Eureka Street

5 Flips | 1 Magazine | 2 Followers | @EurekaStreet | Eureka Street is a publication of the Australian Jesuits. It existed as a monthly, and briefly bi-monthly, print magazine for 16 years, commencing in March 1991. Today it exists as a vibrant online journal of analysis, commentary and reflection on current issues in the worlds of politics, religion and culture. It aims to participate in public discussion and influence public opinion regarding the Things That Matter in Australia and the world.

Chopper Read and other people like us

• Michael Mullins<br>• 20 October 2013<p>10 Comments<p>Most people will not miss Mark 'Chopper' Read, because of his reckless attitude to human life and law and …

Australian connections to drowned asylum seekers

• Marg Hutton<br>• 20 October 2013<p>13 Comments<p>Saturday was the 12th anniversary of Australia's worst asylum seeker disaster. On 19 October 2001, 353 people, …

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