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On GPS: Trump's relations with China, North Korea

Former Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski praises Trump for a more stable relationship with China, but says he is mishandling the North Korea crisis.

North Korea

Trump is in deep with Saudi Arabia. That’s dangerous.

LONDON — President Trump gave a speech this week grading his Asia trip. Not surprisingly, he thought it was a “tremendous success.” “Our great country is respected again in Asia,” he tweeted. All recent polling data from the region suggests the opposite. A core focus of Trump’s trip was Japan and …

Middle East

WITW: Why the GOP tax plan isn't like Reagan's

What in the World: Fareed explains how Republicans are squandering a golden opportunity to reform America's bloated tax code.


Fareed's Take: Saudi Strongman

Fareed gives his take on the Saudi Crown Prince's anti-corruption arrests, and how they play into the standard operating procedure for consolidating power.

Middle East

Fareed's Take: Spread of Islamist extremism

How does radical Islamic extremism spread? Fareed explains the role of corruption, poverty, and exported Saudi ideology.


Fareed's Take: China's rise

Fareed gives his take on China's historic Party Congress, where President Xi Jinping positioned his nation as the world's rising superpower.


Fareed's Take: Gun violence & mental health

After the Vegas massacre, Fareed says blaming mental illness for mass shootings in the U.S. is a dodge, and calls for stronger gun control measures.

Gun Control

Turkey's Gulen responds to 2016 coup allegation

After Turkey's 2016 coup attempt, the government blamed U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen and demanded his extradition. He responded in an interview on GPS.


GPS Web Extra: Turkish PM on joining EU

Does Turkey, which borders both Europe & Asia, still plan to join the European Union? Fareed asks Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.


GPS Web Extra: Turkey is key to Mideast peace

Turkey's PM Binali Yildirim tells Fareed why the nation - which borders Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Europe - is vital to maintaining regional peace and security.


On GPS: Did Turkey work with Flynn?

Turkish PM admits he expected the White House to extradite the cleric blamed for Turkey's 2016 coup attempt but denies he worked with Michael Flynn to do so.


Strongmen have a new playbook for consolidating power

The news out of Saudi Arabia has been startling. A country famous for its stability to the point of stagnation is watching a 32-year-old crown prince arrest his relatives, freeze their bank accounts and dismiss them from key posts. But on closer examination, it should not be so surprising. Mohammed …


What in the World: A deadly pollution problem

How deadly is pollution? Fareed digs into the data to reveal the costs of dirty air, water and soil: 9 million deaths and $4.6 trillion.

Turner Broadcasting

Also joining me live Sunday 10a/1p ET on CNN, to discuss NYC attack, terrorism, + Mueller investigation: Gen. Michael Hayden, @PreetBharara

The cancer of Islamist extremism spreads around the world

SINGAPORE<p>This week’s tragic terrorist attack in New York was the kind of isolated incident by one troubled man that should not lead to generalizations. In the 16 years since 9/11, the city has proved astonishingly safe from jihadist groups and individuals. And yet, speaking about it to officials in …


In @FareedZakaria’s take this week, he explains the significance of China signaling that it now sees itself as the world's other superpower. https://t.co/jcBYWcf0ub

Larry Summers on Trump's tax plan

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers tells Fareed why he thought Trump's tax plan is actually based on "dishonest" analysis.