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Finediningindian is created with a vision “To be the face of Finest Indian cuisine “. Through #finediningindian we are supporting great Indian Cooking to reach a worldwide popularity . we plan to achieve this by developing new cooking techniques & positive eating habits through Indian cuisine. we produce Finest Indian Food magazines, Indian cook books and Indian cooking Videos. Indian cuisine is blessed with wide range of cooking styles & ingredients . This may work as both Strength & Weakness. Our aim is to popularise indian cuisine change the myth of "old Fashioned Curry" & "mouth Firing Spicy Foods" Create a Modern Indian cuisine that stands for flavors ,simplicity,Freshness,wellness & easy to adapt . But on the go we are not compromising the authenticity and tradition of Indian cooking . We are Run by group of talented Indian Michelin starred chefs . Few appeared in Renowned BBC masterchef professionals and International Competition. https://finediningindian.com/category/recipes/

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