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Ready, Set, Go! A Flipboard Magazine Challenge

Want to accomplish something? Make your goal to get a goal done.<p>Raise your hand you awesome person who makes New Year’s resolutions every 365 days …



Just a children's room late 2016

How to Get Flipboard’s Curated Emails

Email may be ancient, but it’s as vibrant as ever and proving to be a critical way for publishers to reach readers. As a home for thousands of publishers’ content, Flipboard has a 10,000-foot view of all the great stories, photos, videos, music and podcasts being made out there. There is so much …

Meet the Finalists of the 2016 Flipboard Holiday Magazine Challenge

With so many exceptional magazines, which one will reign supreme? Cast your vote.<p><i>You better watch out…</i> ♪ ♫<i><br>You better not cry…</i> ♫ ♩ ♫<i><br>You better not</i> …


Ho, Ho, Ho! A Flipboard Magazine Challenge

Have you been naughty this year? Here’s a chance to redeem yourself.<p>Everyone has a personal perspective on what the holiday season means. Even so, we …


Tips for Driving Readers to Your Flipboard Magazines

Flipping posts, videos, images and more into Flipboard Magazines allows bloggers to show off passions that reach far beyond what’s covered on their blog’s niche. For instance, a food blogger can show her audience that she is also passionate about homesteading or a music blogger can share a passion …

How to Make Gift Guides on Flipboard

With less than two months to go before Christmas and Hannukah, it’s safe to say that we’re well into the holiday preparation season. What does that mean for bloggers? Well, it means that if you’re going to be putting together some holiday gift guides, now’s a good time to get cracking.<p>If you’re …

How to write Flipboard headlines that people want to click

You spend enough time online to know that a great headline is critical to getting people to click through and actually read a post. Copyblogger did the math and figured out that while eight out of 10 people take the time to actually read headlines, only two out of those same 10 will actually click …

The secret rules of the internet


How to Combine Twitter Lists with Flipboard

It is simply impossible to digest your Twitter stream when you are following hundreds, thousands of people. If you or your business want to use …

Teddy bears for Valentine's Day