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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on his faith

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

What in the World: A carbon tax


Fareed's Take: Cheap oil and the petro-states


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Trump's Muslim ban

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Agus: Big data could be a health care game-changer

Health Care

David Frum on Rubio's path to success

David Frum

From Iran to Nigeria, cheap oil means perilous politics

One of Donald Trump’s stock campaign lines is that the Iran nuclear agreement was “terrible.” I’m beginning to wonder whether that’s true, but from the other side. Iran has ended up with a much worse deal than it expected. Remember, Tehran entered the negotiations in the heady days of high oil …


On GPS: How to stop the next pandemic


Last Look: Antiquated voting machines


On GPS: The story of an attempted "honor killing"

Honor Killing

Trudeau on keeping Canada safe AND inclusive


Why the Right Went Wrong: ConservatismFrom Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond Hardcover – January 19, 2016


Ranks #1 across Cable News in Weekend Total Day and Prime in Demo

CNN Special Events Programming Tops Competition

January was another strong month for CNN with the network kicking off the year ranking #2 in cable news and growing double-digits vs a year ago. For the month, CNN ranked #2 in cable news …


What in the World: France, the entrepreneurial nation


Fareed's Take: Dual revolts in the Republican Party

Republican Party

GPS Web Extra: Canada's PM on falling oil prices

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tells Fareed that the country doesn't have to make a choice between the environment and economy.


Masoud on the Egyptian state's repression rationale


Trudeau on his campaign's progressive agenda

Justin Trudeau

Last Look: Anthropocene


Netanyahu hopes he's wrong about Iran


Fareed's Take: The strength of chaotic U.S. campaigns

Fareed gives his take on why the chaos and turmoil in the 2016 presidential campaign actually showcases the country's adaptive, open nature.

Time Warner

How the GOP’s dishonesty led to the rise of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

To understand why the current conservative crack-up so confounds the Republican establishment, you have to recognize that the party is facing two separate but simultaneous revolts: one led by Ted Cruz, the other by Donald Trump.

The first is well described by E.J. Dionne Jr. in his important new …

Ted Cruz

What in the World: A cashless future


GPS Web Extra: Tunisia, the Arab Spring's success story

Cairo-based journalist Leila Fadel and Harvard professor Tarek Masoud tell Fareed why Tunisia's democratic revolution succeeded when so many others failed.

Arab Spring

GPS Web Extra: Trudeau on Canada's role fighting ISIS

Will Canada withdraw its military combat against ISIS? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada will end air strikes but support local efforts against ISIS.

Justin Trudeau

Fareed Zakaria Opens Wine Just Because

You used to write a wine column for Slate, quite a departure from foreign affairs and politics. How did that start?
My first boss at The New Republic, Mike Kinsley, was starting up Slate magazine [in 1996] and asked me if I would write a column on foreign affairs. But I had just agreed to write a …