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Big Data: ask the right questions

The Big Data phenomenon has reached a reality that is often baffling to the amount of information to be managed, and what for us today is called …

Creativity, Innovation and the "Included Middle" logic

The pressure of the post-modernism is establishing its bases on our general lack of ability to overcome a number of dualisms that have become …

The apologue of the transdisciplinary banquet

<b>ONE</b> (<i>multi</i>)<p>One day Mr Hardmeat, a wealthy industrialist and leader of a large company, decided to offer a sumptuous banquet to his friends. To ensure …

Enterprise Innovation in a Transformative Society

Recent article by professors Karim Lakhani and Marco Iansiti on the Harvard Business Review, “<i>Digital Ubiquity: How Connection, Sensors and Data are</i> …

Filling old bottles with new wine

“<i>They are filling old bottles with new wine!</i>” This is what the physicist Werner Heisenberg heard exclaiming by his friend and colleague Wolfgang …

Roundtable: new horizons open to Transdisciplinarity

On November 22nd, the opening ceremony of the academic year 2014-15 of Centro Studi Mythos, (Institute of Analytical Psychology and Symbolic …

Transdisciplinarity: innovating rediscovering the man

<b>1. The illusion of the knowledge Big Bang</b><p>In the Middle Ages, at the creation of the first university institutions, Sciences were included in the …