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The Beaches of Omaha

More about Les Braves<p>I was interested in the origins of this sculpture, so here is some data that I got from this article at Les Braves Memorial of …

Caracas y su Avila, tranquilas ante el caos. Como Santa Teresita dicen "esto tambien pasará...". (Video cortesía de la Flowers)

Another time-lapse from New Zealand

New Zealand

Razones para contratar un instalador de muebles - Instaladores con técnica

Decorar nuestros espacios es motivador. En el hogar o en la oficina queremos el mobiliario perfecto: uno que sea funcional y atractivo. Cuando lo …

Taste Beyond The Tongue

"Strong people don't put others down. They lift them up."

Gallery: Tour de France jersey winners' bikes

As the 2017 Tour de France rolled into Paris yesterday for the final stage, the four jersey winners each rode custom finished bikes to celebrate …

Road Cycling

The Coolest Attractions in Europe That Not Enough People Visit

There are certain <i>de rigueur</i> spots you’re obligated to hit on your first trip to a big European city. The Louvre in Paris, Big Ben in London, the …

Wild photo shows Tour de France rider's vascular legs after 16 stages

Tour de France rider Paweł Poljański has been competing in the world's biggest bike race since it started on July 1. The Polish pro on the BORA-Hansgrohe team has completed all 16 stages so far — about 68 hours of pedaling — and he's got less than a week to go till the finish in Paris.<p>On Tuesday he …

Tour de France

Pictures of the Week 7.13.17

City Politics

/u/marathon on Some would say this is the perfect motorcycle turn...

La vida del camarero resumida en 13 GIFS

He de reconocer que este post va dedicado a un sector que admiro profundamente: los <b>camareros</b>. Ese sufrido colectivo que pasa más horas de pie que una …

/u/obzelite2point0 on A man painting the Twin Towers. My grandparents had this in an envelope full of old pictures, I think it deserves to be shared with the world. (Sometime between 1980-1990)


Ferrari Brakes On Carpet

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Can you guess the city from its bike lane maps?

The web and app company Bike Citizens has trawled its database of cycle infrastructure to create these ‘naked’ cycle maps. Blue lines = protected bike lanes; grey lines = painted lanes. Can you identify the cities?<p>All images by Bike …

Bike Lanes

D-Day: Here's how the Allies began to reclaim Europe from the Nazis

On June 6, 1944, Allied forces crossed the English Channel and began to reclaim the European mainland.<p>That day, 73 years ago, marked a turning point on the western front and in World War II.<p>The following images give you some idea of what those American, British, and Canadian troops saw when they …


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Photo Manipulation

Marilyn Monroe saves the day

My Car Makes Noise: A library of car noises which can be used to diagnose car problems

What Are the Most Popular Car Colors?

The most popular color for cars last year was white, according to car paint manufacturer Axalta Coating Systems.<p>The company said white has been the …

Vespa SS90

Reading time: about 2 minutes.<p>Italian<br>• Motor Scooters<br>• Rare<p>The Vespa SS90 is much sought after by collectors due to its extreme rarity, just over 5000 …

How Music Taste Evolved

This high-tech farm can grow perfect veggies literally anywhere in the world

The kale of the future will be grown in warehouses. And these warehouses might be anywhere in the world: Antarctica, the Atacama Desert, you name …


6 Finnish Terms You'll Want to Use in English, in Emoji Form

In late 2015, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland introduced a series of national emojis that celebrate all aspects of Finnish identity. The …

Tern 451 Verge folds out fast, stable new commuter bike family

City commuting specialists Tern have a new group of folders called the 451 Verge family, all based around slightly larger 451mm (effectively 22″) …

Born Lucky: The Genetics of the Four-Leaf Clover - Facts So Romantic

Each year, from 1913 to 1917, the psychologist Edmund S. Conklin would hand out a questionnaire to his new psychology students. Conklin wanted to see …

College & University

21st Century Photos

Here's what happens when everyone is carrying a camera with them all the time. And then they share their photos on an internet forum. Redditor …

Bruce Springsteen

Snowy White - midnight blues 2012