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Want to live to 100? Here's what you should be eating right now

Take a few diet tips from the longest-living communities in the world<p>It's that time of year again. The season of overindulgence is coming to a close: you've consumed your bodyweight in chocolate and your sole form of exercise has consisted of lifting a champagne glass while prostrate on the …


23 Pieces of Life-Changing Wisdom You Can Learn from Your Everyday Life

The Year’s Best Fitness Tips

Enhance your workouts with cutting-edge research and insight from experts

The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

The coconut oil craze is real. Here's why you'll want to get in on it ASAP.<p>"First it was coconut milk, then coconut water, and now coconut oil—and I think a big part of the recent popularity is that it's natural, not synthetic, which is so appealing," says Francesca Fusco, MD, a dermatologist at …

4 Food Rules For Strength Training

How your diet should (and shouldn't) change when you amp up your workout routine<p>When it comes to healthy eating for a fit and active lifestyle, certain facts are undeniable: Water is crucial, you can eat as many veggies as you want, and weight loss/maintenance is more a result of diet than …

5 Secrets to Using Your Time Wisely

<b>1) Schedule things that make you happy</b><p>You often schedule things that are “important”, but what about the things that make you happy? Activities on …

Time Management

Running and Walking on the Treadmill

An introduction to running or walking on the treadmill.<p>Not ready to step outside? Treadmills offer a safe, convenient way to get your workouts even when it’s dark, snowy, or dangerously hot out. And the music, the TVs, and the company of other people can make the miles roll by much easier.<p>Running …


50 Universal Truths That Will Make You More Successful

I've been a journalist for the better part of two decades and during that time I've interviewed and written about thousands of people in various stages of success, from billionaires to entrepreneurs launching startups (one while fighting brain cancer).<p>All of that has led me to conclude that there …

The Best Diets for 2015

Resolved to get back on the weight loss wagon? These three new plans promise to put an end to deprivation and the one-size-fits-all approach.<p><b>DIET #1: DETOX (FOOD</b>) <b>DELIVERED</b><p>DL REVAMP: If the thought of detoxing fills you with dread, this could be the program to win you over. The latest offering from …


Diet Weight Loss, Nutrition Tips and More

15 Essential Apps to Install on Your New iPad

This year the Festivus fairy dropped off a new iPad Air 2. Lucky you. On top of being an excellent piece of hardware, the iPad also offers the most …

Try This Simple Test Of Brain Health -- You Can Do It Standing On One Leg

Once in a while, brain research dishes out a simple, practical way to run a self-diagnostic test on your brain’s health. A recent study from Japanese researchers offers such a test, and it’s simple enough that almost everyone can give it a try. Here’s what you do: stand up, raise one leg in front …

5 Things The Richest Man In Asia, Li Ka-Shings, Wants Young Entrepreneurs To Know

The richest man in Asia built his fortune on a few basic principles that any young entrepreneur can take to heart.

Should I Stretch Before or After My Runs?

Neither, experts say. Or if you must, do it after your workout—not before.<p>You’ve seen the iconic image of a runner bent over and touching his toes. You’ve probably seen plenty of runners doing this before races. So it may surprise you to hear that this so-called static stretching—attempting to …


The First 21 Apps To Download For Your New iPhone 6

Every iPhone 6 comes with Apple's new iOS 8 mobile operating system pre-installed, which is capable of some great features like app extensions, widgets, and better-than-ever graphics.<p>We've collected the best apps to get your iPhone 6 ready for action.