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Glenn Beck’s Audience Donated Over $1 Million to Fight Child Sex Trafficking. Here Are Some of the Kids They Saved.

Last November, a friend of Glenn Beck’s revealed that he was leading a double life as a government agent who rescues children from sex slavery. He said that while the government is doing noble work, it is by no means doing as much as it can, and that’s why he started Operation Underground …

Ban Bossy: The Latest Progressive Bullcrap

Seriously, when is enough, ENOUGH with this progressive BULLCRAP?<p>That’s the new star-studded campaign being trotted out right now. According to the campaign, by middle school, girls are less interested in management positions than boys.<p>Well, there can only be <i>one</i> explanation for that; and it isn’t …

U.S. Dept. of Education

Infographic: See The Daily Routines Of The World’s Most Famous Creative People

We tend to imagine writers, painters, and composers burning the midnight oil, skipping meals, and working feverishly when true inspiration strikes. In fact, Tchaikovsky and Charles Dickens got plenty of Zs each night. Immanuel Kant made a point of visiting the pub every day. And Auden, Milton, and …


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‘An American nightmare’: Glenn reacts to the resignation of Mozilla CEO over support of Prop 8

After several weeks of public outcry over his support of traditional marriage, newly minted Mozilla Corporation CEO Brendan Eich has succumbed to the …

Inside The Pixar Braintrust

In this exclusive excerpt from Creativity, Inc., Ed Catmull unveils one of his key management tools–the Pixar Braintrust, which has helped the animation powerhouse score 14 box office hits in a row.<p>A hallmark of a healthy creative culture is that its people feel free to share ideas, opinions, and …

Morning Meeting: 04.02.14


Glenn: We all have a part to play

Glenn talks a lot about how he doesn’t always know what God’s plan is, but that he often finds himself in prayer and moved to do certain things – …

Ban Quirky - #BanWords [TheBlaze PSA]