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6 Things That Are Making You Look Shorter

Time for a little *fashion magic*.<p>Note that the headline here says "shorter," not "short"–because being Martin Freeman-size isn't a bad thing at all, but feeling squatter than you actually are is. Here, we give you six faux pas that are literally bringing you down.

Middle School

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A sublime second image for this week-end's #lpInstaTakeover, from cave adventurer and photographer @rdeboodt. 'Sunbeams are some of my favorite things. This sunbeam in Hang En, #Vietnam, only occurs during the months of January and February for an hour in the morning. The morning this I took this photo I had almost lost hope of the sun breaking through the clouds, but just at the last moment it did and it was a spectacular sight.'

Silfra, Iceland | July 11, 2015 My diving partner struggles in the 2° celsius water that flows through the Silfra gap. Beside from diving in the cleanest and coldest fresh glacier water, I am also swimming between two great tectonic plates. On the left is the European plate, on the right, the American plate. In Iceland you can literally swim in-between the world. No wonder Jules Verne had the entrance to the Center of the Earth here. And yes. 2° water is ridiculously cold. #onassignment #photojournalism #documentary #reportage #glacier #landscape #nature #tectonicplates #diving #iceland #silfra

6 surprisingly easy ways to be happier

Here are the 6 best hacks from books on happiness that we've ever found.<p>You're probably well aware of Google's smashing employee benefits package, and in a moment of incredulous jealousy you might even have scoffed at the pampering.<p>Among the boons to Googlers are: massages, a bountiful and …

Pluto's Spots Turn Into Weird Splotches in New View from New Horizons

LAUREL, Md. — Remember those weird black spots that showed up on Pluto's surface a couple of weeks ago in pictures from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft? Now that the piano-sized probe has closed in to a distance of less than 2.5 million miles (4 million kilometers), the spots look like even weirder …

Solar System

The week in pictures: 20 February 2015 - Telegraph

25 Fantastic and Funny Photos Celebrate Photoshop's 25th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Photoshop! Twenty-five years ago, this week, a little graphics editing program named Photoshop was born. Fast forward a few decades and now we're living in a world where surreal-looking images are all around us. As part of the celebration, Adobe has launched a search for 25 of the …

Work commute. Yellowstone National Park.

The New York area is a frozen tundra. #newyork #newyorkcity #instagramnyc @instagram #igersofny #ig_northamerica #ig_americas #silhouette #seemycity #topnewyorkphoto #loves_nyc #sunset @EmpireStateBldg

“#PeteTownshend’s interest in music began eight years ago when he learned to play a banjo in the ‘trad jazz’ style then popular in Britain. He soon picked up the guitar, mainly playing Cliff Richards and the Shadows material. ‘Then I heard rhythm and blues and it was all over. The first record I remember was "Green Onions” by Booker T. I never listened that much to Muddy Waters and people like that. It was Steve Cropper who really turned me on to aggressive guitar playing . . . Often I actually don’t smash my guitar. I only do it when there is a real physical need for it. You can saw it to get a particular sound out of it. You can show people the grain of the wood. When I smash it, I’m playing the guitar to its utmost, playing it completely for the first time. There’s nothing in the way between me and the guitar.” From the January 20th, 1968 issue of @RollingStone. Photograph taken from the new book 'Art Kane’ @NewBookArtKane #theWho

Rafting the Grand Canyon: the ultimate family adventure?

It is the small hours of the morning in the Grand Canyon, pitch-black and with rain cascading down. Sixteen of us are huddled together in sodden sleeping bags, desperately trying to keep warm, on a cumbersome vessel that we have created by lashing together six inflatable rubber rafts. It is so dark …

20 Things You Didn’t Know About National Parks

<b>You can escape the crowds.</b> With more than 9.4 million annual visitors, Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee is by far the most popular …

National Parks

Venezuela to nationalize occupied supermarket accused of hoarding food amid shortages | Fox News

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Friday announced that an occupied supermarket chain officials accuse of hoarding products will be folded into the state food distribution system.<p>Maduro said the 35 locations of the Dia a Dia grocery chain will be assimilated into the state grocery agency …

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