GottaTinkle! Female Urination Device

40 Flips | 1 Magazine | 3 Followers | @GottaTinkle | GottaTinkle! is a reusable hand-held female urine collection device that gives ability to pee standing up.

GottaTinkle! (female urination device) - perfect for camping as it gives women and girls the ability to pee while standing-up (no need for a bathro… | CAMPING …

"She loves them!!!"

I had my sis order a couple of these and she loves them!!!<b><br>Michelle - Miami Beach, Florida (08/11/14)</b>

Miami Beach

No Mess. No Fuss. Just Pee and Toss the Baggie.

<b>GottaTinkle! Female Urination Device launched its first YouTube Video this month.</b><br>Grossed-out by filthy germ-ridden public toilets? Cringe every time …


GottaTinkle! Female Urination Device

---<b><br>She loves them!!!</b> Michelle - Miami Beach, Florida (08/11/14)<p><b>My Daughters Love It.</b> This is an amazing device ... Kevin - Orlando, Florida (08/10/14)<p>…


"This product is awesome!"

This product is awesome! It is so easy to use and so much nicer than going in some small dirty bug infested outhouse along a trail or at a campsite. …

Grand Rapids

Love the product. It works great.

"Easy 'Pee'-sy I Loved It!"

I used it for the first time camping at a Boy Scout training event. It was so cold outside and I was so happy that I didn't have to get my shoes and …


"The Product Is Terrific"

<i>GottaTinkle!</i> is <i>terrific ...</i> worked well in Vietnam (some of the bathrooms were primitive). <b>5 Stars</b><b><br>Barbara - Plantation, Florida</b> <b>(</b><b>05/17/14)</b>


GottaTinkle! is Much Better Than the Funnel Devices

As women and parents alike become increasingly concerned about the germs and parasites that lurk in public bathrooms and also the reality of not …

"Great seller! Shipped quickly! I'm so happy with my purchase!"

<b>GottaTinkle!</b> 1PKP Female Urination Device Travel Portable Camping Outdoor Hiking (#160980573207)<b><br>Joanna</b> - Needham, Massachusetts (06/18/13)


"Great idea!"

<b>GottaTinkle!</b> 1PKW Female Urination Device Travel Portable Camping Outdoor Hiking<b><br>Tim</b> - Alma, Michigan (09/05/13)


"Wonderful invention and great for travel, very happy."

<b>GottaTinkle!</b> 3PK1 Female Urination Device Travel Portable Camping Outdoor Hiking (#160981528716)<b><br>GottaTinkle!</b> 3PK4 Female Urination Device Travel …


"Great Transaction! Fast Shipping!"

<b>GottaTinkle!</b> 2PK1 Female Urination Device Travel Portable Camping Outdoor Hiking (#160980616895)<b><br>Ellen</b> - Upland, California (04/07/14)


"Wonderful invention!"

Wonderful invention! Easy to use. Easy to store. Easy to dispose of. <b>5 stars</b> <b><br>Mara</b> - Hollywood, Florida (06/18/14)


"Great Product!!"

0 Comments<p><b>Clark</b> - Pompano, Florida (06/25/14)<p>Author<p>Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.<p>Archives<p>January 2015 …


"Smart and Inventive"

0 Comments<p><b>5 stars</b><i><br>Shari</i> - Greenacres, Florida (06/29/14)<p>Author<p>Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.<p>Archives<p>January …


"I Love the Product"

I love the product. I didn't have the leaking problem with it like I do with the other brand that I use. I highly recommend the product for any …

"Was here fast, great seller"


"Great for camping"

We took this with us on our camping trip last year. I knew it would come in handy, but really it was more of a must have. During the day, we used it …


"Great Product for Women and Girls! And, Father's Too!!!"

I love this product. I have three girls. It has always been so difficult when we go out for the day, as one of our girls always seems to have to pee …


"I Absolutely Love This Product"

I absolutely love this product. I use GottaTinkle! almost every weekend with my girls - whether running errands, at dinner, or on a road trip, …

"Just What I Expected"

Purchased GottaTinkle! for outdoor activities - such as camping, hiking, boating & fishing. Used it at mass campgrounds for RAGBRAI [Register's …

"Great Product!"

Great product! Easy to put away in purse, bag ... good quality product. It's really helped us with our daughter while we've been out in the theme …


"Finally a device that lets you go naturally! So excited."

Purchased GottaTinkle! for outdoor events - such as sporting events, concerts, fairs & festivals. We have an annual golf memorial and a bunch of us …


Endorsement by Board Certified Central Florida Urologist

I am Board Certified in Urology and a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons, and have been practicing Urology for the past thirty-six years.<p>I am …

Endorsement by Sandi Bird Aldridge

Sandi Bird Aldridge, a FEMA first responder, nurse, international traveler, survivalist, and author of The Amateur Prepper’s Pocket Guide to Creating …


"Es una excelente invención"

GottaTinkle! tiene una apariencia muy sencilla comparada a otros dispositivos, pero tengo que decir que es una excelente invención, SOBRE TODO PARA …

"It is an excellent invention" (Google Translation of Review in Spanish)

GottaTinkle! has a very simple appearance compared to other devices, but I must say it's a great invention, especially for girls! I love it. It is …

Customer Service

"My Daughters Love It"

This is an amazing device which is affordable and very beneficial to all of my grandchildren.<b><br>Kevin -</b> <b>Orlando, Florida (08/10/14)</b>


GottaTinkle! - an easy to use, re-usable, hand-held female urination device that gives women and girls the ability to pee while standing up. It use… | WATER AC…