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Eyefluence: Why The Creator Of Livescribe Is Getting Into VR

Can you control computers with your eyes? The answer might change the way you do your job.

Jim Margraff isn’t your typical virtual reality CEO. The middle-aged Silicon Valley entrepreneur is best known as the creator of Livescribe, the "smart pen" that quickly built a cult following on college …


GOP Candidates: Senate Should Block Or Stall Obama Supreme Court Justice Selection

The process of replacing the ultra-conservative Supreme Court Justice will almost certainly be a rocky one during this election year.

The GOP presidential debate in South Carolina began with a moment of silence for Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed on early Saturday.

Following that, debate moderator …


The Passing Of Justice Scalia: What Happens Now?

President Obama will nominate the new Justice, but may face a tough confirmation fight with a GOP-controlled Senate.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died at 79, leaving a vacancy in the high court just as the country is in the process of choosing a new leader.

Justice Scalia, who was …

Constitutional Courts

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Found Dead

The 79-year-old was the longest-serving current Justice on the court.

Antonin Scalia, the longest-serving current Justice on the Supreme Court, died in his sleep last night after a day of quail hunting at a ranch outside of Marfa, Texas. The 79-year-old justice, who did not say he was feeling sick …

Antonin Scalia

Hunting For ET In The California Desert

In a remote California desert, NASA is perfecting technology that may help them find proof of life on Mars.

When the next Mars rover lands in 2020, one of its goals will be to see if the red planet's rocks are hiding proof of extraterrestrial microbes. NASA dreams of one day exploring the ice …


I Tried (And Failed) To Get eHarmony’s CEO To Use Tinder

"I’m tempted," said the good-spirited octogenarian, sitting with his wife of 57 years.

I was a little early for my date with Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the founder and CEO of eHarmony. Recently out of a long relationship and somewhat despairing over the feasibility of long-term partnership, I did not …


Hilarious Twitter Meme Makes A Comeback: #HealthPolicyValentines

It's that time again for the health industry's nerdiest tweetfest.

In 2012, a government employee (_@emma_sandoe) came up with the idea for an extremely nerdy Internet meme: #healthpolicyvalentines. Health policy wonks loved it, and immediately flocked to Twitter to share their Valentine's Day …


Find A Bug In A Tesla? You Could Get A Reward.

Companies like Tesla and Fitbit are offering cash rewards to non-employees who find security flaws.

It's one of the biggest threats to the Internet of Things: Bugs.

The rise of omnipresent computers in cars and home appliances will transform the way we live, but many of those devices are increasingly …


The Best Visualization Of The Gravitational Waves Discovery Yet

Who had the clearest explanation of this groundbreaking science news? For our money, it was PHD Comics.

You've probably heard the news that's rocking the science world: yesterday, researchers from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) announced that they had detected …

Albert Einstein

This Greeting-Card Superstar Is Ditching Pen And Ink For The iPad Pro

For Leendert Jan Vis, digital art isn't about perfection—it's about spontaneity.

You probably don't recognize the name of Dutch artist Leendert Jan Vis, but an awful lot of people enjoy his work every day. Over the past three decades, his cheerful and quirky animals have appeared on over 250 million …


What If The Web Existed In 1973? New York Mag Flashes Back For HBO's "Vinyl"

Homepage takeover includes original articles from the '70s on Atlantic Records, the drug war, Wolfman Jack, and more.

Readers of New York mag are being temporarily shot through a time-warp this weekend thanks to a marketing partnership between the mag and HBO's new 1970s-era show Vinyl. It's almost as …

New York City

How Steve Wozniak Brought A Comic Con To Silicon Valley

From the Homebrew Computer Club to the US Festival to his new project, Apple's cofounder has been a community builder for decades.

If you were starting an event that sat at the intersection of technology and pop culture, you could scarcely imagine a better founding myth than one involving an …

Steve Wozniak

The Future Of Dining? A Tiny Chef Climbs Onto Your Plate To Serve Dessert

Just be careful where you stick that fork, sir!

Why we find tiny chefs like Pillsbury's Doughboy and Ratatouille’s Remy so adorable, I do not know. (Seriously, who really wants a gelatinized pile of flour or a rat cooking your meal?) But the great tradition of tiny chefs is going nowhere, as the …


American Airlines Will Now Push Passengers To Book Uber Rides From The Airport

Uber and American Airlines are partnering for door-to-door travel.

American Airlines announced a new partnership with ride-hailing app Uber that will encourage travelers to book a ride home from the airport.

When an American Airlines customer purchases a flight online, they will have the option to …


Watch 1,400 Workers Lose Their Jobs At Once—Because Their Jobs Are Going To Mexico

The global economy hits home, and it's not pretty.

Recently, workers at an Indianapolis plant operated by Carrier, an air-conditioning manufacturer, came to work like any other day. Except it wasn't like any other day. Instead, they got to hear a speech explaining that they were losing their jobs …


Check Out Aziz Ansari And Eric Wareheim's Fake '90s Sitcom "Big Bud Lil Bud"

Master of None would have been a pretty solid fit in a '90s sitcom lineup, apparently.

Aziz Ansari proved that he could fit any number of ideas into a sitcom. In the first season of Master of None (which was just renewed for a second season), the topics that Ansari and his cast and crew found the …

Aziz Ansari

How Well Do You Know The News? Take The Fast Company Quiz

What happened this week? Here's our quiz for February 12, 2016.

Did you follow the news this week? Research says that one of the best ways to solidify new information is to be tested on it. Here's a chance to bolster your knowledge of current events—and earn a special emoji badge.


Excelsior Decoration: See The Interiors Of Superhero Homes In Illustrated Posters

This artist is giving you a peak at the interior life of superheroes with a stylishly illustrated glimpse inside some of their homes.

A person's home might reveal everything there is to know about them. Relationship status, bank balance, personal hygiene, organizational prowess, taste in art, the …


OK Go Frontman Damian Kulash On Being "That Video Band"

On a week that saw the band's most ambitious video yet send them into sub-orbit, Kulash reflects on how to keep the creative juices flowing.

"The question I think you’re sort of dancing around is, ‘Does it suck to be those guys in that video band, and nobody pays attention to the music anymore?’" …


Quartz's New App Is Like Giving Your Number To The Wrong Dude At The Club

Quartz is typing...

Quartz, the so-called future of news apps, is typing. And typing. And typing.

Like a hyperventilating tweenager venting through an interminable iMessage screed, Quartz is sending me a flurry of one sentence messages, emoji, and animated GIFs, desperately trying to engage me in a …

Kanye West

How This Lung-On-A-Chip Could Help Asthma Patients Breathe Easier

Medical testing on humans is difficult and expensive. Testing on mice isn't very accurate. What if we had miniature replicas of human organs to use instead?

For most asthma sufferers, today’s inhaler drugs are helpful at calming attacks. But for about 10 to 15% of patients who have severe asthma, …


Dear Silicon Valley: There Are No Shortcuts In Health Care

What do Theranos, 23andMe, and Zenefits have in common? These well-hyped companies failed to meet regulatory requirements.

In 2013, 23andMe got slapped by federal regulators for failing to respond to emails. In 2015, the much-hyped biotech startup Theranos was cited by the feds for serious …

Silicon Valley

Researchers Find A Crack That Drains Supposedly Secure Bitcoin Wallets

"Brain wallets" were designed to be so safe you could store them in plain sight on the Internet. Wrong!

It's always a pain to memorize a password. This is why we so often choose weak ones. A technique used for protecting bitcoin wallets (called a "brain wallet") seemed to offer a workaround. You use …


Stuck Inside? These Rugs Bring A Lush Forest Floor Into Your Home

Artist Alexandra Kehayoglou cuts one ravishing rug.

Can't wait for winter to thaw out? Buenos Aires–based artist Alexandra Kehayoglou may be able to put a little spring in your step with rugs that mimic a verdant forest floor.

Kehayoglou comes from a family of carpet makers and hand tufts her carpets …


Behind The "We Trust Women" Campaign Seeking To Overturn Archaic U.K. Abortion Laws

The powerful new campaign asks, "Does a more out-dated, patriarchal, Victorian law exist in Britain today than this?"

It is a less than well-known fact that abortion is still illegal in the U.K. The reality is Victorian-era laws remain in force and a woman who ends her own pregnancy could face life …


Inspired By Palm Trees, These Wind Turbines Bend And Fold Away During Hurricanes

Their durability could generate more energy at a lower cost.

Palm trees survive in very windy conditions by bending over almost 90 degrees to the ground. Their durability lies in the segmentation of their trunks. And now this feature is inspiration for another kind of very tall object: an enormous …

University of Virginia

London's Garden Bridge Is Exposing The Messy Business Of Architecture Competitions

Allegations of unethical dealings and a rigged procurement process are plaguing the once-celebrated project.

This week, Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) President Jane Duncan called for an immediate halt to construction of a tree-lined pedestrian bridge in London. Her claim? The …


How The "Deadpool" Writers Delivered The Deadpool Of Every Fan’s Dreams

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick talk about working with Ryan Reynolds to make the long-gestating film uncompromisingly, definitively Deadpool.

It takes supreme humility to forego traditional writing credits for the film you wrote. Or it would, at least, if you didn’t instead bill yourself and your …


Why Should The 99% Care What The 1% Are Thinking?

Why should any regular folks care what happens at wealthy meet-and-greets like Davos?

Last month, leaders from across the globe met in Davos, Switzerland to participate in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) conference on finance and the global economy. Drawing more than 40 heads of state this year, …


GE Gets Unimpossible, Shock Top Reviews Super Bowl Ads: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Kevin Hart is petite for Foot Locker, young athletes inspire for Samsung, and Brooks jogs with the undead.

If we're all being honest here, I'm going to come out and say I missed Newcastle this Super Bowl. The meta-ad attitude, frolicking in the ridiculousness of the big game hype, the millions …