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Elegant 3 in 1 Modular Sofa Helping You Deal With Small Spaces

Designing for a small space is becoming more and more accessible, as practical solutions emerge without compromising in aesthetics. <b>Sofista</b> is a …

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10 Unique and Creative Kitchens

You've never seen a design like this before.<p>From a kitchen in a barn to one designed completely in steel, you've never seen a kitchen like this before.

How To Choose a Sofa: 50 Designer Tips

Everything you need to know.<p>Everything you need to know about sofas in one place. Experts such as Windsor Smith, Barbara Barry, and Steven Gambrel share how deep a sofa should be, which style goes with which, how to select pattern, and more.

12 Next-Level Closets for Your Dream House

Who wouldn't want a champagne bar at-the-ready for a night out?<p>There are walk-ins and then there are these beauties that redefine what it means to own a luxury closet. The only problem? You'll be left full of envy after taking a peek at these rooms, which feature museum-quality shoe storage and a …

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Why You Shouldn't Neglect Your Hallway

Do the hallways in your home call for their own identities? Scroll down for visual inspiration.<p><b>Are you for bold or neutral hallways? Tell us below!</b>

Our Favorite Classic Kitchens

The first question you might have after reading the title of this post is: “What is a classic kitchen?” I thought a lot about what makes a kitchen …

Why Blue and White Will Never Go Out of Style

A fresh take on a classic color combo.<p>With a rich range of hues, this classic combination looks fresher than ever. In this Greenwich, Connecticut, house, Lee Ann Thornton created a coastal and classic look with blue and white.

Your Favorite Rooms of the Week

See what's trending on Pinterest.<p>See what's popular on our Pinterest boards for the week of August 18, 2014. Follow us on Pinterest for more decor inspiration.

9 Brilliant Decorating Ideas for Your Bookshelves

Add some excitement to your shelves with these ideas.<p>Add some excitement to your shelves with these ideas.

8 Jaw-Dropping Furniture Makeovers

Nancy Chua and Marcos Rodriguez, the duo behind family-owned Vintage Rehabs specialize in the restoration of vintage and antique furniture. Here, we take a look at some of the cherished pieces they've given new life.<p>Nancy Chua and Marcos Rodriguez, the duo behind family-owned Vintage Rehabs …

20 Aesthetic and Family-Friendly Backyard Ideas

No matter how big or small your backyard is right now, it probably has the potential to be one of your family’s favorite hangout spots. You don’t …


These Two Words Ruin Diets, Savings, And Long-Term Goals

As in, I ran two miles, <i>I deserve</i> a few scoops of ice cream.<p>I saved so much on those two books, <i>I deserve</i> a third.<p>I worked all day, <i>I deserve</i> to not wash the dishes.<p>Psychologists call this self-sabotaging behavior <i>moral licensing</i>: you give yourself permission to do something "bad" because you've been …


4 Simple Words That Have A Powerful Impact On Your Career

No matter how hard they can be to say, four simple words, used correctly and with the right intent, can make a powerful impact on your profession, your life... and especially on other people.<p>Here's how. When you need help, just say these four words:<p><b>"Can you help me?"</b><p>And then pause for a moment. …

Body Language

6 Ways To Make Your Resume Instantly Stand Out

The result? I found five people who, on initial review, seemed to meet the qualifications of the job. That's an average of about one resume per minute. Actually, 70% to 80% of the resumes got less than 20 seconds, and only the most interesting ones got a minute or more.<p>This is typical for …


25 Horrible Things That Happen If You Don't Get Enough Sleep

Almost 40% of Americans get less than 7 hours of sleep a night, a recent Gallup poll found, and an estimated 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder.<p>Everyone knows that it's important to get enough sleep — but you may not realize just how many things can go wrong when you don't.<p>Here are <b>25</b> …

Immune System

15 Surprising Tips For Standing Out At Work

But when it comes to standing out, we've heard the same advice over and over: take initiative, help others, get involved.<p>It's time to freshen up that list. We uncovered 15 surprising and unconventional strategies you can use to take your reputation from lackluster to brilliant:<p><b>1. Be productive, not</b> …

Time Management

What 13 Successful People Read Before Bed

For many CEOs, execs, and other high achievers, the day begins extremely early and is crammed with emails, meetings, and events. But the evenings can be a time to unwind. And for those who love to read, there's no better time to pick up a book or magazine.<p>We combed through interviews to find the …


How Google Grades Employees, And How You Can Use The Same System At Your Company

OKR is a simple system that helps a company organize and execute its goals. It starts at the top, and travels down the chain of command within a company. Google didn't invent the OKR system. It came from Intel. And many other companies use a similar system.<p>A few years ago, Google Ventures partner …


11 Personal Finance Books Everyone Should Read Before Turning 30

But not all advice is created equal. When you're in your 20s, you want easy-to-read books that will teach you the foundations of investing, the best way to budget for major purchases down the road, and how to finally pay off those student loans.<p>To help narrow down the choices and find the best …

Personal Finance

Why Failing To Set Short-Term Goals Is A Recipe For Disaster

But according to Jody Greenstone Miller, CEO and co-founder of the Business Talent Group, failing to set specific, short-term targets can derail your project and overwhelm your team.<p>In an interview with The New York Times, Miller said that when she first started her company, she was afraid to put …


Why Great Teams Need Drivers, Not Passengers

The CEO of WomanCare Global, a nonprofit health-care products provider, tells the New York Times that she approaches building a staff as creating "a family unit." So far, she considers that critical to her success as a leader.<p>"I believe that people who work for me feel that no matter what, I will …

Health Care

3 Risks Of Not Tracking Your Progress

Psychologists in England call this "The Ostrich Problem." That's when people, afraid of learning bad news, avoid information about their progress (or lack thereof).<p>A recent post by Christian Jarrett on 99u.com describes the Ostrich Problem and outlines the risks of falling prey to it. Leaders …

Will Power

The Surprising Benefits Of Having An 'Optimism Bias'

"Humans," she writes, "do not hold a positivity bias on account of having read too many self-help books. Rather, optimism may be so essential to our survival that it is hardwired into our most complex organ, the brain."<p>Sharot argues the root of optimism starts with mental time travel.<p>Close your …


Here's What Consultants Actually Do All Day

The big firms — Bain, McKinsey, Deloitte, and others — are well known, but few people seem to have a basic understanding of what, exactly, it is that consultants do all day.<p>To find out, we talked to Tim Tierney, a third-year consultant at Deloitte in Boston, who took us through his typical Monday …

Monaco Grand Prix

The Origin of the 8 Hour Work Day and Why We Should Rethink It

One of the most unchanged elements of our life today is our optimal work time or how long we should work -- generally, every person I've spoken to quotes me something close to 8 hours a day.<p>And data seems to confirm that: The average American works 8.8 hours every day. At least, those are the …

Time Management