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Color Theory for Photographers: An Introduction

As photographers, we have a lot of tools available to us: compositional rules, lighting knowledge, the exposure triangle, and so on. Color is just …

Black photographers and the civil rights struggle

Two photographers captured a different side of the African-American experience during the Civil Rights struggle.<p>RC Hickman and Calvin Littlejohn were two African-American photojournalists working during America’s civil rights era who managed to capture a different side to Black life than usually …

Buddhist monk



Patan Durbar Square in Lalitpur, Nepal

Best road in the world

Women Farmers in Gadaref, Sudan

New York

New York state of mind

The Fernsehturm or Berlin TV Tower is located in central Berlin, close to Alexanderplatz in Berlin-Mitte. The tower was constructed between 1965 and 1969 by the administration of the GDR German Democratic Republic. With a height of 368 meters, the tower it is the tallest structure in Germany and remains till today a symbol of Berlin. (17 March 2016)

Beautiful smile - In a tea estate in Sri Lanka (Jan 2016)

In the village of Asotthalom, Hungary (8 March 2016) . The mayor of the village, Laszlo Toroczkai, a member of the far right Jobbik party, called for the refugees and migrants that make it to Hungary to be sent to labor detention camps till their status is resolved.

The Dome of St. Stephen's Basilica, a roman catholic church in Budapest, Hungary. This is the most important church building in the country and one of the most significant tourist attractions. It houses the mummified right hand of the first king of Hungary, St. Stephen. The Basilica is home to the largest church bell ( weighing 9 tons) in Hungary. The neoclassical Cathedral can accommodate some 8500 visitors inside at the same time.

Berlin, Germany - In a small reception hall at Herz Jesu church in Berlin, few members of the local parish prepare the tables for Nowruz celebrations for refugees from Iran and Afghanistan. See the full story on Al Jazeera -

Idomeni, Greece - Guns, masks, batons, shields and newly built barbwire fence stand between refugees and Macedonia. - This was in Dec 2015 (Full story - . The situation in Idomeni has became much worse since. Now more than 12,000 refugees are stuck at the Greek - Macedonian border with NGOs like the UNHCR, MSF, the International Rescue Committee, the Norwegian Refugee Council and Save the Children pulling out because they didn’t agree with the mass expulsion of refugees as stipulated in the recent deal between the EU and Turkey.

The Herz Jesu church in Berlin, where refugees, with the help of local community members, organised the Nowruz celebration.

In a small reception hall at Herz Jesu church in Berlin, few members of the local parish prepare the tables for the celebration. In the kitchen, men check the cooking pots while women decorate dessert plates and children run round playing and singing. "We usually have events every weekend here for the local community to come together. But now, as this is a special celebration for the refugees, we were delighted to help organise this celebration for the Persian New Year," said Katharina Link, a member of the local parish.

Cloudy skies over Berlin as viewed from The State Office of Health and Welfare (LAGeSo) spokesperson's 10th floor office in Berlin. According to LAGeSo, 45 thousands refugees are currently housed in more than 140 emergency shelters in Berlin. With the Balkan route closed, the number of refugees arriving has drastically dropped to less than 70/day from 1700 to 2000/day arriving prior to the borders shutdown. Most refugees remain now stuck in Greece with no hopes to continue their journey towards western Europe. | #refugees #refugeecrisis #Berlin #Germany #ontheway #ondeployment #ajeinpictures #Europe #instagram #instadaily

Hungary's criminalised homeless struggle to survive -

Refugees during the evening prayer in a transit center on Hungary's border with Serbia. During the first two weeks of March, at least 1,428 were arrested for breaching Hungary's border fence with Serbia. Breaching the fence has been a crime since September 2015 and Hungary started sentencing refugees. Yet, Erno Simon, a senior communications officer at the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, in Central Europe, insists that asylum seekers should not be punished for entering the country in an "irregular" manner. READ THE FULL STORY:

Protest in Berlin against racism and neo natzi attacks on refugee

A teddy bear at the window of a school on the outskirts of the small town of Szeged where The Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary collected donations from all over Europe, when the refugee crisis was at its peak in Hungary before Viktor Orban's government decided to build the fence on the border with Serbia. As the flow of refugees has now slowed down significantly due to closing of the Balkan route, the remaining donations are distributed to NGOs operating in other places in Hungary and abroad ( Lesvos, Idomeni, etc) as well as to impoverished local families.

A homless person sleeping in a metro station under a poster with directions to shelters, soup kitchens and showers. At the beginning of 2013, the Parliament of Hungary passed a law that essentially criminalized homelessness. Advocates for the homeless assert that the law is designed to fine and/or imprison street people in the event they refuse to be moved to shelters. With an estimated 10,000 homeless people in Budapest, and with shelters able to accommodate only some 6000 people, at least 4000 homeless were left at the mercy of police and the elements over the past winter.

A girl bathing in the river on the way down from Sri Pada. Coming down all those stairs takes its toll on the nees and a bath in the cold river can be quite rejuvenating. (Jan 2016). This is my last from Sri Lanka. Now everything that's left is for you to visit that beautiful place. It will be well worth it.

A woman at one of the many shops along the climb to Sri Pada ( Adam's peak), selling water, a selection of nuts and traditional Sri Lankan sweets, energy bars and plenty other items meant to keep your energy levels up when fighting the more than 5500 steps to reach the peak. (Jan 2016)

Buddhist monk at a small shop/rest stop along the painful way up to Sri Pada (Adam's peak - Jan 2016 ). Despite being mute, he tried communicating for a good portion of the trek. Not being visible frustrated of my inability to understand and my short smile answers, he posed for this photo, he generously smiled back and took on the stairs with the speed of a regular visitor, skipping past the adventurous and exhausted tourists with the energy of a teenager.

Adam's peak in Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka (Jan 2016) . The point that marks the start of a mix of incline trekking and more than 5500 crumbling stone steps on the way up the 2,243m sacred mountain.

A family living on a tea estate in Sri Lanka's Nowara Elia district. Most tea plantation workers are fourth generation immigrant Indian Tamils. Colonial British plantation owners brought workers as a cheap labour force from south India in 1850s to work on the estates (Jan 2016)