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Blood Moon in pictures: Total 'supermoon' lunar eclipse seen around the world

Panda Cubs Make Debut Appearance in Ya’an China

Giant Pandas

What to buy to go with your €1m Fendi coat

Last week, Fendi made its Couture Fashion Week debut, with its first haute fourrure collection. Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld sent 36 furry creations down the runway of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées venue in Paris – a sight that, according to Susie Bubble, left members of the audience yelling out …

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Les 20 vernis de l’été

Parce qu’il est plus facile d’oser des manucures claquantes sur la plage, en été, ces 20 vernis subliment le bronzage et sophistiquent l’allure.<p>À …

Blondie Photos: The New Wave Years

See Debbie Harry and her band in action in these images from guitarist Chris Stein.<p>See Debbie Harry and her band in action in these images from guitarist Chris Stein.

Debbie Harry

Remembering Babe Ruth, Baseball's First Superstar

It's baseball season. Which means that it's time to look at a bunch of photos of the Yankee legend.<p>It's baseball season. Which means that it's time to flip through a bunch of photos of the Yankee legend.


Celebrating Billie Holiday’s 100th Birthday

Rhode Island

Adorable Miniature Mid-Century Sets Built For New Children’s Book

Everything is better in miniature, especially modern design.<p>In the new children’s book <i>Pete Peanut and the Trouble With Birthdays</i>, Ideo designer Sean Hewens and designer and artist Mimi O Chun created miniature replicas of iconic midcentury modern design and art pieces. There’s a Florence Knoll …


The Secret History Of Knock-Knock Jokes

Knock knock.<p>Who's there?<p>Joe King.<p>Joe King who?<p>Joking like this used to be considered a sickness by some people.<p>The knock-knock joke has been a staple of American humor since the early 20th century. With its repetitive set-up and wordplay punchline, the form has been invoked — and understood — by …


Stunning Life-Like Animal Sculptures Made with Layers of Galvanized Wire

Artist Kendra Haste uses the ubiquitous galvanized wire and transforms it into life-like sculptures of wild animals. By layering, fraying, and sometimes painting it, she's able to mimic the anatomical appearance of creatures both large and small.<p>Haste masterfully crafts the wire so that even subtle …


How people Photoshopped before Photoshop

Photoshop before Photoshop<p>100 years of manipulating images without computers<p>1856-57<p>c. 1855<p>1857<p>Almost as soon as the science of photography was …

Russian Photographer Creates Stunning Visual Narratives Inspired by Fairytales

Russian photographer Margarita Kareva brings fairytales and other magical stories to life in her gorgeous fine-art portraiture. With the goal of weaving fictional narratives that fall outside the realm of photorealism, Kareva immerses her beautiful subjects in fantastical scenes that look straight …


Captivating Portraits of Enigmatic Figures Lost in a Magical World

Inspired by the lush natural surroundings of her native Vilnius, Lithuanian photographer Viktorija Raggana captures incredibly emotive portraits filled with enchantment and mystery. Raggana, who calls herself a “photographer-witch,” weaves her spell over enigmatic scenes that seem to belong to the …


Fashion Takes a Shine to the Veil, Again

The unexpected accessory to emerge from the spring 2015 couture collections is the veil, one of the oldest female accoutrements, worn for reasons religious, formal (mourningwear), functional (motoring, bee-keeping), and fanciful (fashion). Famously seductive—“frail mysteries of tulle are deep …

New York City

19 Breathtaking Photos of Winter Wonderlands Around the World

We're in the middle of winter here, so what better time is it to look at some of the most breathtaking photos of the season? We've looked through the web and we've found photo after photo of photographers who've shot, not just snow or ice, but trees covered in white, lakes dotted in ice. Around the …

National Parks

The Heartland’s best hits: top Kansas sights along I-70

This is the stuff road trips through Middle America are made of: slurping milkshakes at a Formica countertop in a diner that hasn’t changed since 1950, cruising by fields of sunflowers and amber waves of grain that stretch as far as the eye can see, and stopping at the quirky, always-superlative …


LIFE With Sophia Loren: Rare and Classic Photos of a Movie Legend

Sophia Loren, Italy, 1961.<br>Alfred Eisenstaedt—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images<p>1 of 19<p>Powerful, enduring relationships can sometimes develop …

Wearable Tech

The Transcendent Style of David Bowie

On his 68th birthday we looked back at David Bowie's style and examined what it might have meant.<p><b>When David Bowie first found</b> acclaim with his novelty single "Space Oddity" in 1969, few fans could imagine what would come next. That's because what came next was totally novel, strangely beautiful, …

David Bowie

John Galliano: penitent return of an enfant terrible

Four years after a drunken rant all but ended his career, the troubled and admired designer unveils a new show on Monday<p>To most of us, tomorrow is another Monday in January, one to get through rather than savour. If you follow fashion closely, however, Monday 12 January 2015 is one for the history …


Happy 80th Birthday, Elvis Presley!

He hated denim because he said it reminded him of being poor. He was a fierce proponent of pink for boys, photographed in downtown Memphis in 1955 wearing a pink shirt, pink socks, and even, that rarity, a pink belt. He did in fact own at least one pair of blue suede shoes.<p>Elvis Presley, who would …

Elvis Presley

Elvis at 80: The King still rules

<b>(CNN) —</b> In 1992, the U.S. Postal Service had a vote to determine which image of Elvis Presley should go on a stamp: a rendering of the youthful, late '50s King or the beefier, early-'70s version.<p>The runaway victor was Young Elvis. It remains one of the most popular stamps of all time.<p>But these …

Elvis Presley

Wet Plate Collodion Portraits of Barbie Dolls

“Barbie Blad” by photographer Hamid Blad is a series of portraits that mixes the old and the new. The oldness is contributed by the fact that they …

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Portrait of a Quiet Girl

• By Chrissie White<br>• In Collaboration with Elvia Carreon<p>Hours go past so slowly and a curious behavior exposes itself in the face of solitude. The true …

See the 2015 Times Square New Years Eve Ball in One GIF

Chester Higgins Jr.—The New York Times/Redux<p>Marty Lederhandler—AP<p>Jon Simon—AP<p>Marty Lederhandler—AP<p>Timothy A. Clary—AFP/Getty Images<p>Stan …

New York City

New Ceramic Ladies Beautifully Covered with Traditional Tattoos

Scotland-based artist Jessica Harrison fuses dainty dresses with sailor-inspired tattoos in her fantastic <i>Painted Lady</i> series. We’ve marveled over these creations before, and it looks like Harrison has even more full skirts and full sleeves to share! The artist finds ceramic sculptures and then uses …