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越来越多的导演喜欢在自己的电影里秀一把<b>长镜头</b>。<p>新晋奥斯卡导演达米恩·查泽雷就在《爱乐之城》的开场玩了一把,就连郭敬明的《小时代》都有一段完整的长镜头。<p>长镜头理论体系最早由法国电影理论家安德烈巴赞提出。<p>他曾说过:<b>唯有冷眼旁观的长镜头,才能真正还原世界真实的原貌</b>。<p>所以其本质<b>不是为了装逼</b>,而是物质现实的复原。<p>今天鱼叔就来推荐<b>把长镜头玩的6到不能再6</b>的电影——<p><b>不羁夜</b><p>Boogie Nights<p>这部电影描绘了<b>一个行业的史诗</b>,这个行业即是<b>成人电影</b>。<p>天才导演保罗·安德森,就是凭着这部电影<b>一炮而红</b>。<p>为了更好的呈现电影的史诗感,保罗安德森在一开始就使用了一段<b>无比酷炫的长镜头</b>。<p>难度非常之高。<p>镜头从一个牌匾的特写开始 …


What we know about 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'

<b>(CNN) —</b> "Star Wars: Episode VII -- The Force Awakens" is still in theaters, but we've already moved on to thinking about the next installment in the saga.<p>On Wednesday, Disney and LucasFilm announced that the opening of the as-yet-untitled "Episode VIII" would be pushed back seven months, from May …

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Charlize Theron: five best moments

It’s been a rocky – and furious – road but Charlize Theron appears to be back in Hollywood’s favour after her commanding performance in last year’s Mad Max reboot. The Oscar winner’s previous attempts at blockbuster domination (Aeon Flux, Prometheus) were not always so convincing, but in the …

Mad Max

12 Highest-Rated Movies To Stream On Netflix While You're Snowed In

Time to get comfortable.<p>Netflix and <i>chill</i> just got too real.<p>Winter Storm Jonas is bringing a snowpocalypse to the East Coast this weekend, and that can only mean one thing: Let the binge-watching begin.<p>You could spend hours perusing the Netflix library or using secret codes to access sub-genres no …


銆婃槦鎴樸�嬪潙鐖瑰鏃忔彮绉� 澶╄鑰呯殑浜斾釜鏈夎叮浜嬪疄 - 鍥藉唴鏂伴椈 - 涓浗鏃ユ姤缃�


The Most Underrated Films Of 2015

We recently published our list of the year’s best films, comprising everything from unconventional indies like <i>Tangerine</i> to Oscar shoe-in <i>Room</i>. But the story of any given year in film goes beyond the movies about which everyone — or <i>almost</i> everyone — can agree. Sometimes it’s the outliers — the …

The 15 Best Films Of 2015

2015 was definitely a year, and that year had movies. Some of them were good, some of them were bad. How to know which is which? Well, allow me to be your machete as you hack your way through this dense thicket of #CONTENT.<p>A lot of people wonder why I don’t start at the bottom first, treat this …

Mad Max


Seeing Double: Bob Mondello Picks 2015's Best Movies, 2 At A Time

I'm not sure why this happened, but as I assembled this year's best-of list, I kept seeing matched sets: Two terrific desert movies, two swoon-inducing romances, two single-minded crusades by men who think they're already dead, and even a pair of riveting mortgage crisis flicks (and what are the …

Mad Max

Hayden Christensen Quit Hollywood After ‘Star Wars’ Because He Felt He Didn’t Earn It

Hayden Christensen wasn’t a complete unknown when George Lucas personally picked him to play Anakin Skywalker in <i>Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones</i>. He had been working semi-frequently since the early 1990s, mostly appearing in TV movies (<i>Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story</i>) and random …

2015年被非法下载次数最多的14部电影 « 影像日报


《帝国》杂志评出了 2015 年最烂的 12 部电影_娱乐_好奇心日报

排名第一的是《终结者 5:创世纪》。它被评为烂片王,大家应该还是很服气的。这个系列越拍越烂,到第 5 部,显然已经烂出了新高度。剧情混乱、影像粗糙、打斗场面不过瘾,特效也做得不好。有影迷评论说,这部电影不仅炒了冷饭,而且选择了已经馊掉的冷饭来炒,所以当初它在美国上映期间,还有很多影迷在 IMDb 影 …

今年有哪些在豆瓣上广受欢迎的好电影?又有哪些你可能错过的冷门佳作?豆瓣这份 2015 年度电影榜单或许可以给你答案。

今年有哪些在豆瓣上广受欢迎的好电影?又有哪些你可能错过的冷门佳作?豆瓣这份 2015 年度电影榜单或许可以给你答案。<p>基于 2015 年豆瓣用户在豆瓣 app 和网站上对电影的评分、标记和访问数据,豆瓣给出了一份包含 2015 评分最高外语电影、2015 评分最高华语电影、2015 最受关注的院线电影、2015 最受关注的非院线电影、2015 年度冷门佳片等若干你或许会关心的榜单,接下来我们就来看看看哪些电影、演员、导演是最受欢迎的。<p>2015 评分最高外语电影:《荒蛮故事》<p>2015 评分最高华语电影:《心迷宫》<p>2015 最受关注的院线电影:《西游记之大圣归来》<p>2015 最受关注的非院线电影:《疯 …

銆婁埂鏉戠埍鎯�8銆嬬敾椋庣獊鍙� 娣嬫荡鎴忓昂搴︽儕浜篬1]- 涓浗鏃ユ姤缃�

Quentin Tarantino reveals his favorite movie of 2015, and it's a fan favorite

Back in 2013, when he was less busy making and promoting a new movie, Tarantino offered a top-10 list that included critical darlings like "Before Midnight" and, for whatever reason, the total bomb "The Long Ranger."<p>Tarantino was recently asked on the red carpet in France for his movie "The Hateful …


多图 | 这些让人泪奔的电影,你可能没看过

This Week in Netflix and Streaming: Movies to Help You Avoid Your Family over Thanksgiving Weekend

As Netflix is snoozing after a big turkey dinner, I figured we’d do something a leeeeeetle different around these parts this time around. My plan? List off some films you can find on Netflix to help you avoid your family.<p>These are those, all streamable and ready for your enjoyment!<p><b>Top Netflix</b> …