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New clues to genetics of depression are 'game-changing' - Futurity

New research shows "that we all carry genetic variants for depression, but those with a higher burden are more susceptible."


Bag device could save babies with external intestines - Futurity

A new low-cost system could be life-saving for Ugandan babies born with gastroschisis, a condition in which the intestines are outside the body at …


Russian Arctic ice melt is picking up speed - Futurity

"The temperature is changing in the Arctic faster than anywhere else in the world."

Arctic Ice

Cannon blasts mimic asteroids delivering water - Futurity

The source of Earth's water remains mysterious. Now, researchers have used a high-powered cannon to find out more about how a water-rich asteroid …


3D-printed dentures deliver drugs to battle infection - Futurity

Drug-delivering dentures, made with a 3D printer, may keep mouths free of the infections that plague so many people with artificial teeth.

3D Printing

Diabetic mice to let scientists study vision loss - Futurity

A new mouse model could be useful for screening potential drugs to fight diabetic retinopathy, say researchers.


New A.I. application can write its own code - Futurity

Teaching artificial intelligence to code and create software has been a holy grail of the field. The new system, which you can see in action for …

Artificial Intelligence

What would it take for peace in Syria? - Futurity

After the US air strike on Assad's forces in Syria last week, what are the dimensions of the conflict in that country? Is peace possible? An expert …

Middle East

Uber drivers basically have computers for managers - Futurity

"All of Uber's different management decisions are embodied in the platform as the company's platform is actually doing the management." Is that …


Why we trust our privacy to some apps but not others - Futurity

With rising concerns about privacy, researchers have figured out what makes us trust certain apps over others. But it may also depend on your tech …


How vision keeps us steady while we're walking - Futurity

"Walkers use gaze to ensure that they always know what will be coming up 1.5 seconds down the path."


Stress poses double risk to women after heart attack - Futurity

Women who've had a heart attack have double the risk of later myocardial ischemia, or obstructed blood flow to the heart, in response mental stress …

Heart Attacks

3D-printed plastic folds itself into amazing shapes under heat - Futurity

Researchers used the least expensive 3D printer—and one of its defects—to produce flat plastic items that fold themselves when things heat up.

3D Printing

Here's a feasible way for our devices to send data with light - Futurity

New microchip technology capable of optically transferring data could solve a severe bottleneck in current devices, without costing more than today's …

Boston University

Carbon capture could pay off for biofuel plants - Futurity

Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it underground may not only be possible with existing tech, it could even be profitable.


Cheaper organic solar cells are finally ready for market - Futurity

"Organic photovoltaics can potentially cut way down on the total solar energy system cost, making solar a truly ubiquitous clean energy source."

Solar Panels

Listen: Expert sorts Medicaid expansion myth from fact - Futurity

On this podcast episode, hear health care expert Katherine Baicker explain the good and the bad of Medicaid expansion, as well as how to improve …

Health Care

There's a weird link between coffee and cryptocurrency - Futurity

Swirling liquids, such as coffee, follow the same principles as transactions with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. No, but really.


Lots of teachers are super stressed out - Futurity

Way more teachers are suffering from high levels of on-the-job stress than previously thought.


Most women say they feel less stress with age - Futurity

"...perhaps life itself is becoming less stressful, or maybe we're finally feeling at the top of our game, or maybe things just don't bother us the …


Wireless pacemaker would jolt hearts with tiny chips - Futurity

A network of chips the size of a grain of rice placed throughout the heart could one day be the standard for wireless pacemakers.


New method can predict chemo success with Doppler - Futurity

Doppler light scattering may be able to predict how a patient will respond to chemotherapy—even before treatment begins, a new study with dogs shows.


Paint transforms walls into interactive touchpads - Futurity

"Walls are usually the largest surface area in a room, yet we don't make much use of them other than to separate spaces, and perhaps hold up pictures …


Wounded veteran receives first penis transplant - Futurity

The recipient of the world's first penis and scrotum transplant will leave the hospital this week.


3D-printed bio-ink brings platelets to injuries - Futurity

Scientists aim for their bio-ink, a 3D-printed mixture of cells and gel, to incorporate a patient's own cells and platelets in skin grafts and …

3D Printing

What is 'acoustic cloaking' and how does it work? - Futurity

An expert in the field of cloaking explains how sound can keep things hidden and why his work matters.


Exercise and meditation ease PTSD after sexual assault - Futurity

Therapy that includes both meditation and exercise helps women after sexual assault better than either one alone. "What we found is that the whole is …


New bird-of-paradise has killer dance moves - Futurity

Long confused with another, almost identical bird-of-paradise, the new species sets itself apart with its unique dance routine. Watch the bird get …


Bias hinders women in science looking for grants - Futurity

While peer review is used to determine which scietific research gets funding and publication, the system may not be fair for everyone, particularly …

Women in Science

Birds on a wire act a lot like people in line - Futurity

Ever wonder why birds on a wire distance themselves from each other? It's about personal space, research suggests.