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Compassionate Adventure Ecuador- Episode 3 - The Act of Compassion : Clean Water Project


A Billboard That Condenses Water From Humidity

At the edge of the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth, Lima, Peru, receives almost no rainfall. About 700,000 people have no access to clean water for drinking or bathing. Another 600,000 of the city's 7.5 million residents rely on cisterns for their water, which must be filled by …

Sustainable Earth: Water

Clean water is essential for life, but most people in the developed world don't think much about the water they use for drinking, food preparation, and sanitation. In developing nations, however, the search for safe drinking water can be a daily crisis. Millions of people die each year, most of …

Sustainable Agriculture

Gender - Gender and water, sanitation and hygiene(WASH)

Gender and water, sanitation and hygiene(WASH)

Throughout Africa women and girls are the main providers of household water supply and sanitation, and …

Leading a Push for Clean Water

NEW DELHI — The protesters were chiefly women, but instead of placards, they brought empty pots. The vessels brandished by the roughly 100 women at the protest last month at a government office in Tiruchirappalli, in Tamil Nadu State, of plastic, brass or earthenware, were what they use to collect …

Enough is not enough

It must also be clean

IF WATER has the capacity to enhance life, its absence has the capacity to make it miserable. David Gray, a water practitioner …

Wishing well

More people are getting improved access to drinking water

THE glass is more than half full: according to the World Health Organisation, some 5.9 …

East Africa drought ‘the most severe humanitarian emergency in the world’ | Toronto Star

Some watch their children die on the dusty footpath. Others give birth to underweight babies on the roadside, with little hope that they will live to …

Infographic: Not a Drop to Drink Infographic: Lack of Clean Water Access Worldwide

Spence-Man We Walk 4Water

We Walk 4Water

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It's real... #WeWalk4Water

On the road with @spencer2thewest for #WeWalk4Water !!!!

Walkin’ With Spence

Walkin’ With Spence

May 8, 2013

Written By: Nelly Furtado

Last New Year’s Eve, when Spencer asked me if I wanted to walk with him across Alberta that …

Are We Headed for a National Water Crisis? | Craig and Marc Kielburger

A Muskoka chair is silhouetted on a dock, surrounded by cool lake waters shimmering with the reflected setting sun. The image is quintessentially …


A Tidal Wave of Change

February 5, 2013

What sound does a penny jar make in the hands of a student leader? What about three hundred young leaders?That’s right… it’s the …

Brown Junior Public School is Silent

May 21, 2013

Written by Michele Breslin, teacher at Brown Junior Public School.

Prior to our Day of Silence, we met many times with our World Changers …