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Do You Know Who Builds Your Design? Here’s Why You Should | Co.Design

Take the 6.6 million-square-foot Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar. It was designed by HOK, a firm with offices in nearly two dozen cities. Its construction manager, Bechtel, is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Buro Happold, the engineer, is based in the United Kingdom. The …


How Neuroscience Might Help The San Francisco Giants Win The World Series | Fast Company

By Daniel Terdiman03.29.17 | 9:00 am<p>The next time a San Francisco Giant hits a game-winning home run or turns a great double play to end a rival’s rally, you may be able to thank neuroscience.<p>Today, Halo Neuroscience, a San Francisco startup that’s developed a device aimed at boosting the …


How Google Branded Tech’s Next Big Paradigm | Co.Design

By Mark Wilson03.29.17 | 8:30 am<p>Facebook called it “the Oculus,” a throwback to ancient, Byzantine architecture. HTC chose “the Vive,” the sort of pseudo-word that sounds like it was born from a New York ad agency.<p>But Google? Google named its virtual reality headset “Daydream.” And in doing so, it …

Virtual Reality

With “Icons,” Legion M Is Creating Pop-Culture Time Capsules And Pushing VR’s Limits | Fast Company

By Susan Karlin03.29.17 | 8:00 am<p>A tangle of cables slithers from a monitoring station in the garage of a house atop Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, up a narrow staircase brimming with artifacts and tchotchkes from an adventured life, and into a room overtaken by stereoscopic cameras, ambisonic sound …

Virtual Reality

This Tech Platform Is The Backbone Of The Anti-Trump Organizing Efforts | Fast Company

“I wish that the end of the march event was stronger,” Getsos says. “And I wish that we had a plan to keep our structures in place.”<p>This year, when the People’s Climate March descends on Washington, D.C., on April 29, it will have such a plan in place. The march organizers are making use of a tech …


This Is How To Get Hired At Facebook | Fast Company

By Lydia Dishman03.29.17 | 5:43 am<p>It’s no surprise that a lot of people dream of landing a job at Facebook. The social network’s massive reach means employees get to work on something that potentially affects billions of people. The company has also consistently placed high on the rankings of best …


How Asana Built The Best Company Culture In Tech | Fast Company

By Taylor Lorenz03.29.17 | 5:37 am<p>Tech culture has the reputation for long hours, intense competition, and little time for reflection.<p>But Asana, a workplace-productivity management company founded by former Facebookers and Googlers, couldn’t be further from this stereotype.<p>The company is built on …

The Workplace

Three Reliable Leadership Lessons I Keep Going Back To In Uncertain Times | Fast Company

In good times and bad, I remind myself that holding onto negative emotions won’t help–it’ll just chase away potential collaborators, mentors, partners, and others.<p>If change is embedded in everything you do already, then adapting to a period of turmoil won’t seem like such a foreign concept.


Apple’s Augmented Reality Debut Will Look More Like “Pokémon” Than Magic Leap | Fast Company

Creative Strategies president and long-time Apple analyst Tim Bajarin also believes Apple AR will start in the phone: “Their entry into AR will most likely be through the iPhone in terms of the way they use their dual cameras and AI to deliver AR functionality to the iPhone via the iOS …

Augmented Reality

If You Use Public Transit When You’re Young, You’re Less Likely To Drive Later | Fast Company

In a recent study, researchers tested whether past experience with good public transit makes a difference when someone moves to a place where the nearest bus stop might be inconveniently located or a local subway line might not exist. The answer: it does, and that past experience can have as much …


Bluetooth Trackers And The Race To Help You Find Your Stuff | Fast Company

By Jared Newman03.28.17 | 12:30 pm<p>Over coffee in downtown Cincinnati, TrackR president and cofounder Christian Smith pulls out a Cross pen that seems heftier than usual. Besides ink, it also houses a battery and Bluetooth chip that can communicate with smartphones, which helps prevent the $250 …


Large-Scale Energy Storage Is The (Virtual) Power Plant Of The Future | Fast Company

Con Ed organized an auction for “demand response capacity” and awarded contracts to a variety of energy storage and efficiency startups. It reasoned that, if it could cut the amount of power high-users were taking off at certain times of the day, it could reduce the need to build out the network. …

Energy Storage

Chris Berka’s Lifelong Quest To Make Consciousness Visible | Fast Company

By Adam Piore03.28.17 | 12:00 pm<p>The first time Chris Berka watched her brainwaves changing in front of her, it transformed her life.<p>Berka was a psychology major at Ohio State when she took a job in an Electroencephalography (EEG) lab. As part of her initiation, colleagues affixed a net of …

The Brain

This Groundbreaking Amphibious Prosthetic Leg Is Actually An Ad For Healthcare | Fast Company

What we didn’t find out in this earlier story is that The Fin is actually a brand marketing project created for Northwell Health by agency JWT New York.<p>The development of this new amphibious prosthetic was spearheaded by JWT New York and Northwell Health’s venture arm, Northwell Ventures, which …

Health Care

A Legendary Artist’s 50-Year Project To Create Overwhelming Silence | Co.Design

Now, the immersive installation has finally been brought to life in a physical installation, with the Guggenheim opening <i>PSAD Synthetic Desert III</i> to the public last week. Tucked away in the museum’s sixth-floor gallery, Wheeler’s room is covered in white foam cones that make up a surreal and serene …


The Big Business Of Bridge Lights | Co.Design

<b>Big River Crossing</b>. [Photo: Darius Kuzmickas/courtesy Philips Lighting]<p>“Lights are energy,” Kane says, “and the LED lighting has given new energy and animation to the downtown and riverfront area.” Before the $12 million display–installed by Philips Lighting and financed by an anonymous …

Urban Planning

How Restaurants Use Big Data To Learn More About Their Customers | Fast Company

The company offers a product called GuestCenter, which is more or less a cloud dashboard for restaurants. It lets them keep track of table availability, which servers are working which parts of the restaurant–and, increasingly, offers plenty of insights into their customers’ eating habits and …


This Is What a Creative Hackathon For Resisting Trump Looks Like | Fast Company

By Joe Berkowitz03.28.17 | 9:00 am<p>It’s hard to choose a favorite. Maybe yours is the sign with the words “We Shall Overcomb” floating atop that familiar, impossible, hay-colored hairflap. Perhaps it’s the one with the number 45 twisted into a swastika, like a freak show contortionist. Most people …


It Only Took 5,000 Years, But The Flip-Flop Is Finally Getting Smarter | Fast Company

That hasn’t stopped the founders of fast-growing brand Hari Mari from trying to push things forward. Today, they’re launching a new line of high-tech flip flops that will allow the brand to continue its relationship with the wearer long after they’ve purchased the product. The footwear will be …


A $2.6 Million Bet To Turn Your Home Into A Giant Screen | Co.Design

The technology enables a projector to wrap an image across a 3D environment like a pixelated skin. Perhaps you remember a Microsoft project called Illumiroom, which stretched your TV to become the size of a wall. Or maybe RoomAlive rings a bell, which turned 3D spaces into giant, glowing touch …

Augmented Reality

Facebook’s Snapchat Envy Shows In Its New Stories And Camera | Fast Company

The insta-success of Instagram Stories helped give the company the confidence to bring many of the same ideas into Facebook.


Secrets Of A Professional Pub Designer | Co.Design

That’s because each of these Irish pubs—located respectively in Kansas City, Missouri; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Cornelius, North Carolina; and Morton, Illinois—were all designed by the same company: the Irish Pub Company. For the past 27 years, the Dublin-based firm has exported the architecture and …


Ikea’s Next Big Frontier | Co.Design

This impressive dimmer is part of Ikea’s new Trådfri line. Comprised of roughly a dozen products, many of which seem to stem from Ikea’s 2014 investment in Scotland’s Design LED Products, the line includes LED bulbs and light panels that operate on the Zigbee smart home standard, which uses …


Can Red Bull Make Social Entrepreneurship An Extreme Sport? | Fast Company

Shortly after graduating, the 21-year-old dreamer ran into a classic problem with that kind of blue-sky thinking: Making the product both quickly and cost-effectively was tough. Finding investors willing to help her was even tougher. So in 2014, with little more than a prototype in hand, Kgatlhanye …

Social Entrepreneurship

Could Working Remotely Be As Bad For Your Health As Smoking? | Fast Company


How To Prepare For Your Dream Career While You’re In The Job You Have Now | Fast Company

Use your current role as a springboard to your next big opportunity with this six-step approach.<p>What are the skills you’ll need for your wish-list job? You might assume what they are, but a better course of action is to seek out those people doing the job and ask them, suggests Rebecca Zucker, a …


Lowe’s Efforts To Retool Its Stores May Backfire, Say Employees | Fast Company

By Michelle Lewis03.28.17 | 5:00 am<p>One of the few bright spots in the retail sector is home improvement, with giants like Lowe’s and Home Depot opening dozens of new stores and touting strong earnings that beat expectations in the fourth quarter. To better prepare for a future dominated by online …

Home Depot

Brainstorming Doesn’t Work–Try These Three Alternatives Instead | Fast Company

Traditional brainstorming is time-bound in a way that our brains’ natural creative flow is not.<p>[Walking is] the “Goldilocks” amount of physical effort that it takes to oxygenate your brain without your muscles needing to pull in too much oxygen themselves.


Deconstructing A Scene: “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” | Fast Company


Gwyneth Paltrow Wants To Put Her Goop Inside You | Fast Company

Goop Wellness sold over $100,000 worth of merchandise just on launch day.<p>“I somehow ‘break the internet.’”<p>You can debate alternative wellness all you want, but there is undoubtedly a strong market for it out there.

Gwyneth Paltrow