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How To Deal When When Your Friends Make More Money Than You

Honesty and planning ahead helps. (And don't knock championing your love of 40s).

This Cannabis Entrepreneur's Multi-Tasking Methods And Wellness Tips Will Leave You Buzzing

Chrissy Bellman helps her customers take charge with alt-wellness. But what about her? In this week’s “Shortlisted” she divulges what keeps her cool, …


16 Books About Leadership That'll Have You Pulling Power Stances All Damn Day

Attn: Supervisors and managers. Being the office boss just got easier.


14 Women Of Color Entrepreneurs On The Advice They Wish They Had Before Starting Their Own Businesses

“There isn’t just one way to do anything. Activate your ingenuity."

Women of Color

What Is A Money Date? And Why Is It So Important?

Time to ask yourself what you really want out of your relationship... With your bank account.

The #MeToo Litmus Test We Should Be Afraid To Fail

Can we stop feeling badly for the accused long enough to understand what's really at stake when we treat women like they don't deserve basic human …


How To Be Smart About Giving Money To Charities and Causes You Really Care About

Let's make non-religious tithing a thing.

Sneaky Ways To Get The Best Deal On Everything

Because who doesn't love saving money?


9 Job Openings For The Financially Literate

Here’s your chance to make money moves. (Including an open gig at our very own Girlboss HQ).

Your Full Moon Horoscope For September Says: You Don't Have To Go It Alone

"The quality of our relationships also helps to determine whether we succeed or not."


10 Industry Insiders On Their Best Advice For Making A Career In Fashion

We asked what it takes to make it in one of the most competitive industries.


What Do Face Rollers Actually Do For Your Skin?

Is the "it" beauty product just another passing trend? Or worth the investment? We asked two experts.

10 Shoes That Are Great For The Office...And Chill Enough For Everything Else

Okay, so maybe platforms aren't exactly on the list.

How To Network Your Way To A Job You Actually Want

Jess Liberi is the head of product at the second biggest wealth management platform in the U.S. Here, she shares her career lessons that helped her …


Work Life Balance Isn't Always Possible—And That's Okay, Says Sophia Amoruso

Care for yourself when you need, and know that it’s normal to work two full-time jobs when you’re ambitious: the job you have and the job you want …

Work-life Balance

WTF Is The Keirsey Temperant Sorter, And How Can I Use It To Get Ahead At Work?

It might be key to achieving your goals.

The Best Mansplaining Comebacks Of All Time

Keep these in your back pocket for the next time a dude speaks down to you.

So, What Does A Medical Assistant *Actually* Do?

Everything you need to know about becoming a medical assistant, from roles and responsibilities to the expected salary.

Salaries & Wages

Diet Talk Has Absolutely No Place At Work—And It's Time We All Stopped

If we can learn the difference between friendly banter and sexual harassment then we can learn this.

Sexual Harassment

The 3 Real Reasons You’re Getting Radio Silence After Your Job Interview

Feeling ghosted? Here's why.

Job Interviews

Best New Podcasts - In Progress With Noor Tagouri

In Progress: An Imperfect Journey, Navigated delivers workshop-style takeaways for living a more fulfilling, productive, inspired life.


Want To Reframe Your Money Mindset Once And For All? Start Here.

This money expert wants to change your perspective on abundance, and detox all those negative money thoughts.


I Always Assumed I Was Bad With Money—Now I'm Challenging Myself To Change That

Before I confront my money habits, I have to confront my feelings.


How To Stay On Top Of Your Own $$$ When You’re The Boss

Read this guide to getting your personal and professional finances in order.

What Relentless Online Harassment Taught One Public Figure About Sexism

While examples of this level of trolling may be quite triggering to some (be warned), they're far from unique. And they need to be spoken about, if …


Stumped On How Much Of Your Paycheck You Should Save?

Hint: Classic savings models don’t always apply.

6 Of The Best Political Podcasts That'll Make Following The Miderms Easy

Slap them on during your daily commute, and watch your brain power grow and grow.


How To Hack The Poshmark Resell Game (And Make Cash) According To Super-Users

If you don't list it, you don't sell it.

Serena William's Righteous Anger And The Double Bind Of Emotional Women

"It was the look of someone who had hit a glass ceiling, who was sick and tired of being told it isn’t real."

Glass Ceilings

Why Wearing Denim To Work Is The New Power Suit

These powerful women prove jeans belongs in the workplace.

power suit