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ResQte Of The Week: Dateline, Ft. Worth Texas!

Spread the Cute:<p>Check this out. An 80 year old retiree by the name of Eugene Bostick has been taking in strays,along with his brother Corkey. The …

These Loaded Peanut Butter Brownies Are About To Rock Your World

Summer is over, and we've got HALLOWEEN on the brain here at Brit + Co! Well, Halloween candy, to be exact ;) If you're craving something sweet, you've come to the right place. We're showing you how to make Loaded Peanut Butter Brownies. These chocolate treats are packed with Reese's Peanut Butter …

9 tripped-out sci-fi technologies in 'The Martian' that NASA really uses

The movie is based on the best-selling recent novel by Andy Wier and explores the story of Mark Watney, a man marooned on Mars, and his struggle to survive.<p>While the premise is science fiction, much of the NASA equipment and technology featured in the film is scientifically accurate.<p>Here's a …

Space Science

The 25 Biggest Video Games Coming in Fall 2015

SOMA<p>You’re inside an underwater research facility, overrun by you’ll-just-have-to-see-for-yourself, spawned from the minds of the studio that gave us …

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Genovation GXE Corvette EV Debuts At The Battery Show 2015

— Sean Szymkowski<p>Sean is a lead staff writer for GM Authority. The words above are fueled by passion and large amounts of caffeine. Find him on …

Sports Cars

23 Photos That Prove Pug Shaming Is The Best Kind Of Dog Shaming

Because who couldn't forgive a face like that?

20 Bad Dogs Being Shamed With Signs | Pleated Jeans

Dog Shaming is a blog that showcases bad dogs who have been forced to pose with a sign that has their misdeeds written on them. Here are the biggest …

Because You Don't Have A Dog: Bad Dice Shaming

Remember the dog shaming trend where people would take a picture of their dog with a note explaining what the dog did wrong? That's the kind of shit …

14 Hilarious Dog Shaming Photos

Dogs can be so naughty sometimes. Combine the behavior with their curiosity and playful natures and it means dog shaming photos are here to stay! …

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She's crazy

She's crazy

10 Dogs Who Had A Blast At Their Owners' Weddings [PICTURES]

There are a few obvious perks to having a dog in your wedding party: They always get the dress code right, they look adorable in pictures, and they probably love you a whole lot more than your mother-in-law's mahjong friends.<p>Sydney-based photographer Katie Preston Toepfer was early to catch onto …


An Artist Is Photoshopping Pictures Of Dogs To Find Them A Home

Sarolta Bán, we salute you.

Of Course You Want to Look at Pictures from a Dog Surfing Competition. Who Are You Kidding?

There's even a video. Quit lying to yourself.<p><b>Do not pretend like you're above this,</b> people. If you saw about 50 real-life moondoggies surfing, you would stop to sponge up the remains of your melted, sandy heart. And that's exactly what photographer Nathan Rupert had to contend with this weekend …


Thousands Of People Are Posting Pictures Of Their Dogs On Facebook To Cheer Up An Arizona Teen With Cancer

However, therapy dogs can't visit every day, so two family friends decided to do something to cheer Lyons up and let him see dogs whenever he wants to.<p>Roberta Lucero-Koron and Ro Joe created a Facebook event called Photo Doggies for Anthony. The page, which is no longer available, let family, …


A Photographer Is Helping Shelter Dogs Get Adopted With These Adorable Pictures

A struggling animal rescue center in Oroklini, Cyprus is getting donations and adoptions thanks to Stuart Holroyd's photography skills.

Controversy After Famed Hollywood Director Posts Picture Online Cuddling Dog Before Its Death

Hollywood director Kevin Smith became the subject of controversy Wednesday after posting a photograph showing him cuddle his dog in the final hours before its death.<p>Smith posted the picture to update his fans on the poor condition of his dog Mulder’s health, explaining later that “folks who follow” …


We Let A Bunch Of Dogs Decide Who Will Win Best Picture At The 2015 Oscars

Experts have already made their predictions for who will win Best Picture at the 2015 Oscars this year. But who wants to listen to them when we could let some adorable (and some adoptable!) four-legged friends do the honors instead? <i>Trust dogs, not people, people.</i><p>With help from The Dogist, aka …

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