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A Beginner's Guide to Astrophotography

At some point in time, almost every photographer will get the itch to try their hand at astrophotography. It could be that image of the Milky Way or …


Our Favorite Photos of This Week's Epic Supermoon

Last night, photographers around the world turned their cameras to the sky to capture the closest full moon—also known as a supermoon—since 1948. …


Superfriends Health PSA 1977

!!! | Features

“I would say this is actually the year I re-embraced rock,” says !!! frontman Nic Offer over a crystal-clear line from Japan. Perhaps not surprising …

Indie Music


The amazing psychedelic GIF art of Bill Tavis

His art is so mindblowing.<p>Some of the multicolor GIFs remind me of Huichol yarn/bead paintings, and peyote-stich beadwork of the Native American …


Let’s hope Apple car is as sleek as this sci-fi Chevy

Chevrolet has a concept car that looks like something Bat Man would drive. Except he wouldn’t drive it the scene of the crime. The car would drive him.<p>The FNR concept is a self-driving car that may never see the light of day. But for that day to come, developers must dream, and Chevy has put forth …

Polynomial -C

Artist's Dog Gets His Life Upgraded

If you're a dog and your human is an artist, then you've got a good chance of going on fantastic adventures. Rafael Mantesso's bull terrier knows …

Watch A Race Between A F1 Car, Motorcycle, And Supercar

Happy Friday.<p>http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--axAoHcII--/gxtdlez4juiyzacprg2l.gif<b>It feels like fodder</b> for stoned dorm room conversation, or weekend amusement in some eccentric billionaire's backyard.<p>Who would win in a race between a Formula 1 car, a supercar, and a motorcycle?<p>Top …

Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Artist Erdal Enci Clones Himself to Create Elaborate Choreographed GIFs | Colossal

<p>It’s been over a year since we last checked in with video artist Erdal Inci (previously) who clones multiple recordings of himself moving through …

Watch a Supercut of Every Samuel L. Jackson ‘Motherfu–er’ In a Movie

File this under “inevitable Internet gold”: <i>Huffington Post</i>‘s Ben Craw and Oliver Noble have put together an impressive, mind-boggling supercut of …


CRATERLAKEDay2 (22 of 23)_edited-1

CRATERLAKEDay2 (21 of 23)_edited-1

Rocky Mountain Runoff

Incredible Vortex Water Sculpture

Artist William Pye creates incredible artworks that are inspired by the natural world. He draws on his interests in water formations and geometry to form these amazing, almost magical, fluid sculptures. Named after the mythical siren, Charybdis, who was struck by Zeus and turned into a whirlpool …