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Torbjørn Rødland: Inducing Wonder

Exploring the symbolism of cultural mythologies and human nature, Torbjørn Rødland is a modern-day surrealist. Ahead of his artist talk at the …

Greek police are firing tear gas at angry farmers protesting in Athens

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek riot police fired tear gas at farmers protesting against pension reform plans on Friday who hurled stones at the agriculture ministry in central Athens ahead of a major demonstration outside parliament scheduled for later in the day.

Under the planned reform of the pension …


Liberty Activists And ISIS Will Soon Be Treated As Identical Threats

Submitted by Brandon Smith via,Many of us saw it coming a long time ago — increasing confrontation between liberty proponents and the

Islamic State (ISIS)

Here Is The Exchange That Left A Stunned Janet Yellen Looking Like A Deer In Headlights

For nearly one year, Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy has been Janet Yellen's nemesis over the ongoing probe into Fed leakage of material inside information …

Janet Yellen

Cash is public enemy No. 1

Terrorists are no longer public enemy number one. Nor are drug lords, people traffickers, arms dealers, cyber terrorists, or any other unsavory do-badder. Today, the biggest threat to global peace and security is physical cash, a means of exchange that has flourished for over 4,000 years but which …


Negative humanity: the birth of the digital death mask

In the 1870s, Cesare Lombroso, an Italian criminologist, conceived the theory of criminal atavism – the belief that lawbreakers were born, not made, and could be distinguished from law-abiding citizens by various physical anomalies such as sloping foreheads, big ears and protruding jaws. To this …

Portrait Photography

France Just Enshrined Its "State Of Emergency" In The Constitution

As we detailed previously, back on September 11, Zero Hedge predicted the events which unfolded in Paris last Friday (and the resulting aftermath) …

Constitutional Law

Dangerous Speech: Would The Founders Be Considered Domestic Extremists Today?

“If you can’t say ‘Fuck’ you can’t say, ‘Fuck the government.’” ? Lenny Bruce

Not only has free speech become a four-letter word - profane, obscene, …


Hacker group releases thousands of names and job titles supposedly belonging to FBI, DHS employees

A hacker group calling itself DotGovs tweeted on Monday a link to what it claims is a directory of over 20,000 FBI employees. The data, encrypted with the password "lol," includes names, job titles, phone numbers, states, and email addresses for 22,175 people.

The leak comes just 24 hours after the …


Taryn Simon on Her Alluring New Show at Gagosian

Flowers have long served as vehicles for secret messages, signaling—in art or real life—everything from innocence and faithfulness to erotic availability. Once faded and pressed between the pages of a book, they call to mind not only the lost hour of their freshness, but also the flight of time and …

Gunshots Heard In Hong Kong As Police Battle Angry Crowds On First Day Of Chinese New Year

17 months after the "Umbrella Revolution", the streets of Hong Kong have once again turned chaotic on the first day of the Chinese New Year.


Hong Kong

"Timmy" Geithner Gets Loan From Jamie Dimon For PE Investment

“You are in a position to make 20 percent to 30 percent on your position in the fund. Why wouldn’t you buy in at Libor-plus to leverage that up?”

Good …

Jamie Dimon

Should journalists care if sources go off to prison?

Ask yourself this question: Is it sufficient to protect journalists who report classified information while sources go off to prison? During the last …

Google Launches eBook Experiments in ‘Unprintable Fiction’

"Entrances & Exits", a book told through Google Street View by Reif Larsen. All images courtesy of Editions At Play

Typical of a millennial, I’m either online or asleep. My handwriting is so bad that it looks like a ransom note, and I deeply struggle to read physical books. It’s not that I don’t …


Nearly 200 images released by US military depict Bush-era detainee abuse

Bruises, reddened marks and bandaged body parts featured in nearly 200 images of US detainee abuse that the Pentagon was forced to release on Friday, the result of a court battle that has lasted more than a decade.

While the American Civil Liberties Union – which has fought for the publication of …

U.S. Military

Jimmy Carter: "Legal Bribery" Is Prevailing In The US Political System

Submitted by Andrea Germanos via,Former U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter has taken aim at the “erroneous”

Jimmy Carter

A Distracted Society Keeps The Police State In Power

Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,Big Brother does not watch us, by his choice. We watch him, by ours. There is no need for …


What Is The Best Method Of Rebellion Against Tyranny?

Submitted by Brandon Smith via,I have heard it often said that there is no one right way to accomplish a goal. I agree. However, I …


Elizabeth Warren: American Justice Is 'Rigged' In Favor Of The Rich

"There are two legal systems: One for the rich and powerful, and one for everyone else."

WASHINGTON -- In a scorching speech from the Senate floor on Wednesday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said the American criminal justice system is rigged in favor of the wealthy, and condemned new legislation …

Elizabeth Warren

Daido Moriyama in Color

Daido Moriyama's photography is made solely by instinct, raw need, decisions dictated by the gut, not the head. In his images there is no logic, …


This New ‘Art Hotel’ in Japan is Filled with Photos by Daido Moriyama

There’s a new photographer-themed hotel that just opened up over in Japan, and it features photos in an unusual way. The new DAIDO MORIYAMA X ROCK …


Shady character: how Stephen Shore taught America to see in living colour

“To see something spectacular and recognise it as a photographic possibility is not making a very big leap,” Stephen Shore once said. “But to see something ordinary, something you’d see every day, and recognise it as a photographic possibility – that’s what I’m interested in.”

Shore’s vision of the …

Pitchfork Time? "Elites Have Lost Their Healthy Fear Of The Masses"

The following reader comment, posted originally in the FT is a must read, both for the world's lower and endangered middle classes but especially the

Swedish gov't says UN panel finds Assange detention unfair

LONDON (AP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has found a surprising ally — a little known United Nations panel that has decided he has been unfairly detained in Britain while seeking to avoid extradition to Sweden to answer allegations of sexual misconduct.

But it's not clear if the findings of …


The Continuing Demonization Of Cash

The insidious nature of the war on cash derives not just from the hurdles governments place in the way of those who use cash, but also from the aura


Paul Craig Roberts: There Is No Freedom Without Truth

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,“This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The

Paul Craig Roberts

Germany Unveils "Cash Controls" Push: Ban Transactions Over €5,000, €500 Euro Note

It was just two days ago that Bloomberg implored officials to “bring on a cashless future” in an Op-Ed that calls notes and coins “dirty, dangerous, …


Chinese artist imitates photo of Syrian toddler on the beach

NEW DELHI (AP) — Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has recreated the famous image of a 3-year-old Syrian child who drowned in Turkey last year by staging a photo of himself lying face down on a beach in Greece.

The photograph last year of the child lying on a Turkish beach triggered …

Photography (India)