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It's Official: New Yorkers In 2020 Won't See Sunlight

A flurry of skyscrapers is planned for NYC. Unless you have millions to drop on a high-rise penthouse, prepare for imminent darkness.

New York City is in a real estate frenzy. In Manhattan, the skyline is rising higher and higher thanks to forthcoming projects by some of architecture's biggest …

New York City

Master The Art Of Social Storytelling With These 3 Lessons From StyleHaul's CEO

StyleHaul CEO Stephanie Horbaczewski has made social storytelling a pillar of her business. Here's how you can, too.

When we talked to her nearly three years ago, StyleHaul CEO Stephanie Horbaczewski was banking on a big investment: her own shoppable video player.

StyleHaul, the digital fashion and …


Vine Launches On Apple Watch

Vine is adding new functionality to its service, including an Apple Watch version.

Vine has introduced some new features to its iOS app that are designed to get users to watch more video. The new functionality lets users find more, related videos to watch by swiping left on a currently playing …

Apple News

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Surface Through Search In Early 2016

As of next year, fast-loading AMP pages—Google's version of Facebook's Instant Articles—will be viewable through Google Search.

Google is wasting no time in gearing up its open-source competitor to Facebook’s Instant Articles. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, which launched last month, …


First New York, Now Chicago: AltSchool Continues Its Rapid Expansion

In an exclusive interview, CEO Max Ventilla updates Fast Company on the micro-school startup's expansion plans.

Micro-school startup founder Max Ventilla has a big ambition. He wants AltSchool—an expanding network of project-based private schools—to have as big an impact on education as his former …

Private Schools

How Apple Pay Plans To Take On China

Apple is reportedly introducing its mobile payments service to China next year—but it faces stiff competition in Tencent and Alibaba.

Come next year, Apple intends to bring Apple Pay to China, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal. Apple has inked deals with China’s four largest …

Apple Pay

A Tea Set For The Internet Age

These surrealist ceramics only look normal when streamed over Skype.

Sit down to a breakfast served with Louisa Zahareas' Screen Mutation tableware, and you'll think you've landed in a Salvador Dali painting. The tea cup slants diagonally on a 30-degree angle, the cereal bowl melts into a puddle on …


Elon Musk Had A Snarky Reply To Jeff Bezos's First Tweet

After a successful rocket test, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos tweeted the good news—but SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had a few things to add.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Tuesday morning sent his very first tweet, which announced the successful launch and landing of a New Shepard rocket built by Bezos's space …

Elon Musk

Watch This "Van Gogh" Filter Turn A Time-Lapse Into An Impressionist Dream

A new experimental video filter turns photography into art.

Last September, we shared an experimental project that mashes up the work of famous artists—like Van Gogh and Picasso—with standard photo and video files shot by anyone. The results made it look like Instagram had instituted a Van Gogh …

Time-lapse Photography

How Digital Artist Cyriak Gave "W/ Bob & David" The Trippiest Opening Credits Ever

There's a reason the opening credits on "W/ Bob & David" are so nuts—they come from the delightfully warped perspective of Cyriak Harris.

At surface-level, the work of infinity-obsessed digital artist Cyriak Harris does not seem to have much in common with the pantheon-topping mid-90s sketch series, …

Bob Odenkirk

London Adds Walking Times To Its Tube Map

Would you take the train if you knew how close your destination was?

Today's Tube map for the London Underground is clear, obvious, and easy to use. Its semi-abstracted form has been adopted around the world to map subterranean subway tunnels. But it’s useless if you want to know how far apart the …


In Need Of Dead Animal Parts? You Can Borrow Them From Alaska's Public Library

Oh no, the polar bear paws are overdue again.

Alaskans with a library card can now check out moose antlers, stuffed fish, fur pelts, and all kinds of other dead animals. Visitors to the Alaska Resources Library and Information Services library enjoy an extended range of borrowing options over your …


Glue Marbles: The Dippin’ Dots Of Advanced Adhesives

What if glue wasn’t sticky until you wanted it to be?

We’ve all managed to somehow stick ourselves to a tube of superglue. Sometimes it costs us a little pride, other times, a little skin, but it always calls attention to how inherently difficult it is to handle a substance that’s designed to …

Take a Spiraling Journey Down The Rabbit Hole Of Human Consciousness

It'll be fun...

At the Ross School in East Hampton, students learn all of the typical subjects—math, science, history, literature—through an experimental curriculum designed to teach how human consciousness has evolved throughout history. It's the type of school that teaches media studies in …

Ancient History

Jeff Bezos's Rocket Company Just Came A Step Closer To Carrying Humans To Space

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the successful launch and landing of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket.

Between Boeing, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Xcor, and Blue Origin, the private space race is fully underway—and it appears that Jeff Bezos's space company, Blue Origin, is finally making some headway. …


New "Star Wars" Google Apps Ask You To Choose Between The Dark Side Or The Light

The Force Awakens in Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps and more.

There has been an awakening... in your Google apps. Have you felt it... in Google Maps, Gmail or Youtube? The Dark Side. And the Light. Now you can choose which path your Google life will take.

The company has launched Star …


Least Creative Thing Of The Day: Nazi Subway Trains For "The Man In The High Castle"

Grown-ups did this!

Here are some fictional groups of villains: The Empire, the Lannisters, the velociraptors from Jurassic World, the Beagle Boys, the Neologians, the First Order, and Hydra. Here's a real group of villains: Nazis. That seems intuitive, but the distinction between the two was …


A Convertible Tote To Offset Terrible Storage On Shared Bikes

Tote's amazing.

The virtues of bike sharing are great—hop on when you need one, cruise to your destination, park it when you're done, and forget about it. One of the challenges, however, is using one when you have bags in tow. The spartan racks on most bike shares are barely enough to hold something …

Mary Poppins

Ride-Hailing Services Like Uber Are Terrible For Disabled People

Less regulated companies can shirk disability laws that taxis must abide by.

Ride hailing apps are designed to be convenient, unless you use a wheelchair. While municipal transport systems add better and better access for disabled people, ride hailing services have no such obligations. The shame is …


Do It Different: Why Eugene Mirman Is The Stand-Up Who Always Stands Out

As he releases the mammoth 7LP set, I'm Sorry (You're Welcome), comedian Eugene Mirman talks about his nontraditional approach to performing.

The only thing certain at a Eugene Mirman show is that there's no telling what kind of show you're going to get. That's not to say Mirman's performances are …

Bob's Burgers

A Toilet Kit For The Developing World That Adapts Your Favorite "Position"

With a new toilet, local communities can decide for themselves whether they prefer to squat or sit.

Sit, squat, wipe, or bidet, people go to the toilet a lot of different ways, depending on local custom and economic circumstances. Which is why this new low-cost toilet is designed to be flexible. The …

Developing Countries

The Future Of Libraries Is Collaborative, Robotic, And Participatory

Libraries can survive these times of technological upheaval, but they're going to have to change—and fast.

To look at the state of many libraries after the recession, facing cuts and closures and fundamental questions about "relevance," you could be forgiven for being gloomy about their future. But …


How Netflix's "Jessica Jones" Captures The Comic It's Based On—And How It Doesn't

The Marvel/Netflix partnership got dark in its follow-up to Daredevil—but how does that fit with the initial tone of the character?

Netflix's new binge-worthy series, Marvel's Jessica Jones, has been captivating people all over social media (and in their living rooms, naturally) since its release at …


How To Future-Proof A Train System

There is still a lot of small-scale thinking in the train world. Andreas Vogler wants to change that.

It's well-documented that the United Kingdom's trains are overcrowded. Some regional lines are as much as 86% over capacity. Congestion plagues train systems all over the world from San Francisco to …


Inside Ikea's Innovation Lab For The Future Of Better Living

The open-source lab in Copenhagen will help Ikea come up with the catalog of 2026, not 2016.

Ikea usually keeps a close lid on what it is working on next. But with Space10, an innovation lab recently opened in Copenhagen's hip meatpacking district, Ikea is looking to change all that. The Swedish …


Planet Fitness Compares Your Gym To Competing In "The Hunger Games"

Because not everyone is training for a fight to the death.

The rise of fitness culture has no doubt improved the overall health of society, but it also has exposed the wide spectrum of what people consider fun and productive exercise. For some it's a mellow treadmill session while watching Gilmore …


Afraid Of DIY? These Kits Are Designed To Turn Anyone Into A Craftsperson

Get beyond Ikea, and make your own projects like a pro.

If you're convinced that you're not capable of building anything more complicated than a bookcase from Ikea—and possibly not even that—a new startup was created to prove you wrong.

"People naturally want to make things," says Taylor Sizemore, …


The Latest Breakthrough In Understanding Diabetes Was Made By An Algorithm

Researchers now believe there are three different kinds of type 2 diabetes—a result discovered with help from machines combing through reams of medical data.

With the cost to sequence a human genome dropping by the day and medical records finally going digital, public health experts are excited for …


Out Of Office With The Founder Of Ghana's Asheshi University

Patrick Awuah, a 2015 MacArthur Fellow, founded a university to educate Africa's future leaders. He also plays Words With Friends.

In September, the MacArthur Foundation awarded Patrick Awuah one of its "genius" fellowships for his work bringing higher education to Ghana. After attending college in …

College & University

How Facebook Keeps Scaling Its Culture

The company Mark Zuckerberg created now has 12,000 employees. But it's doing its best to keep on acting like a scrappy startup.

The most interesting thing about Facebook’s new headquarters in Menlo Park, California—humbly known as "Building 20," and connected to the nearby, ex-Sun Microsystems …