist stop at the middle of their hiking trip as they gather back some energy after trekking for 30 minutes during their field trip held last September 23, 2016. (Written by: Manuel Rendon)

(For English) "Break-taking" Several students from homeroom SPC take short breaks after having just painstakingly explored a deep cave system beneath the mountain. After the cave-exploration, the students take their Lunch break during the half time of their Outbound Trip last September 23, 2016. (Written by: Adrian Florin)

(For English) "A Sight to Cherish" Tall coconut trees sway as the cold breeze of September passes through. This was one of the many fascinating views seen by the students of homeroom SPC during their whole day outbound trip last September 23, 2016. (Written by: Adi Basa)

(For English) "To the Mountain We Go" Several young Maristas excitingly walk through this seemingly rural area as a means of reaching the foot of the Mount Banahaw, the location where the Grade 10 outbound trip was held last 23rd of September 2016. (Written by: Adi Basa)

Banahaw, Now! Walk along with these young Maristas as they hike up the sacred mountain range of Banahaw at Dolores, Quezon. One of the many fascinating stations that could be found on the mountain range is the Calvary which is said to be a sanctified site for Religious worshippers. (c) Andrei Medua