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I went on a roadtrip in Iceland and I captured the best sunset I've ever seen

Dog uses bread as bait to catch a fish

Is that Imgur? Can I see? Do they like my gif? How many doots I get? Woof Woof!

The graceful dog

How to make your dog's day

The Alpacalypse has Begun : funny

OOH DO I SEE DONUTS? nevermind.

The Chill Bag is an Eight-Foot Bean Bag Chair - Technabob

This jumbo bean bag chair looks pretty comfortable and cozy, but I’m not sure you can get back out of this thing once you sink in. Which is fine with …


C'mon! Faster, faster! WEEE!


Every. Damn. Morning

Dog plays dead because he doesn't want to leave the park

"I brought you this flower cuz I love you!"

Hey it's Easter. Let's go hug everyone~!

Only in Wellington... And even wearing full lycra : newzealand

Carl had a few last night. (long gif)

A little wisdom from my Physics professor

"Yay Treats!"


My very favorite picture of my father. He's the one that set the camera's timer.

IT team made this in my office out of post-it notes

Luke's Jedi Academy [X-Post from r/watercolor]