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Top 3 Actions to Forgive a Cheating Boyfriend

My name is <b>Michelle</b>. Similar to many of you out there, my boyfriend cheated on me before. I went through a period where I kept asking myself should I …

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10 Cool Things to Buy with 200 Dollars — WikiChanges Editor’s Picks – WikiChanges

Running out of gift ideas? You are tight with budget? Simply want to hear other people’s recommendation? Wikichanges editors have come up with The …

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4 Hard Facts to Expect For First Time Dog Owner

Isn’t this guy uglily cute? Look at his curly tail. What a fat rounded body. Wow his black wrinkle face can squeeze in a fly. Look at his, well, I …


When Does It Make Absolute Sense to Donate Your Car to Charity

“Ah, it’s time to change the timing belt again. I’m tired of maintaining this beat up car. Probably the money I’m gonna spend on this car is more …


Should You Buy or Rent a Home — 3 Street Smart Answers

There are 10 million articles out there from the real estate professional on whether should you buy or rent a home. I’m not going to repeat what they …

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4 Life Hacks on How to Save for a House Downpayment

Good, I assume you’ve decided to buy a home in the near future and want to learn how to save for a house downpayment. If you just randomly come …


Unconventional Wisdom That Can Change You