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Peter Attia - Reverse engineered approach to human longevity

10 Longevity Tips from Dr.Hinohara, Japan’s 105 Year Old Longevity Expert

Can we live to 150? The Cutting-Edge Science of Human Longevity

Mixing generations: The key to longevity?

The healing power of 3-year-olds is being harnessed in the UK's largest elderly care home.

Audio Mixing

Wrestling and hot springs key to longevity for the World's oldest man

Hot Springs

The Secret to a Longer Life? Don’t Ask These Dead Longevity Researchers

Several years ago, a geologist named Anatoli Brouchkov harvested some bacteria that had survived in the Arctic permafrost for eons. When the bacteria was injected into female mice, the compound seemed to extend their youth. Though Dr. Brouchkov is neither female nor a mouse, he wondered whether it …

Common Sense

Secrets to Extraordinary Health and Longevity - Christine Horner, MD (Jan 2018)

Parenthood can boost your longevity, if you don’t die from the stress first

Want to live longer? Have children. If you don’t die early from child-rearing stress, parenthood will boost your longevity chances, according to a …


Can Alcohol Help You Live Longer? Here’s What the Research Really Says

New research, which was presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual conference, has found that moderate drinking is …


We Might Finally Know Why The Blood of Young People Can Rejuvenate Old Brains

Still creepy though.<p>Scientists have been rejuvenating old mice with infusions of not just the blood of younger mice, but even blood from teenage …

Scientists Are Revealing The Brain Difference That Turns Some People Into 'Superagers'

This is amazing.<p>They're the minority the majority is dying to get into. Superagers: older folks aged 80 and beyond whose razor-sharp powers of mental …

Easing the brakes on the "immortality" enzyme could slow aging

Most of us accept that aging and eventually death are just the inevitable prices we pay for being alive in the first place – but maybe there's a way …

Why Walking Is A No-Brainer For Improving Brain Health

Resolutions aside, it may pay to start doing something quite simple to give your brain an edge in the New Year. It’s scientifically backed and doesn’t take more time than you’d typically spend watching an episode of a TV show. Plus, doing it gives you an excuse to get outside. Walking is the …

The Brain

The World’s Oldest Man Made It to 113 on a Diet of Veggies and Wine

Francisco Nunez Olivera claimed the secret to his long life and health had everything to do with how he ate.<p>Francisco Nunez Olivera lived in his …

Holistic Medicine

One Simple Lifestyle Change That Could Keep Your Brain Young

A new study showed that the more flights of stairs participants climbed regularly, the younger their brains acted.<p>And it’s free, too.<p>If you’re like …

The Brain

Want to Live Longer? A Neuroscientist Says These Surprising Daily Habits Make It Much More Likely

'I have no explanation for it,' said the lead researcher. But she's certain it works.<p>If you want to live long and prosper, step one is to make sure you "live long."<p>We've seen recently that drinking lots of coffee makes a long life more likely. (Also, never smoke.)<p>But now, stunning new research …


Scientists unravel secrets of ‘superagers’

Researchers find elderly people with high cognitive function have more of a certain type of brain cell<p>“Superagers” have long puzzled scientists, but now researchers say they are unpicking why some people live beyond 80 – and still appear to be in fine fettle, with cognitive capacities on a par with …

Alzheimer's Disease

The only 5 lifestyle changes you need to make to get fit and healthy, according to Ayurveda

The only 5 lifestyle changes you need to make to get fit and healthy, according to Ayurveda<p>Last week, I thought of myself as a reasonably healthy …

If young blood can really halt death, things are going to get weird

It’s fitting that the world’s oldest surviving work of literature is about a man who wanted to do just that: live on. <i>The Epic of Gilgamesh</i> follows …

Los Angeles

5 Places Where People Live the Longest and Healthiest Lives

Global life expectancy averages out to 71.4 years. That means, of course, that some parts of the world see much shorter life spans, while others …

Costa Rica

Scientists see positive results from 1st-ever gene-editing therapy

A second patient has been treated in a historic gene-editing study in California, and no major side effects or safety issues have emerged from the …

How Fake Surgery Exposes Useless Treatments

Two weeks after my husband had a couple of stents installed in his coronary arteries, he awoke to this headline in the <i>New York Times:</i> …


Is it possible to boost your immune system?

Every question you’ve ever wanted to know about how not to get sick, answered.<p>Everyone wants to be that person that never gets sick. The one at the office who somehow skips out on the plague that’s traveling from cubicle to cubicle, or the one that doesn't come down with a cold even when their …

Why Mindfulness Meditation Is The Most Important (and Undervalued) Self-Development Practice

Meditation is always the first thing to go.<p>The busier you are, the easier it becomes to sacrifice your values.<p>If you aren't careful, you'll blink and wake up living the life you never wanted--a life filled with regret, mediocrity, and complacency.<p>You'll lay awake late at night contemplating all of …


Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day

Dr. Valter Longo on Fasting, Longevity and the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Peter Diamandis - Human Longevity and The Future

How to feed your gut

Want a healthy gut? Reach for the kimchi, sauerkraut, artichokes, coffee and chocolate. But watch out – one category of food will make your microbes wither<p>Kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut, miso and kefir – all fermented foods and drinks – have been around for centuries, but suddenly they are all the …


The Inflammation-Reducing Yoga Sequence You Need For Quality Sleep

Inflammation is one of our body’s greatest healers—but in excess, it wreaks havoc on our health. Chronic inflammation creates an environment where …

Eating this can help the elderly fight chronic illness

Forget the labels and stereotypes associated with plant-based diets, and think of this: eating wholesome, natural foods can prevent, delay or even …

Chronic Disease