Eucalyptus leaves

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Can't sleep.

Last flight of the year! Woooooo! #holidaytime 😍☀️🎊🎁🎈🎄

My FIRST USA tour is complete! I am overwhelmed with the belief, support, love, care, applause, smiles, singer alongers (lol) I have been introduced to, met again, had and been blessed with this past 5 years. But the past 6 months Since Bang Bang the opportunities I have been given around the world have been incredible! I never thought I would be able to tick so many things off my wish list in such a small amount of time! Ugh! (Good ugh) I got signed at 17 years old and at nearly 27 I just want to do my best and you all make me want to be that! I have never experienced anything like this before and I was so nervous and YOU ALL made me grow and learn so much about myself as a performer and woman with my album Sweet Talker. I had so much fun this year and I've never been so happy! Here is to an amazing year! For all the ups and downs we celebrate them all! Never did I think in January of this year did I think my year would end like this. We can always make it better! NEVER FORGET YOU ARE ENOUGH! THANK YOU for inspiring me and pushing me to be a better woman and artist. I love being a singer and performing. You are my light. You shine so much. The love and respect is so mutual from me to you and you have no idea what that means to me. God bless you all! Merry Christmas ❤️🙏

#jingleball @jasonderulo @kiesza @charli_xcx 😍

Thank you @americanheartbeat for always having the best pics 😘 #jingleball #tampa

Last night. Last show! #jingleball #tampa 😍

Selfie with the audience #jingleball #tampa

Last show 😳 #jingleball #tampa 😘

Love this girl @arianagrande going to miss singing with you these past weeks have been so much fun! 😘 #bangbang #jingleball #fortlauderdale

#jingleball #sangers #marylambert @meghan_trainor soon to be 21!!!!! Wooooo!!!!!

Bit of green screen #jingleball #fortlauderdale @iheartradio

@republicrecords 😘 thank you for your hard work passion love dedication and support this year. I really appreciate and love you all! #jingleball