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Do you want to have INSTANT CALM? Do you wish to have control of your chaos? If you want to know how to manage your emotions and how to handle stressful situation then this will certainly help you Find your calm and conquer your chaos https://youtu.be/Xe0tg5PS7rs #chaostocalm #calmcue

Make motivation a habit and you will get there more quickly and have more fun on the journey. Learn more here http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/blog/posts/motivation-gets-you-going-and-habit-gets-you-there #chaostocalm #calmcue

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SUPER EXCITED. Just finished being interviewed as an expert for a summit being released in September. Watch this space for details of the free event called Snap out of it #chaostocalm #calmcue

Are you unsure of what your next direction in life is? Did you have your future planned, but then the circumstances changed? Have you strived so hard for a goal and then achieved it, only to wonder, “What next?” Take my calm quiz http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/calm-quiz #chaostocalm #calmcue

I found my calm to conquer my chaos. You can too in my book the Road to Resilience http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/books/road-to-resilience #chaostocalm #calmcue

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Calm does not mean you ignore your feelings or push them deeper and deeper and pretend they don't exist. It means that during the crisis you acknowledge your feelings. You become aware that feelings are inside you and feelings are there to guide you. Check out chapter 6 in my book the Road to Resilience http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/books/road-to-resilience #chaostocalm #calmcue

The concept of calm can be described by invoking its opposite (what it means to NOT be calm): the process of not showing nervousness, anger or other strong emotions. This doesn't mean you ignore your feelings; rather, it means to exhibit a calm demeanor. Take the calm quiz on my website www.mikayla-holmes.com/calm-quiz #chaostocalm #calmcue

In the midst of chaos, we typically don’t have enough time to learn new things, so we fall back on what is available: our existing knowledge. It is a far better strategy, I think you will agree, to prepare beforehand. Read more in my latest blog post http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/blog/posts/find-your-calm-conquer-your-chaos #chaostocalm #calmcue

Having the ability to find your calm, especially during crisis, is a talent you can acquire with practice. When a crisis occurs, there is typically no early warning, and the only thing we can control during the crisis is our reaction to it. Read more in my latest blog http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/blog/posts/find-your-calm-conquer-your-chaos #chaostocalm #calmcue

The only thing constant is change, you have to learn to embrace it or it will consume you. There is no permanent sadness or happiness. You must learn to make the best of the bad and cherish the good. There is nothing permanent except change. Nothing is permanent except change. The only constant is change. Change is the only constant. Read my new book the Road to Resilience and disc over the keys to being calm, confident and in control no matter what http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/books/road-to-resilience #chaostocalm #calmcue

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Have you felt stretched and unable to cope under pressure? We all face challenges daily and our ability to get through them strengthens you or brings you to your knees. Read my latest blog now http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/blog/posts/how-resilient-are-you #chaostocalm #calmcue

Do coincidences really exist? Do they? - Mikayla Holmes

I don't think anything is random. Sometimes you have to look back at all the events leading up to the coincidence and realise that everything …

Life is full of changes and challenges and the more resilient you are determines your ability to bounce back and manage coping with the ups and downs of life. Being stretched allows you to grow and be more accepting of change. Check out my book the Road to Resilience http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/books/road-to-resilience #chaostocalm #calmcue

Resilient people face life’s challenges head on, not falling into despair and unhealthy coping strategies which can include drugs, alcohol, hiding and ignoring the problems and becoming overwhelmed. What is one of the biggest challenges you faced and how did you deal with it? Read more in my blog post http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/blog/posts/why-is-resilience-important #chaostocalm #calmcue

Simply put, resilience is about your thoughts, behaviours and actions that can be learnt, refined and developed. You do not learn new skills in the midst of a crisis, developing the skills prior to needed them is your life saver and personal strategy. To find out more click the link in my bio http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/books/road-to-resilience #chaostocalm #calmcue

Everyone has different experiences and coping skills. Judging someone on how they cope and how long it takes them to bounce back does not help as we are all different. Therefore you should also not judge or be harsh on yourself on how you are reacting because you need to look at the compounding effect and how emotionally stretched you were when more pressure was added. Check out my latest blog http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/blog/posts/example-of-resilience #chaostocalm #calmcue

Resilience helps us deal with stressful situations, crisis, trauma, death and adversity. It is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. This is important because it is how you behave and act during the crisis and chaos as well as how you view the event after is what matters. discover how to deal with stress in my book the Road to Resilience, click the link in my bio http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/books/road-to-resilience #chaostocalm #calmcue

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Lucky day for me 🦋🦋🦋 #chaostocalm #calmcue

Resilience is about maintaining flexibility and balance in your life as you deal with the chaos. Find your calm, conquer your chaos and discover how in my book the Road to Resilience, click the link in my bio http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/books/road-to-resilience #chaostocalm #calmcue

Allowing is not controlling. Imagine the endless possibilities when you just allow, stop labelling and stop thinking. You are more than your labels, find out what this means in my blog http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/blog/posts/we-all-have-labels-it-helps-us-define-who-we-are #chaostocalm #calmcue

Have you discovered your calm cue sign yet. For more info check out this blog http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/blog/posts/feel-what-is-around-you-even-if-you-can-t-see-it-yet #chaostocalm #calmcue

Sometimes you need to be aware and focused on what is around you. Take my Calm Quiz to get started http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/calm-quiz #chaostocalm #calmcue

So often we label ourselves in the roles we perform and rely on others to make us happy. I am trying to get you to simplify things. When you stop labelling yourself, you can start to realise who you really are. Nothing and no-one can make you feel happy. If they do or it does, it’s only a short-term high. Our ego likes to be stroked and if you don't feel you deserve the attention you are getting, you will sabotage it. Check out my latest blog http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/blog/posts/we-all-have-labels-it-helps-us-define-who-we-are #chaostocalm #calmcue

What makes you feel good? As adults we sometimes lose that sense of wonder. We forget that when we let go of all our worries, we can feel genuinely happy. Feeling good is everything about being lucky and happy. That is what this book is about. Buy my book the Road to Resilience and rediscover your happiness http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/books/road-to-resilience #chaostocalm #calmcue

There are two things to learn here. First: take control of your own feelings and actions. Second: acknowledge that the world does not revolve around you. Not everything is done to you. Take the calm quiz and figure your feelings out http://www.mikayla-holmes.com/calm-quiz #chaostocalm #calmcue