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Le livre photo de la semaine

Souveraines – de Pierre de Vallombreuse

Texte : Tistan Savin

En Occident, les féministes se battent pour une société plus égalitaire. Mais ailleurs ? …

If Black Friday Was A Movie

Put aside 4 minutes of your day to poke some fun at America’s leading religion: Consumerism. h/t Liberty Blitzkrieg


Fourth Turning - Social & Cultural Distress Dividing The Nation

Submitted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,I wrote the first three parts of this article back in September and planned to finish it in


Turkish police pepper spray supporters of 2 prominent journalists arrested for ‘treason’

The Friday rally in support of the editor-in- chief and Ankara editor of the Cumhuriyet newspaper in the Turkish capital was attended by about 1,000 …

Mark Dice Confronts America's Zombie Shoppers

Unlike on previous occasions when Mark Dice either mocks the stupidity of Americans for having zero clue about the true worth of precious metals, or …


Photobooks of 2015: Erik Kessels

Erik Kessels has kindly shared some of his photobook highlights of the year:-

Mariela Sancari – Moisés (La Fabrica, 2015)

Paul Kooiker – Nude Animal

Photobooks of 2015: Robin Titchener

Next up in our end of year Photobooks of 2015 feature is collector Robin Titchener:

1. Daisuke Yokota – Taratine & Immerse

Another stunning production …


Kristin Trüb: « Letzte Generation Ost » an article by Alison Stieven-Taylor : An Australian in Paris for Paris Photo November 17, 2015 – France , written by Alison Stieven-Taylor

Kristin Trüb

Letzte Generation Ost

This book is unique in many aspects. Its subject matter deals with the impact of the former GDR and its collapse, on …


FORTHCOMING The first 50 copies sent by air shipping were sold in 4 days lasting Paris Photo, the remainder is on the path between Beijing and Paris

The narrative book « Letzte Generation Ost » deals with various lifes of a generation who were born in the final years of the GDR. Central place in …


Letzte Generation Ost

Bachelorarbeit Fotodesign

Sie sind in den letzten Jahren der ehemaligen DDR geboren, ihre Familien entsprachen dem propagierten Leitbild und sie …

Silent Histories, by @kazumaobara Published by RM #photobook #WorldWarTwo #japan #photography #silenthistories

Photobooks of 2015: Simon Baker

To close the year, we have asked a number of photographers, photobook industry professionals and collectors to pick their favourite photobooks from …

Visual Editions — VE6 Don Quixote

Don Quixote

Miguel de Cervantes


Nicoló Degiorgis, PEAK

Comments/Context: The Italian photographer Nicoló Degiorgis became known last year for his groundbreaking photobook Hidden Islam. For that project, he …


In praise of short photobooks

Posted by Tim Carpenter on Nov 24, 2015 in Tim Carpenter | No Comments

When I first became aware of the recent release of Bruce Davidson’s Los Angeles

Bruce Davidson

TIME Picks the Best Photobooks of 2015

Martin Parr, Alec Soth and many other experts, including TIME's photo editors, select the best photobooks of the year

Each November, as hundreds of photographers and artists converge on the French capital for Paris Photo, photobook enthusiasts gather to celebrate the year’s best productions at …


Pony Congo

€30,00By putting together the two extremes of childhood Pony Congo brings to the surface the shameful coexistence of two stereotypical realities. With …


The Top 7 Photography Books of the 21st Century (So Far)

Photographs speak all languages at the same time without ever actually speaking a word.The post The Top 7 Photography Books of the 21st Century (So …

A Guide to Contemporary Indian Photography

Mother and Elsa: from Life is Elsewhere by Sohrab Hura
I've always wondered about what new photography is happening in India but never really knew …

#OutNow Vol. 5 - Six Best New Photobooks You Should Know

Every few weeks, we ask Martin Amis of Photobookstore to compile #OutNow, a selection of recently published, recommended photobooks. Sign up to our …

Archive | Life in Performance

Life in Performance

Dressing up, ballet, music videos and mutant dance

Mina Herscovici, my grandmother, is an aesthete. When I was young, she would …

Contemporary Dance

From Here To Eternity

Submitted by MN Gordon via,“Gentlemen-rankers out on the spree,Damned from here to Eternity,God ha’ mercy on such as we,Baa! Yah! …

Scott Adams

Art by Banksy

It's A Fake, Fake, Fake America

Submitted by The Burning Platform contributor StuckyRemember the hilarious 1960s movie, “It’s a Mad Mad Mad World?” Well, we live in a fake fake fake …

This Thanksgiving, Let's Say "No Thanks" To The Tyranny Of The American Police State

Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles …

Political History

Frankie Boyle on the fallout from Paris: ‘This is the worst time for society to go on psychopathic autopilot’

There were a lot of tributes after the horror in Paris. It has to be said that Trafalgar Square is an odd choice of venue to show solidarity with France; presumably Waterloo was too busy. One of the most appropriate tributes was Adele dedicating Hometown Glory to Paris, just as the raids on …


You’re more likely to be fatally crushed by furniture than killed by a terrorist

If you are worried that ISIS might strike the United States and want to prevent the loss of American lives, consider urging Congress to invest in diabetes and Alzheimer’s research.

Terrorism is effective in doing what its name says: inspiring profound fear. But despite unremitting coverage of the …